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Contest Electivire VS Magmortar

For me, the choice is easy: Electivire.

Design wise, I like it a lot more than Magmortar, which is just utterly unappealing. Add to that a nice Attack stat and a good movepool and there you go. That and it's shiny is so adorable that it hurts. I mean, the first time I saw it I had to have it; it looked so sweet and huggable. So Electivire FTW!

Yes, I think Electivire is cute. So sue me.
Electivire is pretty much better than Magmortar in terms of both design, movepool, and battle. If only Magmortar was given Earth Power and Scald.
Don't care for either of them nor for their pre-evolved forms.
I like both of them quite a lot and almost equally (I even had both of them on my team during my last Platinum run), but if I really had to pick just one, then probably Electivire.

I think Magmortar's movepool is a little bit shallow, though maybe not quite as bad as some other pure Fire-types. Meanwhile, Electivire can get Wild Charge, the elemental punches, and lots of Fighting-type moves, which makes it much more versatile IMO.

Plus I'm just attached to Electivire because a certain favorite character of mine owns one :Р
Magmortar looks derppy and has a nice shiny, Electrivire is ok, but in my opinion magmortar is better

Can't believe we still didn't have these two. All the way from Gen I, to their pre-evos in gen II, up to their ultimate evolutions in gen IV. Which one is better?

1. Which one has a better design?
2. Which one do you prefer in-game?
3. Which one would win the battle?

I personally prefer Electivire for its ability and as the user above stated, Earthquake would kill Magmortar.
hey electivire can get ded by earthquake too you know
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