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COMPLETE: [Everyone] The Paxton & Joseph Show (Anime universe)

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Oct 9, 2016
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An idea I got from Lemmy's Land. Various Trainers from the Pokémon universe get grilled with former Champion Joseph and his father Paxton's burning questions.

Each interview is equivalent to a chapter, and will be conducted in a script format (since I feel it makes more sense in the context).

Table of Contents:

Interview #1 - Brock
Interview #2 - Serena
Interview #3 - Mallow
Interview #4 - Sophocles
Interview #5 - Lana
Interview #6 - Kiawe
Interview #7 - Dawn
Interview #8 - Lillie
Interview #9 - Clemont
Interview #10 - Ash
Interview #11 - Rotom Pokedex
Interview #12 - Sakura
Interview #13 - Misty
Interview #14 - Astrid
Interview #15 - Sawyer
Interview #16 - Lusamine

Since the Pokémon series has long since declared divergence points from the anime and games, I have created a thread for each timeline. For the equivalent show that takes place in the universe of the Pokémon games, click here: EVERYONE: - The Paxton & Joseph Show (Games universe)
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Oct 9, 2016
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Interview #1 - Brock

Paxton: Welcome, one and all, to the Paxton and Joseph Show! I’m Paxton.

Joseph: And that would make me Joseph, his son.

Paxton: So our first guest on this show is the Gym Leader of Pewter City, and a long-time former travelling companion of Ash. Please welcome…BROCK!

(audience applauds as Brock walks in)

Paxton: Okay, first question. How-

Brock: WOW!!! That Beauty in Seat 1 is BEAUTIFUL!!!

(he runs up to the Beauty)

Brock: Hello there, would you like to have a date with me at Pewter City’s top restaurant after this interview? My phone number is-

(Croagunk pops out of its Pokeball and Poison Jabs Brock)

Brock: AAAGGGH! Sorry, can’t go now…gotta go to the hospital…

(Brock faints and Croagunk drags him away. The rest of the audience is laughing.)

Paxton: Oh great. I guess our first ever interview is a failure.

Brock: (suddenly regaining consciousness) I’m fine! I’ve gotten used it to it by now. I always carry some Antidotes with me just in case I ever need them.

Paxton: Well that’s good to hear. Let’s get started. How is your studying to be a Pokemon doctor going?

Brock: Great so far! Just about graduated from med school, and then I’ll be able to apply for a full-time job.

Joseph: Will you still be able to accept challengers at the Pewter City Gym though?

Brock: I’ve been increasingly leaving the Gym under the care of my brothers anyway, and I expect I can still enjoy battling on the side.

Paxton: Is it difficult to become a Pokémon Doctor, since you have to know about the anatomies as well as elements of literally hundreds of Pokemon?

Brock: Less than meets the eye. It’s more about learning Biology in general, so you can diagnose ailments that are common to more than one species. There are some exceptions of course, depending on the type of Pokemon.

Jessie: Prepare for trouble…

James: And make it double…

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation…

James: To unite all peoples within our nation…

Brock: Team Rocket, again?!

Paxton: Security!!!

(Joseph’s Gallade pops out of its Pokeball, and launches a Psycho Cut at Team Rocket, sending them flying out of the building)

Team Rocket: Looks like we’re blasting off again…! (Wobbuffet!) (*ding*)

Brock: Things sure haven’t changed…

Paxton: Anyway, moving on. Here’s something I just thought of. I remember at one point, early on in your Kanto journey, when you discovered that a group of Clefairy stole items to build a rocket, you decided to go tell Officer Jenny about it. But how did you do this if the only way back up was through the several hundred feet of pipes you fell through while chasing a Clefairy to find the hideout?

Brock: Easy. I just had Onix use Dig.

Joseph: Speaking of Onix, he’s long since evolved, and that battle your Steelix had with Kiawe recently was quite a wild one!

Brock: Thanks!

Joseph: So how’d you find the Mega Stone?

Brock: My brothers dug it up during a routine archaeology operation. They’d been meaning to find one for me, ever since it was discovered that Steelix was capable of Mega Evolution.

Joseph: Aside from Kanto, which of the three League journeys which you accompanied Ash on did you enjoy the most?

Brock: I have many fond memories of Sinnoh, personally. Dawn was so cute, for a 10-year old girl. (giggles)

Paxton: Let’s not go there again, shall we? What made you decide to train Rock-types?

Brock: Ever since I was just a boy, I liked collecting rocks, and I also like how the Rock-type is very strong yet surprisingly fragile in many ways, and vulnerable to several types. And I feel that describes me as a person as well.

Paxton: Don’t try to hold your emotions inside – although you may think you’re Sturdy enough to handle things on your own, it has caused many people like you to Selfdestruct!

Joseph: Yeah, that sounds like my Gigalith…

Brock: You’re not Professor Kukui in disguise by any chance, are you?

Paxton: No, but I read something like that on the internet once. Now, an audience that can’t ask questions is an unhappy audience, so let’s try to keep them from rioting! Yes, you in seat 7!

Bug Catcher Jake: I’m just about ready to challenge the Pewter Gym, are you available to battle tomorrow at 11 AM?

Brock: Sure! Better get ready, ‘cause I become a different person altogether in the heat of a battle! Not to mention Bug-type Pokemon are weak against Rock-types…

Paxton: You, in seat 110!

Lass Robin: Do you have a favorite dish that you liked to cook for Ash and the gang?

Brock: Not really. Mostly it just depended on my mood that day.

Paxton: And with that, we are out of time. Brock, thank you so much for coming! And good luck with your studying to be a Pokemon doctor!

Brock: No problem!

(Brock leaves, and immediately spots another pretty lady just outside the studio)

Paxton: Join us next time when we’ll be interviewing Serena from Kalos, last year’s runner up to be the Kalos Queen!

Audience: YEAH!, Can’t wait for that interview!, etc.

Joseph: Trust me, I’m looking forward to it too.

Paxton: Hmm, got any crushes…?

Joseph: (blushing furiously) No! Not at all! I just have…a lot of questions I want to ask her!

Paxton: Okay then. End transmission!
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Oct 9, 2016
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Interview #2 - Serena

Paxton: Sorry about the delay, but...Welcome everybody, to our show! We have an exclusive treat for you tonight. Coming to speak with us tonight is a well respected Pokemon Performer from the Kalos region who nearly became Kalos Queen. Please welcome…SERENA!!!

(Almost everyone applauds and cheers as Serena makes her way onto the stage and takes her seat)

Paxton: Thank you for being with us tonight, Serena.

Serena: Happy to be here! I brought you a little something too...(opening a box) Ta-dah!

Paxton: Aww, it's some macaroons for us! Thanks, Serena!

(Paxton and Joseph each take a couple of the macaroons and eat them)

Joseph: Wow, these are delicious!

Serena: Thank you!

Paxton: So, first things first. What’s been going on since you arrived in Hoenn? Can you tell us a little about your adventures there?

Serena: I’ve been trying to compete in Pokemon Contests, like Palermo suggested. I’ve been finding them a little confusing, since they’re more like battles with a unique scoring system than Pokemon Showcases, but I’m getting the hang of it.

Joseph: Any memorable Contests you’ve participated in so far?

Serena: I entered this year’s Wallace Cup because I’d already heard how popular it was in other regions, but I was defeated in the first round by a girl with dark blue hair. She talked to me afterwards, though, and told me that there was no need to worry, as she felt I showed a lot of potential.

Joseph: Sounds like that girl you faced was Dawn…?

Serena: I was so overwhelmed with emotion I forgot to ask her name, sorry.

Joseph: How did you decide on Fennekin as your starter so soon after beginning your journey? Was it a personality thing, do you have a soft spot for Fire-type Pokemon, or did you just think it was the cutest?

Serena: I had seen pictures of the three Kalos starter Pokemon before, and I thought Fennekin was by far the cutest.

Paxton: So how are your Pokemon doing these days?

Serena: Great so far! Braxien and I have become really close, Sylveon has fully gotten over her shyness, and Pancham has learned to be much nicer...though he still picks fights with other wild Pokemon sometimes!

Joseph: Given how you helped Sylveon overcome its shyness and were once very shy yourself before getting into Pokemon Showcases, what advice would you give to people who are naturally very shy to help overcome it?

Serena: I would say the best thing to do is to tell yourself that things aren’t usually going to be as bad as you envision. And if you are defeated or find yourself getting overwhelmed, just use that as an opportunity to learn and grow and become more confident. That certainly worked for me.

Paxton: And what about having a role model to look up to as well?

Serena: Yes, I always admired how Ash just seemed to be so confident in whatever he did and how he was always there for me whenever I felt down. I’ll never forget that time we met at Summer Camp and how he would always inspire me to achieve greater heights!

Paxton: Did you ever imagine that Sylveon was the Eevee evolution you wanted Eevee to evolve into, or did it sort of accidentally happen at that dance party?

Serena: I had always felt that Sylveon was a beautiful form of Eevee, and I knew that its Fairy-type abilities would be useful in Showcases, but I had no idea that it actually evolved into Sylveon based on affection with its Trainer.

Joseph: I knew I always wanted a Vaporeon when I got my Eevee, so I wasted no time in finding a Water Stone. Here’s a question I’m sure most of the audience wants to know. Now that Ash is attending school in the Alola region, do you have any plans to go there? Or have you ever wanted to go to Alola?

Serena: I’ve seen pictures of Alola, and it looks beautiful! But the thing is, I’d have to save up more money before I could think about making a trip there. I am considering it though!

(muttering in the audience)

Paxton: Maybe Professor Kukui will be able to make some sort of arrangement, like he did with Brock and Misty. I guess time will tell. And speaking of time, it’s time for questions from the audience! The Psychic in seat 70.

Psychic Alan: I’m not in seat 70. I’m more above it.

(And so he is. He is using some sort of psychic power to float above his seat, presumably to see better)

Paxton: Okay then…the Psychic above seat 70!

Psychic Alan: Actually, now I’m in seat 70. My Psychic Levitation spell just ended, you see.

Paxton: FINE! The Psychic in seat 70!

Psychic Alan: It’s okay, I just cast another one. Now I’m back above seat 70.

Paxton: ARRGGH!!! Forget him. Seat 220.

Psychic Alan: Wait! Don’t I get to ask my question?

Paxton: No! Seat 220!

Lass Charlotte: Do you ever look forward to the day when Braxien will evolve into a Delphox, like Aria’s got?

Serena: I sure do! The two of us haven’t done much battling, admittedly, but having watched Aria’s Delphox in Showcases I already have some ideas for how I could use its Psychic abilities in Contests!

Paxton: The Black Belt in Seat 73.

Black Belt Alonzo: You know, one of the secrets to training Fighting-type Pokemon is to show some physical strength outwardly, so they’ll respect you as a “master”, more or less. That might explain why you have a bit more trouble bonding with Pancham than your other Pokemon.

Serena: Yeah, that’s a little hard for me. I like to be a sensitive girly-girl!

Paxton: And, last question. Seat 14.

Aria: Hey Serena, it’s me! I just wanted to say, congratulations on coming so far! I know you’ll go on to do well in Pokemon Contests!

Serena: Oh, thank you so much! (smiles)

Paxton: And I’m afraid that’s all we’ve got time for tonight. Serena, thank you so much for taking the time to come on our show!

Serena: No, thank YOU two! I’m so honored to finally be interviewed on a real live TV show!

(Serena leaves)

Paxton: Join us next time when we interview Mallow, which will the first in a series of interviews with Ash’s new friends in Alola from school!

Joseph: You know Dad, I’ve been wondering if we could get some sort of theme song for our show. I was thinking maybe something like…“Theory of Everything” from the game Geometry Dash? I’ve always really liked that middle piano section.

Paxtyon: Nah, that’d just take up valuable time we could be using for asking questions. Besides, not everyone likes techno music!

Joseph: Oh, okay.

Paxton: But I would like to come up with some original way to close out this interview. So Joseph, what should I say?

Joseph: How about…end transmission?

Cameraman: Sure thing!

Paxton: Not again…
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Oct 9, 2016
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Interview #3 - Mallow

Paxton: Here we are with Mallow, an aspiring chef, student at Alola’s Pokemon School and one of Ash’s friends in that region!

Mallow: Alola, everybody!

Paxton: I worked with Professor Kukui to organize a schedule to pull each of his students out of class for one day in order to come to Kanto for an interview. Don’t worry, Mallow, he will fill you in on all that you missed when you get back to class the next day!

Mallow: That’s good to hear.

Paxton: Let’s start things off simple. What is your favorite dish to cook in your restaurant?

Mallow: The Legendary Alolan Curry, of course! I’ve loved it ever since I learned to cook it myself!

Paxton: Isn’t it hard to obtain the Yellow Nectar to make it though?

Mallow: Now that I know where the flowers bloom and in what season, I can add it to the menu. I harvested enough the last time I was there to last us couple of months.

Joseph: That was when your Bounsweet evolved into Steenee. I’ve heard Steenee’s next form, Tsareena, is known for having a much haughtier disposition than its pre-evolutions. Are you kind of dreading the day when Steenee evolves a second time?

Mallow: Not really, the two of us have become so close I suspect she’ll still be loyal to me and enjoy helping out around the restaurant.

(Team Rocket walks onto the stage, facing away from the audience and thus unaware that they are on stage, whispering to each other. Everybody suddenly goes silent)

Jessie: Okay everybody, listen up. Here’s the plan: We wait backstage for the show to end. Then, we run to the entrance to the studio, bust out our Super Rocket Vacuum 3000, and all of the audience’s Pokemon are ours!

James: Pure genius! And then the boss will give us a promotion for sure!

Meowth: And a raise, too, probably.

Wobbuffet: WOBBUFFET!

Paxton: Hold onto your hats, folks! It looks like Team Rocket is planning to steal some innocent Trainers’ Pokemon yet again!

Jessie: WHAT?! Hey Mr. Janitor, how did you know about our plan?! Now spill! Who told you about it?!

James: Uhh…Jessie…look behind you...

(The three of them turn and see that they’ve been in plain sight on stage the entire time)

Jessie: This is all YOUR fault, James! You were the one who said the backstage was down the LEFT hallway!!!

Paxton: SECURITY!!!

(Bewear comes into the studio, grabs the Team Rocket trio, and carries them back to its den)

Team Rocket: What even is this feeling…?

Paxton: Back to the Interview. You recently took a field trip to Mt. Lanakila on Ula’ula Island. The summit of that mountain stands at over 14,000 feet elevation. So did you or anybody else in your class feel sick from the altitude?

Mallow: Actually, I did feel a little bit giddy and had a slight headache up there. But nothing too major. I was more bothered by the cold, myself!

Joseph: Makes sense, as Alola is a tropical climate and you spend a lot of your time in the jungle gathering ingredients. And speaking of the jungle, how did you like those cocktails that Oranguru made for you when you ran away from home that one time?

Mallow: They were pretty good! Very sweet in flavor. I could tell that Oranguru knows a thing or two about mixing berries!

Paxton: But he didn’t put a little alcohol in them, did he?

Mallow: Nope! Hahaha, I don’t think Oranguru in general approve very much of drinking, given how cerebral they are as a species. Their approach is more to use fully natural jungle medicines and therapy, rather than encourage humans to hide from their problems. At least that’s how I saw it, from the one that I met.

Paxton: Heh. Now let’s see what the audience wants to know…

(almost everybody raises their hands)

Paxton: About Mallow…

(most people lower their hands)

Paxton: You, in seat 57!

Youngster Jason: Who’s your favorite friend at school? No lying!

Mallow: I like all of them! But if I had to play favorites, I guess Lana. We really bonded that time we got lost in the woods and Drampa saved us.

Paxton: Seat 79 looks good!

Cook Dominic: We’ve heard your brother mentioned a few times, but what’s his name?

Mallow: His name is Ulu. I just call him big brother though.

Paxton: And that’s all we have time for. Mallow, thank you so much for joining us tonight!

Mallow: You’re welcome!

(Mallow walks out)

Paxton: The next student from the Pokemon School on our list to be interviewed is Sophocles. And stage crew, if you could, try to get some better cameras for that interview, okay? The ones we have now keep running out of batt-
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Nov 8, 2005
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First of all, I will say this is a very clever idea--I love how your two interviewers get along with the cast in both versions, and how the cast in both the anime and game versions reacts to the questions.

Another thing that stands out is how realistically you portray this as a news program or a talk show, right down to technical difficulties (as a side note, I can't wait to see what you do with anime Misty, and if her famous temper will lead to "technical difficulties".)
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Oct 9, 2016
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Interview #4 - Sophocles

Paxton: Welcome to the Paxton and Joseph Show! Today we’re going to interview Sophocles, a child prodigy with electronics and the next student from Ash’s class in line to be interviewed!

(Applause as Sophocles walks in and takes his seat)

Paxton: First off, thank you for being here with us this evening.

Sophocles: No problem!

Paxton: So let’s get the ball rolling. First off, tell us a little about your two Pokemon.

Sophocles: Togedemaru is quite the ball of energy – pun intended, haha - and she can really be a handful! Charjabug seems to be a lot quieter from what I’ve seen of him. But both are very helpful in assisting me with my research on Electric-type Pokemon!

Joseph: You got Charjabug from Ash as a gift, isn’t that right?

Sophocles: Yes, although I still feel kinda guilty about keeping secret the truth about my move.

Joseph: So how come there was such a misunderstanding, when it appeared you’d be moving away but it turned out to just be a few houses down the street?

Sophocles: My dad actually didn’t know for sure if he was going to have to move, because of the unpredictability of his work. There was some kind of a last-minute switch that allowed him to stay, but since he’d already given notice on our old house, we just moved down the street.

Paxton: So now that we know a little bit about your Pokemon and your parents, can you tell us-

Sophocles: Hang on, I’m getting a text. (checks phone) “Ballistic missile threat inbound to Alola. Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill.” WHAT?!

(Assorted gasps and muttering in the audience)

Joseph: Well, I guess it’s a good thing you’re in Kanto right now!

Sophocles: My school is in session right now in Alola! It’s morning over there due to the time zone difference!

Meanwhile, in Ash’s class at the Pokemon school, Professor Kukui, Ash, and all of his classmates except Sophocles are crouched under their desks and awaiting the end of the world.

Samson Oak: (over the school’s loudspeaker) They called me old-fashioned for teaching the Psyduck and cover method, but who’s laughing now? Not Starmie!

Back in the studio…

Paxton: Well, what do you think of this, Sophocles?

Sophocles: It’s bad because I might not see my family and friends again! I’ll have to transfer to a school in Kanto or something and get really behind in Math and-

Paxton: I know, I know. Luckily, we opted to record this interview for broadcast later, so as not to compete with ratings with the Winter Olympic Games. But for now, let’s try to keep going with the interview. I’ve heard you have a cousin who works at the observatories on Ula’ula Island, can you tell us more about him?

Sophocles: His name is Molyanne, although I just call him big Mo. I haven’t seen him too much ever since he got his new job at the Houlkani Observatory, but I know that he likes astronomy and Steel-type Pokemon, and he’s much more reserved than myself.

Joseph: I was going to say, you’re quite the outgoing kid for someone with mechanical interests. Usually nerds have kind of a reputation for being loners.

Sophocles: Honestly, that’s really just a stereotype if you think about it.

Paxton: So assuming the Alolan Islands aren’t actually going to be wiped off the map by a missile attack in a minute here, do you ever think you’ll get to make a field trip to the Observatory and meet him?

Sophocles: Well I think that depends on whether or not Professor Kukui ever gets around to teaching us anything about space. I hope he does at some point, because I’d be able to show our class around!

Joseph: Where does your fear of the dark stem from? Did you have an unpleasant experience with it when you were younger, like Lillie did with Nihilego? Or is it just a subconscious thing, like a lot of children?

Sophocles: I’m not really afraid of the dark. It’s just part of my overreaction to things.

Paxton: Uh-huh. So now-

(Sophocles’ phone vibrates again. He eagerly checks it.)

Sophocles: “There is no missile threat or danger to the Region of Alola. Repeat: False Alarm.” Good Arceus, Hau’oli Naval Base people, you almost gave me a heart attack!

Audience: (assorted “phew”s and “wow”s and the like)

Paxton: Well, now that we know that all’s well in Alola, let’s have some questions from the audience, shall we? Yes, seat 171!

Veteran Harry: Do you have any idea who might be responsible for this false missile alert?!

Sophocles: Either it was an April Fools joke in February, or somebody hit the wrong button while doing a routine test of the new system.

Paxton: Guess we’ll know soon enough from the news. Seat 19!

Super Nerd Clayton: How did you like the Charjabug race you got to partake in at one point?

Sophocles: I had a lot of fun! I’ve always had kind of an interest in car racing, and it was cool to use Charjabug in a mock-up race like that.

Paxton: And last but not least, seat 55!

Office Worker Jenna: I know you like eating ice cream a lot. What’s your favorite flavor?

Sophocles: Chocolate! No wait, mint chocolate chip! Or maybe cookie dough, if I’m in the right kind of mental state?

Paxton: And that will conclude our interview. Thanks for being with us tonight, Sophocles!

Sophocles: Sure! It’s been fun!

(He leaves)

Paxton: Next student on our list is Lana. So tune in then! And now, a word from our sponsor.

Sponsor: A word.
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Oct 9, 2016
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Interview #5 - Lana

Paxton: Welcome everybody, to our show! I’m Paxton and this is my son Joseph, but you guys probably knew that already, since it’s our show’s title. Anyway, the next student of the Alola Pokemon School who is appearing on our show as per an agreement we made with Professor Kukui is Lana!

(Lana walks in to the applause and cheers from the audience and takes her seat)

Paxton: Glad you could make it, Lana.

Lana: Pleased to be here!

Paxton: To start with, could you tell us a little about where your love of the ocean stems from?

Lana: Ever since I was just a little girl, I always thought the ocean was beautiful, and so I empathized with the Pokemon who live in it, feeling like they embody its spirit.

Paxton: In that case, can you tell us how you got into fishing, rather than something else water-related, like swimming or sailing?

Lana: I come from a family of fishermen who moved to Alola because of how great the fishing is. I found it really fun, and now it’s become my thing! But I started to feel a little sorry for the wild Water-type Pokemon who are often abused by fishermen. I have a catch and release policy, and I always try to heal any injuries that my hook may have caused to those Pokemon I catch.

Joseph: So, what’s the biggest fish Pokemon you’ve ever caught?

Lana: When I was seven, I caught a giant Magikarp that was 12 feet long and weighed more than 400 lbs.

Joseph: Wow! Really?! I didn’t know Magikarp could grow that big!

Lana: They only reach that size in the Alola region. It’s due to the unique properties of the water there.

(Joseph is stunned, while Paxton is shaking his disbelief)

Lana: Just kidding!

Joseph: …well, next question. I’m lucky enough to be an only child, so I don’t have any experience with this, hence why I am asking. What’s it like living with two younger twin sisters?

Lana: Kind of annoying, to put it bluntly. They can be so immature and noisy, and they fight all the time…but deep down I still love them. We’re family here! We back each other up, no matter what our differences with each other are!

Paxton: Here’s something else I wanted to mention. The Seafolk Village is located on Poni Island, so do you think you’ll be going back there to check up on your new teacher Ida sometime soon? It’s been quite awhile!

Lana: As soon as I can get away from school, and find some kind of boat or buy a ferry ticket, yes!

Joseph: Speaking of Poni Island, the guardian deity of that island is Tapu Fini, who is said to control the oceans. But it harbors a powerful resentment for humans, believing them to be heartless and morally corrupt. Do you nevertheless dream of one day getting to meet Tapu Fini yourself?

Lana: I’ve already seen it, at the Altar of the Sunne when we watched Nebby evolve into the great Solgaleo. But I’ve heard all kinds of legends about it, and I would LOVE to actually try to brave its fog in order to meet it someday and actually get to talk to it, and convince it that not all of us are evil.

Paxton: Do you think maybe Ida and Kanoa would be willing to accompany you on such an adventure?

Lana: I think that would be awesome! But first I need to keep working on Popplio’s balloon tactics and perfect that Hydro Vortex Z-Move.

Paxton: And with that, I think we’re ready to move onto taking some questions from our audience! The youngster in seat 50.3.

Youngster James: How can there be .3 of a seat?!

Paxton: I don’t know. There just is, somehow.

(the .3 of a seat instantly disappears)


Youngster James: Owww…what I meant to ask was…

Paxton: Sorry! Already asked a question. Let’s see what seat 99 has to say.

Seat 99: (singing) 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer! If Homer Simpson came along, there would 0 bottles of beer!

Paxton: Wait, WHAT?! A talking seat?! How does that even work?!

Lana: Oh, I heard this studio is haunted. They say there’s some Ghost-type Pokemon that have been taking residence in some of the seats and possessing the people who sit in them.

Paxton: You’re just kidding, right?

Lana: …Yeah.

Paxton: (sigh) Moving on. The fisherman in seat 91!

Fisherman Thomas: What exactly was going through your mind when you hooked the Totem Wishiwashi and proceeded to best it in a valiant struggle?

Lana: My adrenaline was pumping and my heart was pounding. I thought to myself, “This is what fishing is all about! It tests us in ways we could never imagine.” And I’ve got a Waterium-Z to show for it too!

Paxton: And the last question of the night will be from…Seat 47!

Firebreather Clifford: Why do you like Water-type Pokemon so much, anyway? They’re so stupid and pathetic!

Lana: (barely managing to control her anger) No…they…are…NOT!

Paxton: SECURITY!!!

(Joseph’s Vaporeon pops out of its Poke Ball in anger, and hits the Firebreather with a Hydro Pump. Then as the Firebreather is soaking wet and reeling, Lana’s Popplio comes in, makes a balloon, and throws it at the Firebreather. Popplio then sends the balloon, with the Firebreather in it, bouncing out the front door.)

Paxton: Sorry about that, Lana. Unfortunately, as our show grows in popularity, it’s becoming harder to weed all the haters out. So let’s just end it here. Thank you for taking the time to be on our show, Lana, we really appreciate it!

Lana: Thank you.

(she walks off stage)

Paxton: The next student from the Pokemon School in line to appear on our show for an interview is Lillie. So join us then!
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Oct 9, 2016
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Interview #6 - Kiawe

Paxton: Welcome everybody! We interviewed Lillie like we were supposed to, but unfortunately, some random cat Pokemon deleted the SD card we recorded the interview on.

Joseph: You mean Team Rocket’s Meowth?

Paxton: Random cat Pokemon! As I was saying, we’ve taken some measures to increase our security in the meantime, so this shouldn’t happen again.

Meanwhile, outside Paxton’s office…

Meowth: I finally managed to sneak away from Jessie and James while Bewear was sleeping. Now to finish the job and delete all the footage of this show.

(Meowth approaches the locked door and starts trying to pick the lock with his claws)


(Bewear comes rushing up behind Meowth, grabs him, and makes for the den)

Back in the studio…

Paxton: Unfortunately though, we have to stick to the schedule we arranged with Professor Kukui for the kids to be able to get out of class in order to come to Kanto and be interviewed. Therefore, we don’t know when or if we’ll be able to interview Lillie again, but I’ll try to either catch her when she has some time, or explain the situation to Professor Kukui. In the meantime, I already told him that I wanted to interview Ash later on in series, so our fifth and final interview in this series will be with…Kiawe!

(Kiawe walks on stage and takes his seat in the guest’s chair)

Paxton: Welcome to our show Kiawe, thanks for being here.

Kiawe: Sure thing.

Paxton: To start off with, how did you decide to train Fire-type Pokemon?

Kiawe: I feel like they fit my personality well. I can be very quiet when I have to be, but I’ve got a lot of passion beneath my calm face, and I can certainly erupt like Wela Volcano when I’m mad!

Joseph: Turtonator seems like a pretty stoic Pokemon, at least compared to Marowak.

Kiawe: Yeah, you’re right. But I think Marowak wanted to join me because it recognized my resolve, and thus I earned its respect.

Paxton: Can you tell us a little about your delivery job with your Ride Charizard?

Kiawe: It’s a great way to make a little money on the side while I go to school. I don’t think most people really appreciate all the work couriers actually have to go through, such as keeping a friendly face and dealing with customers who may not always be friendly.

Joseph: And what do you buy with the money you earn?

Kiawe: I’m currently saving up to take some trips to other regions.

Paxton: So tell us a little about what it is you do on your farm.

Kiawe: Oh, just the usual stuff. Like helping to milk the Miltank, prepare the pastures for Tauros, load our products onto Ride Pokemon or trucks to be shipped where they are needed…

Paxton: Is it hard being the only kid in your class who lives on a different island?

Kiawe: Not really. I’m used to getting up early from working on the farm anyway, and since Charizard doesn’t have to follow the path of any Routes, my commute to school from Akala Island isn’t TOO much longer than the other kids.

Joseph: Are most of your deliveries to Melemele Island?

Kiawe: Yes, Ula’ula and Poni Island are not too heavily populated compared with Melemele and Akala to begin with.

Paxton: So back to your training. How exactly did you manage to beat Olivia in a Grand Trial when Turtonator has a weakness to Rock-type attacks and you didn’t even have a Z-Ring yet?

Kiawe: It was all about using Turtonator’s Shell Trap to my advantage.

Joseph: Did she give you a Firium-Z instead of a Rockium-Z because she knew that Turtonator would not be able to use it?

Kiawe: Yes.

Paxton: By the way, is Marowak learning to be nicer to the other Pokemon yet?

Kiawe: (sigh) Sadly, no. Marowak in general are a very violent species who don’t trust other Pokemon, and the Alola Form even more so from what I hear.

Joseph: I guess that makes sense, when you consider that they formed tribes and bonded with the volcano as a necessary defense against Grass-type predators in the Alola region.

Paxton: And with that, it’s time for questions from the audience! The Hiker in seat 16!

Hiker David: ALOLA!

Kiawe: I guess this Hiker was so pleased by my appearance on this show that he simply had to be called on to ask a question!

Joseph: Want me to remove him for you?

Paxton: No thanks, I’m sure it was meant in jest anyways. Seat 147.

Youth Athlete Samantha: What’s your favorite Pokemon Base team?

Kiawe: I don’t have one. I just like to watch Pokemon Base for the amazing test of fortitude it is! The strategy, the althleticism, the pure excitement…it all just makes my blood BOIL in anticipation!!!

Paxton: Uhhh, yeah. One more question…yes, seat 86!

Skyla: How can you be afraid of flying on an airplane but not of riding on a Charizard?

Kiawe: I don’t know. I guess it has to do with the fact that Charizard trusts me, and deep down I don’t trust a complicated machine with a lot of parts that could break at any moment to keep us in the air.

Paxton: And that will conclude this interview. So Kiawe, thanks for being with us tonight, and keep on kicking butt as a rancher, student, and courier!

Kiawe: Thanks!

(Kiawe leaves)

Paxton: Join us next time when we interview Dawn, another of Ash’s travelling companions who had a strong spot for Contests.

Joseph: Looking forward to that interview!

Paxton: And now, I need to think of a way to end this interview. How about we try-

Joseph: End transmission!
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Interview #7 - Dawn

Paxton: Welcome everybody! Tonight we're going to interview-

Joseph: Hey Dad, how come you always get to introduce our interviewee?

Paxton: Fine, I'll let you introduce our guest tonight.

Joseph: (ahem) Tonight’s guest is a top Pokemon Coordinator from the Sinnoh region. Please welcome Dawn!

(Dawn waves to the audience and smiles as she walks in, and then takes her seat)

Paxton: Alright Dawn, I want to thank you for being here tonight.

Dawn: Thank you! It’s such a pleasure!

Paxton: So let’s get this interview rolling. First off, how did you decide you wanted to be a Pokemon Coordinator anyway?

Dawn: My Mom was one of Sinnoh's best Coordinators in her time, and I used to always like to watch her on TV when I was little. So I decided I wanted to be just like her!

Joseph: And how did you decide on Piplup for your starter Pokemon?

Dawn: I thought it was cute. And having watched Wallace on TV before, I had some ideas for how to use its Water-type moves in contests. But Piplup sure has a mind of his own, I’ll tell you that!

Joseph: I chose Turtwig to start my journey off because I liked its final form Torterra, the best. Too bad it’s also the signature Pokemon of one of the most sociopathic Pokemon Trainers of all time, Paul.

Paul: What did you say about me?! Oh yeah?! I’ll show you! My Torterra can take yours on anytime, you loser.


(some guards come up and hit Paul with a stun gun, then drag him out)

Joseph: I hate that guy. So Dawn, which Contest of all the ones you’ve partaken in stands out in your mind as being the one you enjoyed the most?

Dawn: The Wallace Cup! It’s just got so much fame in the Pokemon World, and it’s always so exciting to go to and take part in! Especially the year that I won!

Paxton: That’s right, you got to face off against May, a skilled Coordinator in her own right!

Dawn: I still can’t believe I actually won that year! I was so proud of Piplup that day...

Joseph: So, talking about Contests. I remember you used to take losing pretty rough. Would you say that you’ve gotten better over the years at learning to not let things get you down and appreciate the fun of Contests more?

Dawn: Oh yes! I’ve always been pretty sensitive, and I can sometimes take things to heart too much, but these days I keep telling myself that Contests are just a lot of fun to take part in…even if you don’t win!

Joseph: As long as you have fun and try your hardest to put on a good show for the audience, then there’s no need to worry?

Dawn: Exactly!

Paxton: Are there any new move combinations for Contests you’ve been trying to perfect?

Dawn: One of my latest ideas is to have Quilava use Flame Wheel while on top of Piplup’s Whirlpool, so that it looks like its spinning and surfing on the water and doing all kinds of cool flips! But I’m having a bit of a hard time getting Quilava to keep going long enough to develop a routine, because he is weak to Water after all!

(all of a sudden, a robotic arm comes crashing into the studio in through the walls, and starts to vacuum up Dawn’s Pokemon, still in their Pokeballs)


Paxton: SECURITY!!!

(Joseph sends out Torterra, who makes quick work of the Team Rocket Mecha, and then rescues all of Dawn’s Pokemon, before sending the Team Rocket Trio blasting off with a Wood Hammer attack)

Paxton: Aw man, look what they did to my studio! (sigh) Workers, that’s your cue!

Workers: Yes sir!

(The workers start trying to repair the hole in the wall)

Paxton: Sorry about that, Dawn. Here’s your Pokemon back.

Dawn: Thank you! And no need to worry…I’ve dealt with Team Rocket too many times to count by now.

Paxton: Let’s proceed. I hear you got to meet up with Ash and Cynthia in the Unova region.

Dawn: That’s right!

Paxton: So what were some of your most memorable moments during that week or so you stayed at Cynthia’s Villa?

Dawn: The Junior Cup! Getting to meet and battle with all of Ash’s new friends was so exciting! Oh, and I also liked going to the Onix Island, even if some of our moments over there were kinda scary.

Joseph: By the way, how did you come up with the idea for being a cheerleader for Ash whenever he’d have a Gym Battle?

Dawn: It goes with my love of costumes and dressing up. Having seen how fired up Ash could get about battling Gym Leaders, I just knew it was the sort of thing that he would like!

Paxton: And now, it’s time for questions from the audience! Yes, the Cyclist in seat 58!

Cyclist Axel: Didn’t you have a bicycle at one point, but it got destroyed by Ash’s Pikachu?

Dawn: Yes I did! I never rode it very much, though, which is why I didn’t feel too mad about it.

Paxton: Seat 119...118...117…well, the Roller Skater who's having some fun in the audience.

Roller Skater Aveza: How did you get that Dee Dee nickname from your friends again?

Dawn: I’m not saying!

Paxton: Yeah, I don't blame you. Seat 92.

Youngster Jimmy: End transmission!

Paxton: NO, DON’T-



(30 seconds later…)



Paxton: -you idiots!

Cameraman: Okay, it’s on again.

Paxton: Yeesh, don’t do stupid stuff like that again, will ya?! ONLY END TRANSMISSION AFTER THE INTERVIEW IS OVER!

Cameraman: Sorry.

Paxton: Hmph. I was going to call on one last audience member, but we don’t have time now. So, Dawn, I’m so sorry about all of this, and thanks for being on our show tonight!

Dawn: No need to worry!

(Dawn leaves to the applause of the audience)

Paxton: Anyway, some good news: I managed to get ahold of Lillie and convince her to agree to a second interview on this weekend, when school is out of session! So until then, this is Paxton and Joseph saying to you all…

Paxton and Joseph: GOOD NIGHT!

(One last big applause from the audience. Then they start filing out. Several minutes later, as the studio is almost empty, Paxton suddenly notices the camera is still rolling)

Paxton: Yes, NOW you can end the transmission! (/facepalm)
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Interview #8 - Lillie

Paxton: To make sure that this interview is not deleted as it was last time, we are broadcasting live! In case you didn’t know, we got Lillie to agree to a second interview. So once again, please welcome Lillie!

(Lillie walks on stage)

Paxton: Anyway, Lillie, thank you so much for coming on here again.

Lillie: You’re welcome! I’m a bit nervous…but I’ll be fine! I did this once, I can do it again...Wait, did you say we’re on live?

Paxton: That’s right, your class is watching you right now!

At the Pokemon School…

Ash: Hey, he’s talking about us!

Mallow: Go Lillie! You can do it!

Ash: Gee, I wish I was on there.

Professor Kukui: Now Ash, be patient. I’m sure Paxton will call you in for an interview when he’s ready!

Back at the Interview studio…

Paxton: Anywho, let’s get this interview going. To start off with, can you give us a little background information on your former fear of touching Pokemon? Specifically, I know that a Nihilego was responsible, but can you elaborate a bit more on what it was like, for the audience’s benefit?

Lillie: I didn’t even know for a long time why I was so afraid of touching Pokemon. I just felt this overwhelming sense of fear whenever one would touch me, that I couldn’t help but scream and jump. And I couldn’t even explain why! But I looked it up in one of the books my mother has about the Ultra Beasts, and I found out that Nihilego’s neurotoxins can amplify the pain of bad memories, yet somehow I managed to repress it until I was reminded of my brother and his Type: Null.

Joseph: Did your mother’s overly affectionate attitude towards you maybe worsen your fear?

Lillie: No. Like I said, my fear of touching Pokémon one of those things that I can’t really explain to anyone who’s never been possessed by a Nihilego.

Paxton: So now that you no longer have that fear, do you get a better sense of enjoyment and feeling of bonding by touching Pokemon?

Lillie: Oh yes! That was how I bonded with Snowy, after all!

Joseph: One of your biggest conflicts with your mother was over her decision to evolve her Clefairy into a Clefable against your will, because you thought Clefairy was cute as it was.

Joseph: (thinking to himself) Which I can’t really understand myself, as I also have a Clefable…

Joseph: (speaking once again) But yet you also seem to have a soft spot for Fairy-type Pokemon in general. So consider this - if you were to find an Ice Stone by chance somehow one day, would you consider using it to evolve Snowy into the Ice & Fairy-type Alolan Ninetales?

Lillie: I’d…have to think about it. While I have no doubt that Snowy would still love me after evolving, and probably be even more willing and able to stand up for me and fight my battles for me, I do think Snowy is cute as she is.

Paxton: On a related note, let’s talk about your recent participation in Mt. Lanakila’s PokeSled Jump. I remember you were pretty nervous about wanting to do it to begin with, so how did you overcome your fear?

Lillie: First I took a ride on Kiawe’s Charizard to get used to the speed. I was still nervous about the falling sensation after jumping, though, and that was where Snowy stepped in to help me.

Joseph: What do you mean?

Lillie: Looking back, I understand now – Snowy worked to learn Aurora Veil before the PokeSled Jump tournament so that she could bring the sled to a controlled landing during my jump because, while she wanted me to be brave and face my fears, she also wanted me to feel safe and in control.

Paxton: Wow. I’m sorry the judges were a bunch of jerks and you didn’t win.

Joseph: How fast do those PokeSleds go, anyway?

Lillie: Sara told me that you hit about 60 mph at the bottom of the ramp just before getting airborne.

Paxton: Since our last interview, you and your friends got called in by Lusamine for your first assignment as part of the Ultra Guardians. Can you tell us more about that?

Lillie: Between the machine systems and riding on a Pokemon up in the sky, it was pretty frightening, but I’m glad that we’re actually protecting Alola from the Ultra Beasts, because my mother knows how much of a danger they pose to the region!

Joseph: What’s with the regimented approach to things she has with the Ultra Guardians, up to and including demanding that you say “Ult-roger”?

Lillie: Is mother in the audience?

Paxton: No.

Lillie: Is she watching this from her office?

Paxton: How should I know? I haven’t got secret cameras set up all over Aether Paradise.

Joseph: If it were me though, I’d want my mother to be watching me be interviewed on a live show!

Lillie: Fine, I’ll tell you. It’s because she's a woman-child with such an over-controlling attitude about everything.

Paxton: I figured it was something like that. But at any rate, I think now is a good time to move on to taking some questions from our audience! Yes, seat 52!

Janitor Marshal: Your brother Gladion seems to share your mother’s desire to protect Alola from the Ultra Beasts. So why didn’t he join the Ultra Guardians?

Lillie: To be honest, knowing him, I think he would’ve balked at the idea of taking orders from our mother.

Paxton: Seat 28!

Schoolboy Daniel: Do you ever miss Nebby?

Lillie: Definitely!...Okay, maybe I won’t miss its eardrum-piercing crying from back when it was a Cosmog, but to think that it actually evolved into the legendary Solgaleo and played such an important role in saving my mother from Ultra Space and helping me remember my repressed memories…I will forever be grateful to it!

Paxton: And to finish off our interview, the Fairy Tale Girl in seat 39!

Fairy Tale Girl Alice: Why did you decide to ditch your “Z-Powered form” outfit after you rescued your mother from Nihilego?

Lillie: I had a realization about how much I actually liked that outfit my mother chose for me. So I decided I wanted to show her my thanks by continuing to wear it to school.

Paxton: And…that’ll do it for this interview. Thanks for coming on here again Lillie, and I’m sorry that we had to do this twice!

Lillie: It’s okay! I conquered my fears!

(Lillie leaves while the audience applauds)

Paxton: So that wraps up our Alola Pokemon School interviews. The next interview we’ve got scheduled will be with a Kalos Gym Leader and travelling companion of Ash’s, Clemont! So join us then! Until then, this is Paxton saying…Ultra End Transmission!

Joseph: (sigh)
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Interview #9 - Clemont

Team Skull Grunt: (over the loudspeaker) Yo yo yo! Are you tired of living in that dump Kanto? Would you like to earn some money? Would you like to kick it with some of the coolest homies to ever live in paradise? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then Team Skull is for you! So ditch that stupid Kanto region, move to Alola, and come hang with Team Sku-OW!

Joseph: Team Sku-OW?

Paxton: That’s what you say when security whacks you upside the head. I was just about to call them, but it looks like they’re already on it right now.

Joseph: Good.

Paxton: So...welcome to the Paxton and Joseph show. I know a lot of you guys in the audience are from Kanto, so, sorry about that. But anyway, our guest today is from neither Kanto nor Alola. He’s from Kalos, and unlike a lot of people from that region who are more artistic, he’s one of the most famous aspiring inventors of that region. Please welcome Clemont!

(audience cheers and applauds Clemont as he nervously enters on stage, and takes his seat in the guest chair)

Paxton: So welcome to the show, Clemont!

Clemont: Thanks! Sure are a lot more audience members here than I thought, though!

Paxton: Don’t worry. I made sure your sister would be busy tonight, so she wouldn’t embarrass you.

Bonnie: (sitting in the audience in seat 1) Yeah, I’m busy alright…

Paxton: So let’s cut to the chase. First off, tell us a little about how your efforts to rebuild Lumiose City after Team Flare’s attack are going.

Clemont: Much better than I had envisaged! The Gym is now completely repaired, and Clembot has been upgraded to feature some all-new programs designed to increase its AI battling abilities. As for some of the high-end shops and fine dining restaurants, they’re still rebuilding, but it takes time! Oh, and I also provided the new voice clips for the Lumiose Airport tram system, including a new line that plays whenever somebody blocks the closing doors: “Please keep clear of the doors. You are delaying the departure of this train.”

Joseph: Speaking of Team Flare, do you know anything about how Team Flare was able to grow in numbers so fast? I mean, you didn't even know about their existence until well after Ash had his seventh Kalos Gym Badge!

Clemont: It’s funny how this always seems to work out, but…I just so happened to set up my ClemCam to record some footage on the night before Serena’s Pokemon Showcase in Couriway Town while I waited for her to get ready. Here you are, take a look for yourself!

(Clemont takes out a disk, inserts it into the wall projector, and presses Play. The footage shows James outside talking to some Team Rocket Grunts, who are grumbling about their low paychecks)

Grunt A: Team Flare would pay us more!

James: Hey, Team Rocket is good at paychecks! My boss might pay me 10 million Pokedollars!

Grunt A: For what?

James: For bringing him a super rare, legendary Pokemon!

Grunt B: Of course! You’d have to be trusted with one of those top secret missions to earn that many Pokedollars!

Grunt A: We’re being paid 8,000 Pokedollars per-

James: Per hour?

Grunt A: No.

James: Oh, per day. That’s still not bad.

Grunt A: Per year! And if we quit, he’ll take everything we have, including our Pokemon!

James: Well, uh, uh, Lysandre won’t pay you that much!

Grunt B: He’s already promised us a 5 million Pokedollars per year raise!

James: Well, uh, he’s lying!

Grunt B: Even if he is, that’s better than what we’ve got now. Let’s get these other guys to submit their application forms to Lysandre Café.

James: No, wait! Stop!

Grunt B: Nobody listen to James! He’s an idiot who should’ve been fired from Team Rocket years ago!

Grunt A: Want more money?

Grunts: Yeah!

Grunt A: Then join Team Flare!

James: (sigh)

(end of recording)

Paxton: Well, that explains a lot. Why didn’t you show Ash & Serena this footage? Then maybe you guys would’ve connected the dots sooner!

Clemont: This was before I could ascertain what Team Flare’s true motives were, even though we encountered them up to questionable activities during the second half of our adventure, they kept the whole project a secret until it was time for the Kalos Pokemon League. Also, the Zygarde Core whom Bonnie nicknamed Squishy was not immediately awakened because Zygarde only sends out a signal to its Cores and Cells when it senses the ecosystems of the world are in jeopardy, something I was not aware of at that time.

Joseph: Really? I didn’t know ecosystems could play Jeopardy!

Clemont: Not THAT Jeopardy! I mean jeopardy as in danger!

Joseph: I know. I just couldn’t resist saying that.

Paxton: Well, next question. Did your decision to train Electric-types have to do with your love of technology and science?

Clemont: Sure did!

Paxton: What about Chespin, who’s a Grass-type?

Clemont: I had to start my journey as a Pokemon Trainer with some Pokemon, and Professor Sycamore gave me a Chespin.

Joseph: Is Chespin still as much of a glutton as ever?

Clemont: Unfortunately, yes.

Paxton: So do you still enjoy being a Gym Leader, now that you’ve gone on your own journey with Ash & Serena around the Kalos region?

Clemont: Yeah, I think at times I felt a little homesick of my job, and that leaving Clembot to battle in my place just wasn’t the same as accepting an actual challenge in person and having a heated battle with a complete stranger…

Paxton: Let me ask you something else: Did you ever feel like it was hard to really be on the same wavelength as Serena, given how little she seems to care for machines and science compared to the arts?

Clemont: Maybe a little, at times. But she still tried to be friendly to me and respect my different personality, and I tried to act like I was enjoying her performances in return!

Paxton: Okay, now it’s time for questions from the audience, but in a new way! Each member of the audience will type a question, if they have one, into the computer system using the keyboards beneath their seat, and then the computer will select 3 random questions to ask Clemont here. You’ve got one minute, so get going!

(The audience types their questions into the keyboards. After the minute is up…)

Paxton: Okay, it’ll be displayed on the screen.

(The screen reads: “ert+ y76p ghadvrugjdt error 0 kjkj error 0 error 0 error 0 error 0 error 0 error 0 wadava ezcude doat?”)


Clemont: I did!

(the machine explodes)

Paxton: I’ll have to make sure to double check where I get these things from. Let’s just end this Interview. Clemont, thanks for being here, I guess.

Clemont: You’re very welcome! And remember…the future is now, thanks to science!

(Clemont leaves to a mix of applause and sneering from the audience)

Paxton: Join us for our tenth interview, as we interview the famous Ash Ketchum! He’s going to school in Alola right now, but he’s just gotten permission to leave class for a day and come home, just like the rest of his classmates did when it was their turn to be interviewed. Be sure to buy your tickets early, since we’re expecting a full house that night! We’ve still got a few minutes left thanks to our audience question mishap, so cameraman, improvise somehow!

Cameraman: Ummm…due to an unexpected and abrupt end to this interview, we will have to fill out the remaining three minutes and forty-three seconds of show time with this clip of an anime girl spinning a leek in one hand.

(He cuts the transmission and then airs the Levan Polka Leekspin viral video in its place on a repeating loop)

Joseph: (sigh) So long until next time.
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Interview #10 - Ash Ketchum

Paxton: Welcome to the 10th episode of the Paxton and Joseph show! I’m Paxton, and this is my son Joseph.

Joseph: But you guys probably already knew that, right?

Paxton: Anyway, we’ve got a special treat for you today! Our guest tonight a trainer of legend from Pallet Town who has placed in the Top 8 in virtually every Pokemon League he has challenged. Everyone, please give a big round of applause for…ASH KETCHUM!!!

(Ash gets the loudest cheer this show has seen yet, and he even plays up to the audience a bit as he walks in, before eventually taking his seat opposite Paxton and Joseph)

Paxton: Thanks for being with us tonight.

Ash: Oh man, this is so cool! And I’m getting out of school to be on here, too!

Paxton: So to start off with, can you tell us a little about how you and your beloved Pikachu have become so close?

Ash: What can I say? We’ve just got the perfect chemistry with each other.

Joseph: I remember Pikachu didn’t use to trust you, though, and would often shock you in your early days.

Ash: Yeah, that’s true. Bonding is always a part of any Trainer’s job!

Paxton: So can you tell us a little about the strategy of battling that has carried you so far in six different Pokemon Leagues?

Ash: I generally like to train Pokemon that can hit fast and hard, and I like to focus on speed. It fits my character well, because I’m full of passion and get so excited about battles!!! But it isn’t always enough to win a Gym Badge, though, and so half the fun is also trying to improvise on creative techniques as well!

Joseph: So that explains why your Infernape proved to be a much more powerful battler than your Torterra in the Sinnoh League. I’m kind of the opposite way myself, being much quieter than my father and preferring big and strong Pokemon that can take hits, but who also suit my character…like Torterra, for instance!

Ash: Yeah, there’s all kinds of different Pokemon trainers out there, with all kinds of approaches to Training! That’s what makes Pokemon Training so interesting, you never know what kind of Trainer you’ll ever be up against!

Paxton: Your answer to my question about battling strategy made me think also of Ash-Greninja, who we’ll talk more about a little later on. For now I want to ask you this: out of all the regions you’ve traveled to so far, would you say that Kanto is your favorite?

Ash: Of course! It’s where I’m from and the first Pokemon league I challenged, after all!

Meanwhile backstage…

(Jessie, wearing a disguise, along with a Scientist and three Rocket grunts walk into the back door)

Security guard: Hey, what are you all doing? This is a restricted area!

Jessie: Hello, my name is Jessilinda! Me and my friends would like to apply for jobs as security on your show!

Security guard: We’re not accepting applicants right now, but I can set up an informational interview with Paxton and Joseph so you all can get to know more about the job requirements.

Grunt A: Okay, sure.

Security guard: They’re on the air right now interviewing Ash, but just sit down in these chairs right here and I’ll have them in here as soon as the show is over!

(He walks off)

Scientist: Thanks to my brilliance, we’ve got a golden opportunity to make our robbery!

Grunt B: Is Ash really as stupid as people say?

Jessie: He’s never been known for his smarts.

(the four of them start looking around the studio for where all the Pokedollars have to be stored, but of course they look in the wrong room)

Back on stage…

(The security guard comes in and whispers something into Paxton’s ear. Paxton then grins and whispers into Ash’s ear, who gives him the thumbs-up)

Paxton: Back to the interview. Don’t you think that Team Rocket takes the phrase “if at first you don’t succeed, try try again” a little too far?

Ash: Yeah, I think that after you’ve been sent “blasting off again” for like, what, the 800th time?...Maybe it’s time to find a new job.

Paxton: I hear Jessie’s pretty skilled in Pokemon Contests and Showcases, so why doesn’t she just stick with it full-time?

Ash: Really? I didn’t know Jessie was a Coordinator.

Joseph: (sigh) Anyway, Ash, I’d like to know a little more about the whole Ash-Greninja transformation phenomenon that happened during the Kalos league?

Ash: I still can’t really explain it, other than I felt like we had somehow bonded through our natures and battle. It was an incredible experience!

Paxton: Do you ever miss Greninja, now that you’ve decided to release him to protect Kalos?

Ash: It hurt a little bit, but I wanted him to follow his heart…

Joseph: What about Serena?

Ash: She was really sweet, and I was so glad that I could really be a role model for her. Is she doing well these days?

Joseph: Yes, we interviewed her and she’s doing great in Hoenn!

Paxton: Well anyway, security has just brought some pressing matters to my attention, so we’re going to cut to questions from the audience, as I’m sure you all must have plenty of questions in mind to ask Ash! Yes, seat 59!

Lass Dana: Who, of the girls you’ve traveled with so far, did you like the best?

Ash: Let me think…not Iris, because she was always being mean to me. Probably not Misty, either, even though she seems to have a crush on me. Hmmm…let’s see…

(after some process of elimination)

Ash: If I had to choose, I guess Dawn. She and I were alike in many ways. Serena would be second, since we have such a history with each other and she seemed to really admire me, like I said, but if I had to choose, I would say that I liked Dawn’s personality a little more.

Paxton: Seat 150.

Teacher Titania: How are you liking Pokemon School in Alola so far?

Ash: Better than I thought! Some things we learn about are interesting, but I kinda wish I could just go off and focus on my Island Challenge!

Paxton: The Ace Trainer in seat 1!

Ace Trainer Alastair: I’m number one!

Paxton: The question, please!

Ace Trainer Alastair: Which of your rivals throughout the years did you hate the most?

Ash: Paul, no contest. His methods of Training Pokemon were just cruel, and he really made me feel sad whenever he’d win by telling me that it was my fault my Pokemon were so weak. Ugh!

Paxton: So I guess that’s another reason you liked Dawn, because she’d always be willing to cheer you up at such times! And now, we’ll end this audience question session by going to the opposite end of the audience with the Hiker in Seat 225, aka the highest numbered seat in this studio!

Hiker Nathan: Do you think that maybe Professor Kukui will arrange a field trip to another region, like he did with your Kanto field trip?

Ash: Who knows? He’s a very unpredictable teacher after all!

Paxton: And that will conclude our interview. Ash, if you would be so kind…

Ash: Alright! Let’s go, Pikachu!

(Pikachu jumps out from off stage, and joins Ash. The duo then run backstage and catch Team Rocket digging through the drawers of Paxton’s office)

Grunt A: Uh oh.

Ash: Jessie’s got to be the ringleader! Get her, Pikachu! Thunderbolt!

(Pikachu shocks the confused Jessie and some studio security guards drag them off to a nearby jail. Meanwhile, Pikachu continues to send electricity towards the others.)

Grunt C: Run for it!

(The Grunts manage to run outside, but then realize that Jessie is gone)

Grunt C: Phew. But where’s Jessie?

(no one says anything)

Grunt C: Oh man, we’re gonna be in big trouble…

Ash: (stepping outside) You guys are the stupid ones! Paxton figured you were plotting something evil from the start, and he told me back when he was still interviewing me! We planned this out, and it couldn’t have turned out better! Now your leader Jessie is jailed, and we’re calling up Giovanni to tell him it’s your fault one of his top secret agents is locked up! Enjoy explaining this to him!

(Ash walks off. A few minutes later…)

Grunt A: Do you think there’s a chance Ash was joking about calling up Giovanni?

Scientist: There has to be at least a 1% chance of him joking.

Grunt B: Come on guys, there’s no way Ash could just go and call up Giovanni. His cell phone number is top secret, and Ash is one of the most anti-Team Rocket Trainers in the Pokemon World!

Grunt A: You’re right. Ash can’t and won’t call Giovanni.

Giovanni: IDIOTS!

Grunt A: I stand corrected.

Giovanni: How many Pokedollars do you all have?

Grunt B: Between all of us, five thousand.

Giovanni: Well, consider that a down payment on Jessie’s bail. You’ll have to go 245,000 Pokedollars in debt to get her out of jail, or else all of you will be fired from Team Rocket on the spot.

Grunt B: What? Fired?!

Giovanni: Hey, if you guys are this bad, I don’t want you going around messing things up for me, like the way you did this time!

Grunt C: Okay, okay, we’ll pay!

(as Giovanni makes the payment and Officer Jenny frees Jessie and James, the Rocket Grunts wonder how on earth they can run any part of Team Rocket, or do anything against Ash, if their goal is to make money but they lose it instead)
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Clemont's was hilarious! The "technical difficulties" made the episode.

I still can't wait to see what you do with anime Misty and her famed temper--will that cause a few "technical difficulties"?
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I still can't wait to see what you do with anime Misty and her famed temper--will that cause a few "technical difficulties"?
You'll have to wait until Interview #13 to find out!

How did Paxton know these were Team Rocket?
The security guy figured it out from their uniforms, and then told Paxton. Rather than redundantly yelling for security though, Paxton just decided to mix things up a bit and have Ash take care of them.
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Interview #11 - Rotom Pokedex

Paxton and Joseph: Welcome to the Paxton and Joseph Show!

Joseph: We decided to both say it together this time to mix things up a little.

Paxton: Anyway, you may have noticed that there’s no guest chair tonight. I found out that the Rotom who currently inhibits Ash’s Pokedex has been watching our show, and he was jealous of everybody else in the class being interviewed, so he wanted to come on here for an interview himself. So without further ado, please welcome the Rotom Pokedex!

Rotom: (floating in) Alola, audience! (snapping pictures) Must…record…data…

Paxton: Well anyway, if you’re finished taking souvenir photos of your interview on here, I’d like to ask you a few questions, as would my son Joseph.

Rotom: Fire away!

Joseph: First of all, Rotom, would you like to collect data on some of my Pokemon, seeing as how many are not even in the Alola Pokedex?

Rotom: A job I was born for!

Joseph: Alright! Torterra, Gallade, and Vaporeon…come on out!

(Joseph sends out his Torterra, Gallade and Vaporeon)


Torterra, the Continent Pokemon. Grass/Ground type. Torterra’s clean shell provides a suitable habitat for wild Pokemon to live in. Ancient people once thought that the various continents of the world were gigantic Torterra.

Gallade, the Blade Pokemon. Psychic/Fighting type. Gallade is very loyal to its Trainer, and will use the sword-like appendages on its arms in conjunction with psychic power to protect him or her from harm.

Vaporeon, the Bubble Jet Pokemon, and the Water-type evolution of Eevee. Vaporeon’s cell structure is similar to water molecules, allowing it to dissolve and become invisible in water. It prefers clean lakes and ponds.

Joseph: Thanks everyone! Now, return!

(Joseph recalls all three of those Pokemon)

Paxton: So tell us – how are things going-

Rotom: Things are going pretty well at the Pokemon School! We never know when a new Ultra Beast will appear and the Ultra Guardians will be called into action, and Sophocles got into trouble yesterday for trying to hack the school’s database to change his grade, but other than that, these kids’ education is progressing smoothly!

Paxton: Oh wow, I didn’t know Sophocles had the guts or the ability to try a stunt like that. So out of all the students at the Pokemon School, who-

Rotom: Ash, of course! He is the one who owns my Pokedex, after all! Though I must admit I like Sophocles too, for logical Electric-type related reasons.

Joseph: Anyway, I know you’re a big fan of the mystery show, Alolan Detective Laki. So do you like-

Rotom: No, I don’t like horror movies or TV shows because they’re too scary. I know that’s kind of ironic, seeing as how I am part Ghost-type, but there’s plenty of ironic things about us Pokemon!

Joseph: What about-

Rotom: Sci-Fi is okay, especially if the show in question has a sufficient percentage of intellectual humor to it. But Alolan Detective Laki will always be my favorite TV show!

Paxton: How do you keep answering our questions before we can even ask them?

Rotom: I read ahead in the script.


(Paxton takes the notes back from Rotom)

Paxton: So moving on…can you tell us a little bit about how exactly the Rotom Pokedex works?

Rotom: It utilizes the latest Pokemon voice translation device inserted into a Pokedex, which is connected to a speaker. Using my unique ability to possess appliances, I can talk to my Trainer directly, in addition to accessing the Pokedex internal data.

Joseph: Speaking of possessing appliances…can you tell us about the time you kept changing forme by possessing different appliances you came across, while another Rotom got into your Pokedex?

Rotom: It’s an experience that I wouldn’t care to repeat! After trying out my body in all of Rotom’s various formes, this Pokedex forme is by far my favorite and I think I will stick with that! And don’t even get me started on that rare Pokemon I saw but couldn’t collect data on!

Joseph: What so far, would you say was the scariest moment in your time as Ash’s Pokedex?

Rotom: Either the aforementioned forme changing incident, or the time Ash used me to replace Sandygast’s shovel. The latter incident was the only time I legitimately thought my game was over!

Joseph: What about the funniest moment?

Rotom: Too many to count and recollect!

Joseph: Well one of my personal favorite Rotom Pokedex moments was when you helped Ash with his Open House speech by substituting Ash’s voice using your voice sampler.

Rotom: Oh yes…I thought we’d done it for sure, but I just got carried away.

Paxton: Well that’s the end of our script, so let’s look to the audience for some more questions! Yes, seat 144!

Veteran John: Can you sample my voice using your voice sampler?

Rotom: Sampling voice…(in the Veteran’s voice) My answer to your question is “yes”!

Paxton: Wow, that is pretty amazing. Seat-

Rotom: Let ME call on the audience members, okay?

Paxton: …Okay.

Rotom: Scanning audience…yes, the really cute girl in seat 114!

Lass Lisa: Awww, Rotom thinks I’m cute!

Paxton: Well anyway, what was your question?

Lass Lisa: How did you manage to collect data on Dewpider? I’m still struggling with my fear of it, and I’ve heard the Rotom Pokedex isn’t waterproof!

Rotom: I found that observing Dewpider from a distance was sufficient to learn about its territorial habits as a species. As for collecting data on other Water-type Pokemon, I’m hoping to use Popplio’s balloons to solve that problem! Scanning audience…Seat 72!

Golfer Winston: Do you ever like to watch golf?

Rotom: Not particularly. Pokemon Base just has much more excitement and strategic elements to it!

Paxton: And that’s the end of this interview! Rotom, thanks for coming, and sorry we couldn't get you on here sooner.

Rotom: Goodbye! Alola!Hopefully I can get back into Ash’s backpack without him noticing I was gone for the last 16 hours, 18 minutes, and 8 seconds!

(Rotom floats out the door and off towards the airport, to stow away on the next flight back to Alola)

Paxton: Well anyway, thank you all for coming, and we’ll see you next time for an interview with a girl who became a good friend of Misty’s. Hint: She’s also one of the five Kimono Girls.
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Interview #12 - Sakura

Paxton: Hello everybody! Tonight we’re interviewing Sakura, one of Ecruteak’s Kimono Girls! Let’s all give a warm welcome to Sakura!

Sakura: (walking in) Hi everyone!

Paxton: …wait a minute, you’re NOT Sakura!

Sakura: How do you know? Your x-ray vision?

Paxton: No. I know that Sakura has two pigtails, not one!

Sakura: Oops.

Paxton: Now tell us who you really are.

(Sakura takes off her disguise clothes, unties her hair, and reveals herself to be Jessie)

Jessie: Prepare for trouble! I got humiliated a couple weeks ago by your security, but this time I’m ready to get my revenge!

Paxton: I doubt that. SECURITY!

(Joseph sends out his Slaking)

Joseph: Alright Slaking, use Giga Impact and send Jessie blasting off again!

(Slaking is loafing around)

Joseph: D’oh!

(Finally Bewear comes running into the studio and…oh, come on, do I really have to tell you all what happens next?)

Paxton: Okay sonny. Now you know why I didn’t want you to bring Slaking onto this show to help out with security!

Joseph: Slaking’s a great Pokemon, you’ve just gotta give him a chance. I’ve caught quite a few opponents off guard with him in my time as a Trainer!

(Joseph recalls Slaking)

Paxton: How did you catch a Slaking anyway? I never saw Slakoth or any of its evolutions while I was in Sinnoh!

Joseph: There was a swarm of Slakoth in Eterna Forest on the day I visited and so I took the liberty of catching one.

Paxton: Interesting. Now then, can we bring in the real Sakura?

(The real Sakura walks in)

Sakura: Sorry, I was tied up in the back room by Team Rocket, but then this strange-looking pink bear Pokemon untied me.

Joseph: Old Bewear…it seems she really does seem to have some kind of sense of honor, doesn’t she?

Paxton: Okay, okay, that’s enough. Let’s begin the Interview. Sakura, thank you for being with us tonight, and we apologize for the Team Rocket incident. So…can you tell us a little about how your Gym Challenge is going these days?

Sakura: It’s going great! I’ve got seven badges now, and I just need one more to finally participate in the Pokemon League tournament!

Joseph: It’s been quite awhile since you had that memorable Gym battle with Misty for a Cascade Badge. So what’s been going on since then?

Sakura: I stayed at Professor Oak’s place with Tracey for a couple weeks, and then went back to wandering around Kanto trying to decide which Gyms I should challenge. But for now, I decided I felt the desire to go back to Ecruteak and help out with my sisters’ dance programs. I am a Kimono Girl at heart after all, and family is family. But I’ll get that eighth badge soon enough!

Joseph: Have you ever felt lonely while on your journey?

Sakura: Maybe a little, but I like the peace and quiet too and just being with Espeon.

Paxton: Which Gym battle, other than the one with Misty, stands out as the most memorable in your mind?

Sakura: Definitely my latest Gym battle with Erika. She had some really interesting strategies around those powder-based moves with some of her Grass Pokemon, especially Gloom. But Espeon won the day thanks to its type advantage!

Paxton: So can you tell us all about how the Kimono Girls came up with the idea of each using a different form of Eevee?

Sakura: Simple. There are five of us, and so we came up with the idea that each of us would train one of the evolved forms of Eevee native to Kanto and Johto at that point in time, and it would add our own unique touch to our family dance. We decided in advance which one each of us liked best, I like Espeon the best because I’ve always felt it was the cutest evolution of Eevee,.

Joseph: But since you’re the youngest sister, your Eevee evolved last?

Sakura: Yes. And that’s why I identified so much with Misty, because she’s the youngest in her family as well!

Joseph: So now that some other forms of Eevee have been discovered, do you or any of your sisters intend on possibly mixing your teams up a bit by swapping out?

Sakura: Nah. We’ve all grown too attached to our Eevees that we raised since we were little!

Joseph: You’ve since caught a Beautifly in addition to Espeon, so have any of your other sisters caught any additional Pokemon as well?

Sakura: Sumomo is thinking about becoming a Water Pokemon trainer, so she’s caught a Seaking to complement her Vaporeon. Tamao also has a Murkrow now, but that’s it.

Paxton: Speaking of which, can you tell us a little about your experience helping Misty out with making Cascade Badges?

Sakura: It was way harder than I thought it would be! That badge maker is almost like a drill sergeant! But in a way I’m still glad I did it, as I’ve gained a newfound respect for Gym Leaders and the badge I have now will always hold a special place in my heart!

Joseph: That was a major reason why I decided I didn’t want to become a Gym Leader after all.

Paxton: And now we’ve reached the point in the interview where we ask the audience for some questions! The Youngster in seat 121.

Youngster Jeremy: (singing) There’s a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza, there’s a hole in the bucket…

Paxton: Ugh, I hate that song. The Ace Trainer right next to him in seat 122.

Ace Trainer Ed: (fingers in his ears) Somebody shut this kid up!

Paxton: Sorry, no can do. The Twins in seats 196 and 197, which just happen to be the National Pokedex numbers of Espeon and Umbreon, respectively.

Twins Bella and Ella: What’s your name, Sakura?

(Paxton hits his head on the table)

Paxton: You know what? To heck with this. Let’s just end this interview. Sakura, thank you for being with us tonight, and sorry the audience didn’t ask you any competent questions!

Sakura: Thank you! And don’t worry, it was such a pleasure!

(She leaves)

Paxton: And with that, we're now 3/4 of the way through our first season of this show. Join us next time when we interview the Cerulean Gym Leader herself, Misty! Don’t worry, we’ll do our best not to set off her famous hair-trigger temper…
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Interview #13 - Misty

Paxton: Uh oh…guess what day it is?

Audience member: Hump Day?

Paxton: No, it’s my birthday!

(Audience cheers for Paxton)

Paxton: Thank you, thank you. To celebrate this occasion, I’ve brought a cake...big enough for myself, Joseph, our Interviewee tonight, and everyone in the audience to have a piece! Hope you all like chocolate!

(The workers bring in a massive chocolate cake with 41 candles on it)

Joseph: I still think you should’ve put two candles that spelled out 41 on it instead of actually having 41 candles.

Paxton: Nope. I’ve been doing this for all my birthdays, and I ain’t gonna stop now! Workers, if you would be so kind…

(The workers light the candles)

Paxton: Okay. One, two, three…

(Everybody in the audience and on the stage crew sings “Happy Birthday” for Paxton)

Joseph: And many more, on Channel 4…even if that’s not actually the channel number we broadcast on. Alright Dad, make a wish!

(Paxton thinks long and hard, then blows out all 41 candles in one blow, amazingly enough)

Paxton: Now I wonder how long it’ll take for my wish to come true?

Meanwhile, in Dragon Village…

Elder: That’s right, Iris! For all the disrespect you showed to your friends during your journey, you must walk around the village in your underwear for the next three days!

Boy, talk about express wish delivery!

Okay, back to the birthday party/interview…

Paxton: And with that, Daniel, would you be so kind as to cut everyone out a piece?

Worker Daniel: Sure thing! Here’s yours, Paxton, and here’s Joseph’s! I guess our interviewee gets a piece too.

Paxton: After our interview tonight is over, everyone in the audience can grab a piece from the table up here. But anyway, let’s get on with the other major reason why you all are here tonight. Our guest tonight is the Gym Leader of Cerulean City, well, one of four technically. She was also the first ever female companion to travel with the famous Ash Ketchum, even if she joined him out a desire for him to pay her back. So please welcome…MISTY!

(Audience applauds as Misty comes in and sits in the guest’s chair)

Paxton: I hope you don’t mind us enjoying our birthday cake while we interview you…we left you a piece too.

Misty: Just be glad you didn’t decide to interview Ash on your birthday, or you’d have to call in security to keep him from eating the whole thing!

Joseph: That’s right, Ash can be borderline scary when he’s hungry…

Paxton: Alright, let’s get started. You joined Ash on his journey because you were mad at him for destroying your bike. Why did you get so mad about it, anyway?

Misty: For the same reason you’d get mad at Joseph if he let his Pokemon destroy this studio!

Paxton: I see…but let’s not talk about that, because some others around here don’t know how to do that.

(Oh come on, it only happened once, in an alternate timeline!)

Joseph: So tell us, how did you decide to become a Water-type Pokemon Trainer? Did you just follow along with your sisters?

Misty: I come from a long family of Water-type Pokemon Trainers, and so I was more or less programmed to like them.

Joseph: I’ve noticed you’re pretty different from what somebody might expect a Water-type trainer to be like – I often associate water with calmness and tranquility and depth of feeling and the like, and you’ve got kind of a fiery tomboy personality.

Misty: Is that an insult?! Not all of us have to fit every single stereotype!

Joseph: No, it wasn’t an insult. Not at all. I was just asking.

Paxton: Anyway, let’s talk a little bit about your Pokemon. I know you and Psyduck weren’t always on the same wavelength for most of your journey…

Misty: That might just be the understatement of the year.

Joseph: But do you still like Psyduck as a Pokemon?

Misty: Sure, even if he can be a goofball. He is a Water-type Pokemon after all, and over the years I’ve learned to incorporate his Psychic powers into my battle strategies!

Paxton: So, tell us all about how you raised that Togepi from an Egg into a Togetic.

Misty: I found the Egg during a fossil dig, and even though Ash insisted we have a battle to determine who would raise it (typical of him), when it hatched, it chose me because it thought I was its mother. Since then I always looked after it, and I’ll never forget that day when I travelled to Hoenn’s Mirage Kingdom to meet up with Ash again and it evolved into Togetic and decided to leave me to protect the kingdom. I still miss Togetic…maybe I should go back someday and-EEEEEEEEEEEK!!!

Paxton: What’s wrong, Misty?

Misty: A Caterpie, there’s a disgusting Caterpie in this studio right next to you! EWWWWWW!!!

(Paxton looks down, and sure enough there is a Caterpie right next to him)

Paxton: Uhm…security?

(Since it wouldn’t feel morally right for Joseph to completely obliterate a wild Caterpie with his powerful Pokemon, some security members come in with a net and capture the Caterpie in it, before dragging it outside and releasing it back into its natural habitat)

Paxton: I thought I told security NOT to let any Pokemon into the building, especially Bug-types…remind me to cut their pay. Anywho, you recently got to meet Ash yet again after many years, and have a repeat of your Gym Battle with him and show off Gyarados’ new ability to Mega Evolve. What was your main takeaway from that?

Misty: I’ve got a somewhat new opinion on Ash now.

Paxton: What’s that?

Misty: He’s still a little kid who doesn’t always think, but he’s certainly learned a thing or two about battling ever since I first met him!

Joseph: And how did you find a Mega Stone for Gyarados?

Misty: I got it in the mail from Professor Oak! He’s been studying Mega Evolution, and he knew I’d be able to make good use of it!

Paxton: Tell us how you implemented that shifting battlefield into your Gym, which you used to change the field from a Rock-type one to the original water one.

Misty: That’s actually a new feature at many Gyms in Kanto these days, borrowed from the Pokemon League tournaments. We Gym Leaders still like to specialize in one type of Pokemon, hence why we still use the original water tank most of the time at Cerulean Gym, but we can also host different type battles and change it if we need to, such as if a different Gym Leader wishes to use our Gym for whatever reason.

Joseph: Do you and your sisters still do water shows using that same water tank?

Misty: We sure do! We have a performance of “The Magical Mermaid” tomorrow night at 7pm if you’re interested! I’m the mermaid in it!

Paxton: And now it’s time for questions from the audience. Since I've just turned 41 years old, why not start with seat 41?

Fisherman Wade: Why did your parents decide to name you Misty, instead of another flower name?

Misty: My parents couldn’t think of anything else. My sisters still tease me about it, grrr…

Paxton: Seat 111!

Picnicker Cyndy: What’s your favorite color?

Misty: Blue, of course! The color of water and the Cascade Badge!

Paxton: Seat 96.

Bird Keeper Marlon: Who’s your favorite sister?

Misty: Daisy. She has at least a little maturity about her, and doesn’t tease me as much as the other two.

Paxton: And last but not least, seat 139!

Swimmer Bridgette: What Water-type Pokemon is most on your bucket list of Pokemon you want to catch sometime?

Misty: Probably a Lapras. I was so jealous of Ash catching one when we went to the Orange Islands, I wish I could sail all around the world on the back of a Lapras. It’d be handy in our water shows too!

Paxton: And that’s the end of this interview. Misty, thanks for being with us tonight, and since it is my brithday you can stick around if you’d like.

Misty: Okay, sure!

Paxton: Audience members, at this time, kindly file down to the stage from your seats form an orderly line to pick up your piece of the birthday cake, and…wait a minute, you’re STILL not done with cutting the cake?

Worker Daniel: Hey, there’s more than 200 audience members to feed!

Paxton: Yeah, I guess there are. Alright cameraman, go ahead and end transmission so we don’t run over, and everybody else, just wait your turn to get some cake; everybody can stick around for the afterparty if they’d like.

(The cameraman cuts the transmission and after several more minutes, everyone finally gets a slice of the birthday cake)

Paxton: Well, this was fun. I guess I’ll have to wait until May 12th, 2019 for my next birthday.

Joseph: And I guess I’LL have to wait until December 30th, 2018 for MY next birthday.
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Misty freaking out over a Caterpie was a nice callback to "Ash Catches a Pokemon!" That was easily the best part. I do feel sorry for the poor workers who get a pay cut for every mishap...
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Interview #14 - Astrid

Paxton: Welcome everybody to the Paxton and Joseph Show! How are you doing this evening, Joseph?

Joseph: I think, maybe, but I don’t know, but I’m starting to feel like I got a brain problem situation on my hands.

Paxton: Well, our guest tonight is an Ace Trainer from Kalos. Her signature Pokemon is an Absol that can Mega Evolve into Mega Absol.

Joseph: I had an Absol too at one point, but ultimately I ended up bonding more with Gallade, who has a similar kind of fighting style and sense of honor.

Paxton: Everybody, please welcome Astrid!

(Astrid walks onto the stage, and sits in her seat opposite the two hosts)

Paxton: So, welcome to our show, Astrid.

Astrid: Thanks for inviting me on! I know I’m not particularly well-known…

Paxton: No problem. Now, to start off our interview, can you tell us a little bit about how you caught and bonded with Absol?

Astrid: I found Absol lying on the ground injured when I was just starting my journey. Although I didn’t see anything, I assumed that someone who thought it was a harbinger of natural disasters had attacked it. But I knew from my mother that this was a misconception, and that Absol actually venture down from the mountains to warn people about disasters. So I called my mother, and we took it in to a Pokemon Center. Then, it turned out, Absol was so glad that I had seen it for the misunderstood Pokemon it was, that it allowed me to catch it. Since then, our bonds have proven unbreakable, and have allowed me to master Mega Evolution!

Paxton: And did you find a Mega Stone for Absol by yourself?

Astrid: Sort of. I was sitting by a lake one day when Absol suddenly came running up to me with an Absolite in its paw. So I think it knew that this was the stone that would allow it to achieve Mega Evolution.

Joseph: What would you say was your toughest Kalos Gym Battle?

Astrid: Probably my battle against Valerie. That Trick Room gave me some trouble, until I realized that it could be shattered pretty easily with Absol’s Dark-type attacks, due to being made of Psychic energy.

Joseph: Speaking of which, did you take your loss against Ash in the Pokemon League hard?

Astrid: Not really. I barely even knew Ash, so it wasn’t like I had just lost to my most hated rival or anything like that. Absol was already weakened from battling Goodra by the time Hawlucha came out, and it was a pretty close battle overall. In fact, Absol was actually the one to cheer me up afterwards, so I knew that its ego hadn’t been too badly damaged by the loss.

Joseph: Do you think Absol would’ve won against Hawlucha if it were just a good old-fashioned 1-on-1 battle? Despite the type disadvantage?

Astrid: I think so, although I could tell that Ash was definitely much stronger than when I first battled him, so who knows?

Paxton: Are you glad you got to see the Pokemon League at all, even though you didn’t win the tournament?

Astrid: Yes, Top 8 is still a very good place, all things considered. I’m not the kind of Trainer to sit in the corner weeping if she doesn’t become the new Champion of Kalos. To me, this is just an opportunity to learn from the mistakes I made, and come back stronger than ever for next year's Kalos League Tournament!

Joseph: What about your loss to Alain and his Mega Charizard X? Did that discourage you early on in your journey?

Astrid: That one was a little harder for me to stomach, but I ultimately just dismissed him as some overconfident stranger who I could afford to just ignore. I tried to assure Absol that it had done the best it could, and it was very understanding.

Joseph: Yeah, I hear you. I remember when I watched Alain easily defeat you, I thought it was almost like watching a repeat of that battle between Ash & Paul in which Ash collapsed into depression at being bested by his rival who believes in harsh training.

Astrid: Well, thank you. But Absol and I have long since gotten back on our feet!

Joseph: You know, that Charizard of Alain’s might even be stronger than Mega Rayquaza…

Paxton: Stronger than Mega Rayquaza?! Come on, that’s impossible!

Joseph: That’s right, now that you mention it, I do seem to remember one of the few losses it had was to Primal Groudon.

Paxton: Charizard also lost to Diantha's Mega Gardevior when Alain battled her for the title of Kalos Champion.

Joseph: Really?

Paxton: Yes, it did. Their battle had to be postponed for awhile because of Team Flare's attack, and it didn't air until after Ash had already left for Alola. But anyway, Astrid, the next thing I wanted to ask you about is this. Most Trainers who have mastered Mega Evolution have a special place where they put or wear their Key Stone. For instance Sawyer put his on his notebook, Diantha wears hers as a necklace, and my son Joseph wears his as a pendant. How did you decide to wear your Key Stone as an earring?

Astrid: I always wanted to wear earrings since I was young, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity!

Joseph: Well anyway, that’s all of the questions I wanted to ask Astrid.

Paxton: Me too. Alrighty then, time for some questions from the audience. Seat 72.

Cook Roger: Watch them fries!

Paxton: Watch them fries?

Cook Roger: Better execute sooner!

Paxton: Better execute sooner?

Cook Roger: …Getting worse!


Cook Roger: Sorry. I just couldn't resist showing off this whole rap routine. It's working great so far for the kitchen crew at my restaurant!

Paxton: Seat 165!

Ace Trainer Alanza: Are you by any chance my cousin twice removed or something? We look VERY similar…

Astrid: No, I’m sorry, I don’t believe we’ve met before.

Paxton: And that’s a wrap. Thanks for being with us tonight, Astrid!

Astrid: You’re welcome.

(She leaves)

Paxton: Our next interview will be with another Kalos League qualifying Trainer who has mastered Mega Evolution…Sawyer!

Joseph: Our next interview will be with...(imitating Parappa's voice) Oops! Uh-oh! Oops! Uh-oh! Oopsoopsoopsoopsoopsoops!

Paxton: End transmission!
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