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COMPLETE: [Everyone] The Paxton & Joseph Show (Anime universe)

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Oct 9, 2016
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Interview #15 - Sawyer

(As the camera crew goes live, we see Joseph sitting in his usual chair, but Paxton is nowhere to be seen)

???: Hello, all you wonderful people out there in TV land!

(several audience members scream in fright, thinking it’s a ghost)

???: Oh, sorry. It’s me, Paxton. Before anybody asks, let me tell you what happened. I visited the Lumiose City conference of scientists this past week, which is why we’ve been on hiatus for the time being, and I attended Clemont’s speech on a new formula for invisibility that he has been working on with some other top chemists. I was the lucky winner of a free sample, and I accidentally spilled the vial this evening all over me, and…well, you see. Fortunately, the invisibility formula only lasts for about two hours, so it should wear off by the end of this Interview.

Joseph: Actually, it’s started to already – you can see Paxton’s shoes.

(A shoe seems to levitate above the desk, before floating back down to the floor again)

Joseph: Thank goodness. As cool as I think being invisible would be, I wouldn’t want to have an invisible Dad forever!

Paxton: Well, frankly, I don’t see it becoming a best selling invention. I mean, it’s kind of hard to see when you’re invisible! I only managed to find my way into the studio and sit down with the help of Joseph here. But I’ll try my best to do this interview as planned. And luckily, our interviewee Sawyer has already been warned of the situation. And on that note, let’s bring Sawyer in here and get started!

(Sawyer comes in and sits down)

Paxton: Well Sawyer, I hope you’re not too freaked out about all of this.

Sawyer: Yeah, this is kinda freaky…but cool!

Paxton: So let’s get this show on the road. How did you decide to begin your journey with a Treecko?

Sawyer: It was my favorite color, green!

Joseph: That’s right, you’re from Hoenn, aren’t you? Can you tell us a little more about why you decided to leave Hoenn and go to Kalos?

Sawyer: I’ve always felt that, while Littleroot Town will always hold a special place in my heart and all the science institutions in Hoenn are really cool, I’ve always found Kalos culture and their fetish for art in all of its forms very intriguing. And it gets hot in the summer in Hoenn, too!

Paxton: You seem to admire the Champion of the Hoenn region, Steven Stone. Can you tell us what it is about him that you admire?

Sawyer: I love his intellect and quirky nature, and my parents saw him as a good example for me to live up to.

Joseph: I noticed how you’re always taking notes during battles, unlike Ash who likes to just charge into battle and improvise a strategy on the fly. Is this approach to battling a part of your personality as well?

Sawyer: Yeah. I guess you might say that Ash and I are foils who became friendly rivals to each other on the basis of introversion versus extroversion, more or less.

Paxton: And did Sceptile want to start a friendly rivalry with Ash’s Greninja as well?

Sawyer: Yes, Sceptile saw Greninja as a good example and wanted to get stronger so he could beat Greninja one day. Professor Sycamore gave me a Sceptilite for the Kalos League after I proved my determination in battle to him.

Paxton: So tell us a little more about some of your other Pokemon. Namely, did you have a strategy for building a team, or did it kind of just all fall into place based on which wild Pokemon you encountered during your journey?

Sawyer: Most of them I just caught based on who I encountered in Kalos, but I wanted to learn more about type matchups and cover my bases, and go from there. The one exception was Slaking, who was a gift from my father after I got all eight Kalos badges. I knew all about its laziness, and I decided I wanted to incorporate it into a battle strategy for the Pokemon League!

Joseph: Yeah, in the Kalos League tournament, your Slaking succeeded against Hawlucha where Astrid’s Mega Absol failed. Who’da thunk it?

Paxton: And quite a few of your Pokemon, like Salamence and Aegislash, are very unlike you in terms of general species personality. So was that ever an issue for you during your journey as a Trainer?

Sawyer: No, not really. It’s actually quite common for Trainers’ Pokemon to be different from them personality-wise.

Joseph: Yeah, Ash-Greninja was certainly more cool-headed than his Trainer for sure…

Paxton: And let’s not forget Candice’s star Pokemon, Abomasnow, being a solitary Pokemon that lives in the mountains…

Sawyer: Well, I’ve never been to Sinnoh, but I remember Wulfric’s Mega Abomasnow gave me my hardest Gym Battle by far!

(By this time Paxton’s lower torso has become visible again, although it's not clear how much longer it'll be before the rest of him becomes visible again)

Paxton: And that’s all the questions from us, so let’s go to the audience for some more questions! I still can’t see yet, so Joseph, you’ll have to call on the audience members for me.

Joseph: Okay, let’s start with…seat 71.

Parasol Lady April: Paxton, when will that invisibility wear off? You look decapitated!

Paxton: Soon, hopefully.

Joseph: Seat 168.

Tierno: Hey Sawyer, I just wanted to say, congratulations on giving me such a memorable battle at the Kalos League! I’ve been working on perfecting my Rain Dance strategy even more, so can we battle again after this interview is over?

Sawyer: Sure thing! You better be ready, ‘cause Sceptile is stronger than ever now!

Joseph: Seat 208.

Pokémon Ranger Carlos: Was part of your Sceptile’s rivalry with Ash’s Greninja driven by resentment over losing to it time and time again despite a type advantage?

Sawyer: Maybe to some extent, but I think he’s also a Pokemon with some self-doubt issues as well. I could tell that he was extremely proud of himself on that day he managed to beat Greninja when Ash couldn’t get that transformation thing to work!

Paxton: And I think that will do it for this interview. Thank you Sawyer, and I hope it wasn’t too bizarre having a partly invisible Interviewer!

Sawyer: Not at all! I'll remember this for sure! Thanks!

(Sawyer leaves)

Paxton: Tune in next time for our season finale, which will be with Tracey Sketchit, the artist who joined Ash and Misty when they visited the Orange Islands.

(As Paxton says this, he fully becomes visible)

Paxton: Great! My invisibility’s gone!

Joseph: You look great as always, Dad.

Paxton: Awww, thank you, my son.

(The two of them hug)
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Oct 9, 2016
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Interview #16 – Lusamine

NOTE: To understand the very beginning of this Interview, you will need to have read Interview #16 of the Games version.

(Paxton and Joseph walk onto the stage as the audience applauds, then just as they’re about to sit in their chairs, they suddenly teleport backward about three feet, then continue walking and sit down in their seats.)

Cameraman: What the heck?! I was just panning the camera to the table, and then you suddenly appeared a few feet closer to the stage entrance!

Paxton: Don’t be silly, Mr. Camera Guy.

Joseph: Honestly, how can somebody be in two places at once?

Cameraman: But…(sigh)…

Paxton: Welcome, one and all, to the season finale of the Paxton and Joseph Show! Both of us have had a smashing good time getting to know many of our favorite Pokemon Trainers better, and to finish off this season, we’ve got an exclusive treat for you all. We’ve managed to get ahold of Lusamine, the president of the Aether Foundation in Alola, and convince her to agree to an Interview!

Joseph: What? I thought we were interviewing Tracey Sketchit?

Paxton: Turns out he couldn’t be here, but I found out at the last minute that Lusamine conveniently has the day off, so we agreed to bring her to Kanto for an Interview. Don’t you think this’ll make for a more memorable season finale? I didn’t think you really cared that much for the Orange Islands episodes anyway!

Joseph: …No comment.

Paxton: “No comment” is a comment. Anyway, please welcome Lusamine!

(Lusamine walks onto the stage to the excited applause of the audience)

Paxton: Thank you for taking the time to come on here tonight, as I’ve seen firsthand just how busy your agenda is.

Lusamine: Oh, that reminds me, I have to make a business call.

(Lusamine takes out her phone and calls an employee back at Aether Paradise)

Lusamine: This is Lusamine. The flashing light was just a test. You’ll have plenty of warning next time.

(Joseph and Paxton look mildly disturbed as Lusamine hangs up the phone)

Paxton: O-kaaay…so, now to start the interview. Let’s start by talking a little bit about the Ultra Guardians, aka the group dedicated to protecting Alola from the Ultra Beasts of which Ash and his classmates are currently a part of. How did you come up with such an elaborate idea anyway?

Lusamine: If you must know, I got the idea from watching Power Rangers with my kids.

Paxton: But if that’s true, then why do you refer to each of them by their real names?

Lusamine: My original idea was for each member to answer to a call sign matching the color of their outfit. For example, Kiawe would answer to “Red Guardian”, Lana would answer to "Blue Guardian", and so forth. But I ultimately decided that would be too obvious, and plus, Ash would have to be “Indigo Guardian” or something like that, because that was the only color suit we had left for him. So instead I came up with the idea of having them reply “Ult-roger”.

Joseph: Lillie told us a different story about the origins of that catchphrase…

Lusamine: I watched your interview with my sweet little baby, by the way. I was so proud of her for overcoming her fear of crowds that I just wanted to fly to Kanto just so I could cradle her in my arms, even if she did say a few things that made me blush!

Joseph: You really love Lillie a lot, don’t you?

Lusamine: Of course! She is just the CUTEST thing I have ever seen! I only wish I could spend more time with her, I felt so bad about letting my job drain all my time and energy, and-oh!

(Lusamine’s cell phone rings, and she quickly answers it)

Lusamine: Yes, Professor Burnet?……no, you can’t do that. The risk of spatial anomalies is too great. Keep it running at 70% power. Good luck, and report back if you see any unusual readings. (hangs up)

Joseph: So, what if another Ultra Beast were to appear right now in Alola? Can you dispatch the Ultra Guardians from here in Kanto?

Lusamine: I can certainly do that, through the magic of fiber optics!

(Lusamine’s cell phone goes off yet again)

Lusamine: This is Lusamine...I’m sorry, who is this?...Hello? Hellooo?

Punk Girl in the audience: (hanging up her cell phone) Wrong number, punk! Hahaha! I totally got you there!


(Joseph sends out Gallade, who levitates the Punk Girl out of the studio through the front door using its psychic powers)

Paxton: How’s this - instead of constantly interrupting the show, why don’t you just turn your cell phone off for the remainder of this Interview?

Lusamine: Oh…if I must.

(Lusamine takes out three different cell phones, and turns them all off)

Paxton: Thank you. Now, let’s move on. Can you tell us what it felt like to merge with a Nihilego back in Ultra Space?

Lusamine: Honestly, I can’t really describe it to somebody who’s never been possessed by a Nihilego…

Paxton: So in other words, all of us.

Lusamine: The only way I can describe it was feeling like all of my strongest unconscious negative emotions were flooding my mind all at once, and feeling like I wanted to help all the other Nihilego at any cost. I don’t know, but I feel like that whole ordeal brought back some painful memories. Memories I’m not sure I even have.

Joseph: Talking about the whole ordeal with Lillie reminded me…why is Faba not fired or in jail for what he willingly did to your daughter?

Lusamine: Knowing how much he liked his power, I thought it’d be more fun to just demote him into an Intern position. And I’m looking forward to letting him demonstrate his newest invention to the Pokemon School in a couple of weeks!

Joseph: Wait, WHAT?!

Lusamine: I know he’s never liked children very much, so it should be an interesting way to let him prove how much he wants to redeem himself!

Joseph: Yeah, let’s hope nothing goes horribly wrong during that lesson...

Lusamine: Oh, don’t you worry, my sweet little boy! I talked it over with Professor Kukui and he thinks it’s a great idea!

Paxton: Moving on. I know you and your daughter Lillie are making amends right now, but what about Gladion? Has anybody seen him? Do we know where he is? Does he still walk this Earth?

Lusamine: I have no idea. While I am grateful for what he did to take care of Type: Null, I’ve also learned to accept that he really just wants to be left alone.

Joseph: Speaking of making amends with Lillie, what made you decide to evolve Clefairy with a Moon Stone against Lillie’s will?

Lusamine: I’ve always felt like Clefable is much cuter than Clefairy, even if my daughter doesn’t agree, and it’s very strong, too!

Joseph: Yeah, don’t tell Lillie this, but I totally agree. I have a Clefable too, which I had originally befriended as a super-shy Clefairy. When I finally found a Moon Stone, it was actually very eager to evolve so that it could become stronger, unlike Snowy and Ash’s Pikachu.

Lusamine: Clefable also helps me out with running the operations of the Aether Foundation, including the Ultra Guardians!

Joseph: So can you tell us more about some of your other Pokemon, like Absol, who has a history with Gladion’s Umbreon?

Lusamine: Just like Clefable, I caught all of my Pokemon because I feel that they are all beautiful in their own ways! Absol joined me because of its innate understanding of natural disasters. And it befriended Gladion’s Umbreon because of how both are misunderstood Dark-types.

Paxton: And now it’s time, for the last time this season, for questions from the audience! Yes you, in seat 42! (Hey, that rhymed!)

Ace Trainer Quinn: I’m suing the producers of this stupid show!...Wait a minute, what’s suing again?

Paxton: It’s when you attack somebody named Sue.

Ace Trainer Quinn: Oh. Sorry.

(The Ace Trainer runs out of the studio and pummels a Lass named Sue, whose father, a lawyer, promptly sues him)

(Back in the studio…)

Paxton: The Aether Foundation Employee in seat 75!

Aether Foundation Employee: I’d like to ask President Lusamine something, but I have to whisper it to her for classified reasons. Is that acceptable with you?

Paxton: Sure, I guess.

(The Aether Foundation Employee walks up onto the stage and whispers something in Lusamine’s ear, who whispers something back)

Paxton: And to wrap this interview up, or wind it down, depending on how you see it…seat 210!

Scientist Dyson: Do you have any interest in astronomy at all?

Lusamine: Yes! From time to time when my workload dies down a little, I will sometimes go to the Houkani Observatory to look through the telescopes and chat with Molyane about the mysteries of the cosmos. Space is where the Ultra Beasts come from, after all!

Paxton: Well, I guess that does it. Lusamine, thank you for being here tonight, and now you can go back to conducting business!

Lusamine: It was a pleasure speaking to you all! Now I just hope I didn’t miss too many important things…

(Lusamine turns on her cell phones again and then leaves, and as she does so, we hear a cacophony of voicemail alert beeps)

Paxton: And with that, we’ve come to the end of our first season of the Paxton and Joseph show. Let’s hear it for all the wonderful people we’ve had on here!

(Audience cheers and applauds the two hosts for a mostly successful, aside from a few antics, first season)

Joseph: Before we end transmission for the last time, can I ask you something, Dad?

Paxton: Sure!

Joseph: What is the meaning of life?

Paxton: 42.
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Oct 9, 2016
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(Paxton and Joseph are in the living room, watching TV while eating their dinner. Tonight they are watching the latest Coumarine City Master Class Pokemon Showcase)

Monsieur Pierre: Tonight’s Master Class Pokemon Showcase will feature a new twist – classical music! The goal of the Performers is to match the Performance as best as possible to la musique being played. Each performance will be accompanied by a random 2 minute sample of a widely-known piece of classical music, and Performers will be judged not only by the beauty of their Performance, but by how well they time their moves to the notes of the classical song. With that said, let the Showcase begin! Bonne chance!

(The first Performer, a girl with short blonde hair, is up)

Performer: Delphox and Clawitzer, go my beauties!

(She sends out a Delphox and a Clawitzer)

Joseph: What is it with the Delphox line and Pokemon Showcases? First there was Aria & her Delphox, then Serena & Braxien, and now this girl.

Paxton: Beats me…maybe the line has a natural affinity for the performing arts?

(The performance begins…and the song the girl has to play to is Offenbach’s Infernal Galop, aka the can-can song)

Joseph: Wow, this is the same song that ASAP Science did their Elements Song to!

Paxton: Yeah, the original song was by Offenbach, and it’s called Infernal Galop, although it’s known less formally as the can-can song, because it was featured in a lot of dance performances back in the old days. I guess that’s one reason why Monsieur Pierre picked it for a Pokemon Showcase, huh?

(The girl’s Performance ends up being themed to a magic show, with the girl and her Pokemon doing classic stage magic tricks while Delphox and Clawitzer fire off blasts of fire and water to add some flair to the show)

Joseph: (quietly singing to himself) This is the Periodic Table, noble gases stable, halogens and alkalines react aggressively…

Paxton: This is actually a pretty cool idea for a Pokemon Performance, and it makes sense seeing as how Delphox is kind of a wizard Pokemon.

(Clawitzer then uses Ice Beam to freeze some objects, which Delphox then hits with Flamethrower to create some firework effects made up of ice and fire)

Joseph: Wow, that almost reminds me of Dawn’s classic Ice Chandelier contest move!

(The song gets to the finale (“Nihonium, Flerovium…” in the ASAP Science elements remix) and Delphox fires off a final Mystical Fire, before the girl and her Clawitzer emerge from a box on the final note. The audience goes absolutely wild.)

Monsieur Pierre: Oh la la, c’est magnifique!

(The rest of the Pokemon Showcase passes relatively uneventfully. The second Performer ends up getting Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, while the third has a segment of Toccata and Fuge in D Minor)

Monsieur Pierre: And that will conclude tonight’s Showcase! Audience members, using your colored pens beneath your seats, please vote now on your favorite Performance!

(The voting takes place. The girl with the Delphox and Clawitzer wins easily)

Paxton: Yeah, no surprise there.

Joseph: You gotta hand it to Pokemon Performers, I could never perform on stage in front of a big crowd like that...

Paxton: But you did co-host an interview show with me!

Joseph: Yeah, I gotta admit, though, I’ve always been much more reserved than I tried to let on on that show. I kinda wish I could’ve done some sort of private Podcast, which would’ve fit my personality a little better.

Paxton: And I gotta admit too, some of the technical difficulties we had were pretty infuriating, like all those break-ins where I had to call in security. But still, you got to meet all sorts of Trainers and learn all sorts of things about them!

Joseph: Yeah…and your birthday was fun to celebrate with Misty too.

Paxton: I’m still debating whether or not to renew that show for a second season, do you want to tag along if we get the all clear?

Joseph: I’ll…think about it. As much as I love you as a father, and as much as I’ll always cherish the memories we had on air together, a part of me does feel like that was stressful enough the first time, and a part of me just wants to go back to being on my own, spending time with my Pokemon again…

Paxton: I understand. Well, let me know if you change your mind!

Joseph: Thank you. Well, guess it’s time I got some sleep. Good night Dad.

Paxton: Good night to you too.

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Oct 9, 2016
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And so ends the anime version of the Paxton and Joseph Show!

In the games side of things, Joseph will be meeting a girl named Alice, and the two of them will continue to interview characters on their own special Podcast. More details to come later.

These were my first two Pokémon fanfics, so any feedback would be welcomed, and feel free to post below what your favorite interviews were, and any suggestions or feedback.