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TEEN: Evolution (Chapter 12 is up)

The World won't fail.
Apr 9, 2011
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I`ve had the idea of writing a fic about the world of Pokemon in the past for quite some time and finally decided to do it.

I`ve decided that it would be best if it is a journey fic,the vision of this world when Pokemon were kept in apricorn-made pokeballs and there were many Pokemon still shrouded in a veil of mistery.

This is my first fic so I`m quite a Noob at this so I would appreciate your opinions as it would help me to improve my writing.

I set the rating to teen as the fic will include some swearing and violence.

Oh,and one last thing:the prologue is short but the chapters will be longer.Enjoy!

Prologue and Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12


Professor Oak looked up from his paperwork. People were shouting something out on the streets of Pallet Town. They seemed to repeat only one single word over and over.

"Hey,Rog,can you come here for a moment?"-Oak called his aide.

Oak`s youngest aide nervously made his way towards his mentor`s desk. He started working at Oak pokemon lab just two weeks ago and respected Oak alot. After all it indeed was a great honour to work for the world`s greatest Pokemon researcher.

"What do you need,sir?"-he asked.

Oak leaned forward a bit:"What are they shouting outside?"

Aide responded:"I think it`s 'gold'... but that doesn`t make any sense. Do you need anything else,sir?"

Oak didn`t react as he was thinking over something very deeply.

"Sir,can I do anything else for you?"

"No,no,thank you!"-Oak quickly snapped out of thinking.

The aide was just about to leave when Oak thought of something again:"Hey,Rog,just one more thing!"

The aide was very nervous as he turned again:"What is it,sir?"

Oak smiled gently:"Please stop with all the 'sir' fuss. We are all equal in our seeking for truth."I consider you as my coleague and you should do the same."

The aide relaxed a bit and let out a smile.


The aide left leaving Oak to his thoughts.

"So,Gold has returned from Mt.Silver and is on his way here. The excitement outside means that he had defeated Red. This boy is amazing. I am glad I entrusted him a Pokedex and approved his travel to Mt.Silver. Who knows-maybe he is not the only young trainer with such a talent. Maybe there are others in far away regions of Japan like Hoenn and Sinnoh.

Oak was preparing a trip to his old friend,Rowan. As he remembered their adventuring times,he looked at the photo on his desk. Rowan took that photo at the Slowpoke well. It was a picture of Oak and Kurt with a young lady standing between them.

"Those were the times."-Oak whispered to himself.


So I updated the post to contain chapter one. Here it is.

Chapter 1

The peace of nightime Viridian Town was only disrupted by occasional distant cry of a Hoothoot or the sound of Rattata digging trough trash cans. The town's residents were mostly at their homes after a day of work. It was time for daily Goldenrod News and everyone who had a radio was trying to tune in to the waves coming from the far away city.

At the house on the edge of town,nearby town's school,in a moderately sized house,three people were listening to the radio. Two of them were the parents and the third one was their child,a boy that was about seventeen years old. The newsreporter's voice spoke out loud trough the radio:

"And now special news:preparations for space travel to the Moon,Earth's satelite,that The US are commiting are coming to their end. Their research centers have announced today that they will be ready to launch a rocket with a human crew in just few months. This means that they will beat Soviet in the race to claim the Moon. We wil continue to report on the further development of this man's great undertaking. Thank you for your attention,and please tune in tommorow for Goldenrod News."

As soon as the news ended,the boy sprang up and ran out trough the open door. Once outside,he leaned on a tree in the backyard of his house and stared at the full moon. He had a short brown hair and brown eyes which glared angrily at the Moon. He was of average height for his age and had turned eighteen just a week ago.

He was very upset about the news. The problem was simple-he hated Americans. Everyone around him admired these people,but how could they forget what they have done just twenty years ago. These people were at war with Japan and have used the most unhonorable way of warfare.
They used a bomb that did not choose its victims,a horrible weapon of mass destruction,and its impact was still present. Hoenn,where the second bomb had been used,was still recovering of radiation.

But the worst thing was that his parents were one of those who happily accepted everything western as Japan started opening to the world and they wanted to show it to everyone by even going that far to import a Purrloin to keep it as a pet.

"For Pete's sake",the teen thought,"that thing is useless. If it's not sleeping,then it is licking itself clean. Meowth would at least bring money back home."

The western craze his parents had didn't stop with the birth of their first and only child-it just got worse.They gave him a western name. He would have been much happier with a more traditional name than Samuel but he got used to it. But Sam always felt isolated at school as he was one of very few students in his class with such a name. But the western world was gaining more and more influence and now it wasn't that rare in Kanto to have a western name.

Sam had never been good with people. He had few friends and was average at social sciences.But what he lacked there,he made up in natural sciences-especially biology. From his early age,he wanted to know how the world functioned,and the driving force for his imagination were Pokemon. Sam wanted to know more about their misteries and that made him remember his school.

All schools in Japan had a rule which stated that 3rd grade would end the first Monday of May so that the students which by that time have turned eighteen could go on their Pokemon League challenge during the summer. Oak had just turned eighteen and he was glad that his best friend could go with him.

Sam's best friend was Rowan. A few months older than Sam and a complete opposite of him.
Rowan was great at social skills and was a bit of a poet,but he hated math and other "numbers" sciences as he called them. Rowan was also a bug cather. Actually he was the very best one from this side of Viridian forest. His secret was that he caught only one Pokemon,but he trained it which other bug cathers were not doing. They sometimes mocked him of cathing only one bug but his Caterpie proved them wrong by sweeping their Pokemon in battle with ease. But having only one Pokemon was far better than none and Sam didn't have any and the school was going to end in just a few weeks meaning that Sam needed to get his first Pokemon as soon as possible.

His first thought was of taking one of his pet Pokemon with him but his loyal Growlithe was quite old and it would be dangerous for it to participate in Pokemon battles and Purrloin...well the reasons were pretty obvious.

That is why Sam had spared some cash and bought an Apriball. Planning ahead should pay off. Sam clinged to that thought and went back into his house. He needed some rest before tommorow.It will be a big day. Sam will go to the grass on the route to Pallet hill to catch a Pokemon.


Sam woke up to the sunshine coming in trough the window in his room. He quickly remembered his big job for today. He eagerly stood up and changed into his T-shirt,trousers and blue jacket. He carefully took out a wooden orb which was wrapped in a sheet from his drawer,placed it in his pocket and went to kitchen to eat breakfast. He quickly ate it and told his mom that he will go to Rowan's and got out of house. After leaving his house,he did not turn north up the main street where Rowan lived,but to the south,to the plains which lead to the Pallet hill and the sea.

As he walked there,he took out the orb from his pocket. It was a small,wooden orb that was surprisingly heavy for its size due to the mechanism that it stored and which could capture Pokemon. A round button was located on its top and pressing it would release the Pokemon stored inside. What an amazing invention Apriball is. It's capabilites range depending on which apricorn is used in production. For example a net ball is made out of an apricorn which smelt of salt and seaweed,soothing water type Pokemon and making it easier to capture them. Dive ball uses a different,but equally efficient method. It is effective only when trown under the water's surface as it utilizes underwater pressure to make sure that the Pokemon that it is trown on cannot force it's way out of it. And,of course,every Apriball was hand-made,thus making it even the regular Apriball such as Sam's quite expensive.

This gave Sam a feeling of selfconfidence as he looked at the powerful device resting in his hand while walking towards the plains where he will catch his very first Pokemon.

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Mar 27, 2010
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Re: Evolution

Good writing, and good story. I'll keep reading :)
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Dec 6, 2010
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Re: Evolution

I really like it :)
Keep on writing and updating it
The World won't fail.
Apr 9, 2011
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Re: Evolution

Thanks,guys I really appreciate your opinions.If you think that something needs improvement,point it out to me and I'll try to improve it.

Also,I just finished chapter two so here it is.

Chapter 2


Sam looked at the sign and stopped.In front of him lied a vast area of grass which was ocassionally interupted by a tree or a small clearing.The beauty of the sight made him stop and think about his next step.Sam had remembered how bug catchers avoided this route.He thought that the reason was the lack of bugs,but he was still very nervous as he took his first step into it.The grass was quite tall and it reached to his waist.Sam took another step and waited but nothing happened.As he continued walking he could hear some sounds.

All of sudden the grass in front of Sam moved and he immediately stopped.A short chirp announced the appearance of a small brown bird.Sam recognised it as a Pidgey.The bird first waited a few moments for Sam to make the first move.Sam was now thinking quickly.He had heard somewhere that you could catch wild Pokemon by throwing bait and rocks at them.And then it struck him:he had forgotten the bait!He packed it yesterday and probably forgot it due to his excitement.

"The rocks will have to do"-he thought as he threw a rock at the small bird.

Pidgey,which was expecting Sam to send out his Pokemon just looked at the odd thing thrown at it and the rock hit it's wing.Pidgey let out an angry cry and started to raise a gust at Sam.

Tiny bird's attack was too weak to hurt him but it trew large amounts of dirt in his eyes.
As he regained some blurry vision he could see the Pidgey ramming at him head on.He tried to protect himself with his arms but the Pidgey almost knocked him down on the floor clawing his arms.As Sam regained back his balance he could see Pidgey already flying at him again.

But the Pidgey never got to Sam again.As it was reached the peak of it's speed something hit it.All Sam could see was a blur of green that flew from his right and tackled Pidgey,knocking it into a nearby tree.The impact sent Sam's savior backwards aswell and it landed in front of him.Oak recognized it:it was a Catepie.But it was no ordinary one.Sam Oak could recognize it between thousands of others as this one was bigger,stronger and faster than any other Caterpie.

Sam turned around as he knew who was Caterpie's trainer.The boy behind him was tall,taller than Sam and he had medium black hair.He was pointing his Caterpie at Pidgey with one hand while he held a small bag in the other one.

"Rowan!"-Sam shouted.

"It looks like I came just in time!Just hold on a bit-CATERPIE!STRING SHOT!YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO!"

As Caterpie did as ordered,the conversation continued.

"How the hell did you know where I am?"

"Well when I came to your place,your mom had told me that you were supposed to be with me.I quickly figured it out and told your mom that we were studying and that you went home to pick up your notes so I came to check out what took you so long.She actually bought it.I figured out that you went to catch a Pokemon and here I am to save your ass."

"Thanks,you have saved me from some nasty cuts and bruises.But what to do about that one?"-sam said pointng at Pidgey which was releasing itself from Caterpie's silky trap.

"Do you have Apriballs?"

Sam showed the orb which he still held:"I've only got this one."

"You've got just one?!!Do you know how unreliable these th-SHIT,CATERPIE!DON'T LET IT GET NEAR YOU,STRING SHOT IT THEN TACKLE!"

Rowan turned back to Oak:"What are you waiting for?Just throw it and hope that Caterpie tired the Pidgey enough for it to work."

"Okay"-Sam said and threw the orb at the trapped Pokemon.

The Apriball hit Pidgey,burst opened,sent out a blinding flash and captured it inside.It fell on the ground and started shaking violently.After a few seconds it's mechanism started to work.A mechanic sound could be heard.

-KLING-Apriball's first lock was set into it's place.The ball still shaked.

-KLING-the ball's second lock sounded after five more seconds.

Sam could feel sweat starting to build up on his forehead."C'mon,just one more!"-he said.
The next few seconds seemed like they were lasting for ages while the wooden orb still moved.

-KLING-the ball had finally stopped.Sam immediately rushed towards it,but Rowan grabbed him by his arm and stopped him.

"Why did you do that?"-Oak said surprised.

"Just watch."-said Rowan with a knowing look.

After a few more seconds the Apriball which was calm for the last ten seconds produced another mechanic sound and then it started releasing steam from small holes in it's sides.

"Wow,if you hadn't stopped me..."-was all Sam could say.

"You'd havea pretty painful Apriball-shaped mark on your hand.Now this counts as the second saving today so you're buying me two more bags of these."-Rowan said showing the bag of candy he was holding.

"Sure,I'll buy you a whole box,thanks for this.Now I finally have my own Pokemon!"

"And a fine one it is.It gave Caterpie a lot of trouble so we're looking forward battling you.But first you should take care of your Pidgey by taking it to the Pokecenter.Also since we are leaving in just a week,we should spend some time training your Pidgey.It needs to have at some experience before going into any serious battles.Now I need to go home,but I'll drop by your place tommorow morning.Se ya!"

"Yeah,and thanks again.I owe you that box of candy."

As Rowan was leaving Samuel Oak turned again to take another look at the route.

"Mom is going to kill me,but it was worth it.I now have my own Pokemon.I'm glad that my best friend will be with me.I know that the two of us can conquer any challenge that we will come across."

The World won't fail.
Apr 9, 2011
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Re: Evolution

I've finally found some time to write the next chapter.This one features Sam's first Pokemon battle.Also, this is the last 'preparation chapter'-from now on Sam's journey begins!

Also,post your comments and advices any ideas or questions.
So,here it is-Chapter 3.

Chapter 3

A small treehouse stood in Sam's backyard.He used to spend a lot of time there when he was younger playing with Rowan and acting as if it was their secret base.But for the last few months they renamed it to "The Office" where they were planing details of their journey.They were inside at the moment and they were arguing loudly.

"Don't be so impatient,Rowan.We first need to review our plan one last time and then we can battle."

"But,we did that a hundred times,don't worry we'll be fine."

"It's easy for you to say,you're not the one to challenge gyms."

Rowan wasn't going to challenge gym leaders and enter Pokemon league challenge.He was going on a journey only to grow stronger and for the experience of traveling across Kanto.He will help out Sam by beating trainers along the way,since it would be too much for Sam to deal with every single trainer on every route there is.Also,Rowan had a different goal.He wanted to become the greatest bug-type Pokemon trainer ever.Then,he could become Pewter City gym leader.

"Fine,we'll go trough the papers again while I eat this candy."

Rowan took out another sweet from a big box (Sam kept his promise) while Sam laid a big map acroos the wooden floor.Just taking out the map made both boys to shiver a bit.It made them feel like those grand warlords from History classes,planning the next province to strike.The map was already full of scribbles and a big red line was drawn connecting cities across Kanto.

Sam placed his finger at the small dot representing Viridian Town and the beginning of the red line.He traced the line to the north until he reached a larger dot.

"So,this is where the first gym is located.Pewter City.You've been to the gym for the bug-cathing classes last summer.Any last tips about the leader?."

Rowan was still munching the candy,so Sam had to wait for the reply.Rowan finnaly ate it and took a deep breath,trying to look important.

"As you already know Arnie is a senior bug cather.When I met him last year and he was the one to teach me the technique of canceling evolution.He has a very strong beedrill and you should be aware of it's power."

"I'm sure Pidgey will be up to the job.Pidgey almost knocked out Caterpie yesterday.With Pidgey's power and my superior tactics we'll beat you!"-Sam said smiling.He had hit the spot to make Rowan angry.

"Oh, we'll see about that!"-mumbled Rowan.

The boys continued to follow the line.They followed it going trough small towns and large cities,stopping at each city with a gym.After six more gyms,the line went back to Viridian and then sharply turned west towards Johto region.

Kanto and Johto shared their Pokemon league.They used to be one league,but as Kanto rapidly developed and new gyms have been opened it had been split into two leagues.Each league had seven gyms and the last one was common.It was the gym in Blackthorn.So,Sam had to beat seven gyms of Kanto and the Blackthorn gym.

Sam continued to follow the line towards Johto when a squeaky voice interrupted him:


It was one of younger bug cathers that usually followed Rowan like some sort of a god.

"What do you want?"-asked Sam.

"Is Rowan here?"

"I'm here!"-said Rowan to the junior.Rowan then turned to Sam:"I forgot to tell you,but the guys really wanted to see our battle."

"The guys?!!!"-Sam was in a shock.A quick look on the lawn showed him at a dozen of kids of all ages,all carrying nets for catching bugs.

"Oh,crap."-Sam thought.

Rowan got already down the tree:"Are you coming today,Caterpie is going to evolve while we wait for you!"

Sam got down.

"So where are we gonna battle?"-he asked.

"The clearing in front of The Forest should do just fine."


Fifteen minutes later everything was set.Rowan stood on one side,Viridian Forest behind him.Sam stood twenty steps far,on the Viridian Town side.

Sam threw his Apriball.Pidgey emerged from with a blinding flash.

Rowan grinned as all the eyes were pointed at him.He took out his Apriball.

"Caterpie-it's time!"

In a few seconds Caterpie was on the battlefield.

"SAND ATTACK!"-Sam commanded.


Rowan used to code name all his attack combos.'Strategy 1' was codename for a string shot-tackle combo.

Caterpie was faster and it had managed to trap Pidgey,but also got shot by dirt which Pidgey threw with it's claw.


Caterpie was about to tackle Pidgey,but it couldn't see it due to the dirt in it's eyes.Pidgey used the opportunity to trow even more dirt on Caterpie.

"CATERPIE,TRY TO TACKLE IT!"-Rowan was loosing his calm.He used a direct attack order instead of a strategy.He knew how low-leveled battles like this one lasted shortly,and he knew he had to act.He still had the advantage of a higher leveled Pokemon.


The next minute passed in Caterpie's unsucessful tries to hit Pidgey and Pidgey's Gust attacks.Caterpie was seriously tired,but was still in the fight.


Rowan's bond with Caterpie was strong and Caterpie obeyed it's trainer and closed it's eyes,risking a direct hit.

Sam saw this and thought Caterpie was tired:"GO,PIDGEY,FINISH IT WITH GUST!"

Caterpie still listened.


Caterpie waited.The tiny Pokemon's concentration was sky high.

Suddenly it had heard it:a flap of wings!Caterpie jumped into the sound and felt it's body hitting something.

The battle had ended.Pidgey was lying on the floor and Caterpie was barely standing.Rowan had won.

But all the spectators looked in disbelief at Sam.Nobody was ever this close to beating Rowan,especially with a freshly caught Pokemon.

Sam realised that his loss wasn't bad,he had put up quite a fight.He was about to congratulate Rowan,but stopped at the sight of Caterpie.Something was happening.

The Caterpillar Pokemon was shaking as in a fever.It's eyes were locked on Rowan.

Rowan was looking back at it and just said with a calm,soothing voice:"No,not yet."

Caterpie immidiately stopped shaking and started to celebrate it's victory.

"What was that?"-asked Sam obviously confused by the scene that took place in front of him.

"Oh,that?"-said his friend calmly-"I just canceled Caterpie's evolution."

The World won't fail.
Apr 9, 2011
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Re: Evolution

I needed some time to write this one as I couldn't decide what to do with Caterpie.

Tell me how am I doing it.What lacks in my writing stile,what is good,point out any grammar errors and comment.I want to know what do you think of my work.

Here is chapter 4:

Chapter 4

Thae alarm on Rowan's clock woke Rowan up.He looked at the time:06.00. He rubbed his eyes and jumped out of bed.Rowan was a morning person,so he was already making his way to the bathroom.He brushed his teeth and washed his hair before looking in the mirror.He was examining various parts of his face:his black hair and his thin eyebrows.

"At least they don't look like Sam's bushes."-he thought.

Eventualy he concentrated on his chin.A few dark hairs were forming a small goatee.Rowan examined them from diffent angles until he finally made a conclusion.

"Girls like it when it's smooth."He said to himself while taking a razor to shave.

After he was finished,he packed the last things in his backpack and he secured his catching net on top of it.Then,he went to the corner of his room towards a small hanging net made of silk.He looked at his insect friend inside of it.Caterpie was lying on it's back producing soft,buzz-like snoring.Rowan touched the small caterpillar and whispered to his Pokemon:

"Caterpie,wake up."

The small catterpillar opened it's eyes and yanwed,still confused by the sudden waking.It was still lying,looking back at Rowan confused.

"Have you forgot what day it is?"-Said it's trainer with a smile.

Caterpie's eyes grew wider as it jumped on it's hinder pair of legs,wanting Rowan to pick it up.With Caterpie on his shoulder,Rowan could finally get downstairs.There,he found his parents,both sitting at the table.His father looked at him with a serious look and just said:

"You won't need that net."

"What,why?!"-Rowan was surprised aswell as Caterpie."But,you bought it for me years ago,what does this mean?"

Rowan's father took a moment before he spoke,strict gaze still on Rowan.

"I said you won't be in need of that net..."-he pulled something closer to him below the desk.Rowan didn't even notice this as he was in a state of shock.What the hell was with him.He was never that serious or anything and now he was acting so cold.

Rowan's father decided to finish the sentence but did it in a 'Breaking news' voice manner while pulling something from below the table:

...AS I BOUGHT YOU A NEW ONE!!!!!"-he finished holding a latest model of a net.

"Dad,you scared the hell out of me!"-Rowan said while laughing.

Finally Rowan's mother bursted out laughing.He couldn't decide which was funier:Rowan's reaction or her husband's pose while holding the net.

Rowan couldn't hide his excitement:

"Thanks,dad,you're the greatest!This is the newest model in stock.It is said that even Pinsir's horns cannot damage it!I've wanted one for months!But how did you know that I wanted it?"

His father smiled.

"Let's just say a bird told me.A six legged bird it was."-he said looking at Caterpie.

Rowan looked at Caterpie in amazement.

"I wanted to give you something to help you out there,but I didn't have any ideas.So I asked someone who knows you and spends a lot of time with you.When I asked Caterpie,he simply pointed at the May issue of 'Bug maniac' magazine with this net on the cover."

Rowan hugged them both and he was at the edge of tears,so he turned towards his mother.

She wasn't overprotective like Sam's but in the last few days she used to say things like:"What's the deal with league rules today?!When your father participated,you were allowed to go until you were 25.You are practically still children.What's next:they are going to allow ten year olds to participate?Do they know how dangerous wild Pokemon can be.I bet they never took a step in the tall grass but they are sitting in their offices sending kids into it."

But that didn't happen.She simply hugged her son and gave him some money.She didn't cry as she believed in her son.After all he'll be gone for only few months.She patted Caterpie and said to it:"Caterpie,take care of him and bring him back safe."

Caterpie nodded.

Twenty minutes later Rowan stood before Sam's house.

"Hey,Sam,have you overslept again?"-he called.

A series of tumbling sounds came out of Sam's house until he got out,almost tripping on his way outside.

"Hey,Rowan,sorry I'm late.My mom just couldn't let me go until she packed all the stuff in my pack.It's like carrying a Snorlax on my back!"

Two friends were soon enough on their way towards Viridian forest.The sky was pale blue and shades of gold and orange could be seen on the east,between the trees of route 2.The boys reached a small cliff above a grassy area from which all the surrounding could be observed.Vast green meadows were decorated by colorful flowers and small wood areas.Inside one of those woods settled Viridian Town.

"It is going to sunrise soon."-Sam noted.

"Yeah,and it's going to make one fantastic evolution."-Rowan said still looking at the scenery.

"Evolution?"-Sam asked.

Rowan took something out of his pocket.

"Check this out."-he said.In his hand he held a small blue candy.But this was not one of those candies Rowan used to eat on a daily basis.

"IS THAT..."-Sam could not believe his eyes.

"A rare candy."

"Where did you get this?!"

"Dad bought it when he was in Saffron for my 18th birthday."

"Does it work as they say?"

"All dad told me is what the shopkeeper told him:It is made of 25sorts of rare plant packed into lots of sugar.It somehow raises the Pokemon's strenght a bit,but you must use it carefully.If you use it too early it will actually make your Pokemon weaker than it would be trough normal training.And scientists proved that if a rare candy is used on a Pokemon that is soon to evolve,it will evolve it immediately."

"And you're going to check it out now."-Sam made a conclusion.

"Correct.I wanted to use it today,to evolve Caterpie,so that it's change marks the change in our lives with going on a journey.And the Sun is going to rise soon,so let's do it."

Rowan sent out Caterpie from it's Pokeball and gave it the candy.Caterpie smelled it first and then started to eat it,enjoying it's taste.

Nothing happened for the first minute,about at the same time as the first Sun's rays lightened Caterpie,it started to shiver again.It looked at Rowan in surprise:they did not win any battles,but how is it then evolving?

Rowan simply said:"Yes,Caterpie."

Caterpie knew well what it had to do.It started to shine while spitting a long silky string all over it's body.It was soon covered in silk and as the sunlight got stronger it's skin stretched inside the silk,forming a thick,crescent cocoon.With a last,beautiful flash of light,combining rays of sunlight and the evolution,Caterpie's body marks dissapeared and it got even bigger as it finally became a Metapod.

The evolution light dissapeared in Rowan's eyes,but carved themselves into his soul.The greatest process in nature took part in front of him.It was not just Caterpie to evolve,it
was Rowan aswell.The pure beauty of evolution changed his life for good and set a new path in his life.

The World won't fail.
Apr 9, 2011
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Re: Evolution

I've got chapter 5 posted.Please comment-I want to know if anyone even reads this.

Chapter 5

"That's it?"-Sam asked Rowan-"I thought Viridian forest was bigger but we passed it in like twenty minutes?"

The boys got out of the forest.The trees were blocking the rising sun on the east making this part of route dark and cold.In front of them lied the road and the rooftops of Pewter City behind the small hill.

"It would take us much longer but I know this forest like the back of my hand so we didn't get lost.Also,it's too early to be many bug-caters out here,so we didn't have to stop to battle.That's why the trip was so short.Besides it's better that we are early-the gym should already be open."

"Pewter City doesn't seem that far for here."-Sam said looking at the rooftops.

"Yeah,we'll be there in few minutes."

As they continued down the road,something was on Sam's mind and he had to ask Rowan about it.

"Hey are you going to evolve Metapod soon.I mean it should evolve soon and it should be far more useful once it becomes a Venomoth or a Buterfree."

"What? Metapod does not evolve into Venomoth.It evolves into Buterfree only!"

"But Venomoth looks very simmilar to Caterpie and Metapod.I thought they were split evolutions like those Hoenn bugs you once mentioned."

"You mean Dustox and Beautifly? Well...let's just say that Hoenn has a pretty unique wildlife.I've never heard of a Kanto Pokemon that can evolve into two different forms."

"Hey what's that?"-Sam pointed at something approaching from the hill.The incoming sounds made it clear that it was a group of men,but the only thing that was visible were the pointed objects they were carrying which made them resemble an army.

"Hmmm..."-Rowan tried to recognise it-"Hey,I know!"-he snapped-"Those are Pewter City bug catchers!"

"What?! But that's like an army.I've never seen so many of them back in viridian."

"Remember that Pewter City is much larger than Viridian and that the city is the home of the bug-type gym.That and the proximity of Viridian forest make it a bug cather's paradise."

Soon the small army armed with catching nets emerged from behind the hill and most of them recognised Rowan instantly.Now Sam had to wait for half hour while every single one of them (and some were quite older than Rowan) had to chat with Rowan,admired his new net and had to see Caterpie.

Sam had quite enough of it so he cleaned his troat loudly,trying to imply to Rowan that they should be going.Rowan noticed this and quickly introduced Sam as the 'Gym Challenger.' After that he had to tell them the result of Sam's only battle which
resulted in the same frightened looks on their faces like the ones of the Viridian Town catchers after their battle.But it also made a chance for the boys to slip out of the conversation.

Sam sighed as they finally entered Pewter City.The Sun was now quite high and the city started to wake up.The houses were looked far more traditional than the ones in Viridian and only two of them were tall,The first was at the northern border of the city and was still under construction.Rowan recognised it as the Pewter City Museum which was only few months away from opening.The other one was the gym.

Pewter City Gym,located in the city's core,was a magnificent monument of Japanese traditional arhitecture.Rich,with numerous outer decorations,it opened into a huge hall where trainers could battle.

The boys didn't even have time to notice spider web-like decorations on the ceiling because as soon as they took one step into it's interior someone noticed Rowan and he again got quickly surrounded.

Sam used this opportunity and made his way towards the leader.He remained unnoticed except for one of the new bug-cathers which wasn't around when Rowan used to attend classes at the gym.

The kid wasn't more than eight but he threw an Apriball as Sam approached.The ball opened to reveal a small yellow worm-like creature which had two horns one on each side of it's body.

Sam didn't even consider Weedle a threat so he ordered Pidgey to quickly take it out with a series of tackles.But Pidgey instead disobeyed and rather used sand attack while avoiding Weedle's attacks.

That made Sam mad:how could his Pokemon disobey him.Was it questioning his abilities as a trainer and just doing it on it's own.If Pidgey wasn't obeying him then what would happen with more powerful Pokemon.

Sam knew that he had to be strong and decisive to control Pidgey.


But Pidgey now did something completely different:it landed in right front of Weedle and looked at it.Weedle used the opportunity to strike and swung it's tail but hit the ground as Pidgey avoided it again and flew directly back to Sam.

Sam looked at his Pokemon which was trying to get his attention back on Weedle.Sam looked the small worm and gasped in shock:the place where Weedle's tail hit was full of green liquid.Pidgey was disobeying him to save itself from Poison sting.Sam now knew what to do and ordered Pidgey to use gust.Weedle was soon knocked out earning Sam his first victory aswell as a clear path to the gym leader.

But one thing troubled Sam:will Pidgey and him ever share a bond such as the one between Rowan.Will Pidgey ever trust him enough to obey every single command he ordered to it.But he didn't have time for that now,he now needed Pidgey's help to defeat the gym leader.

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Re: Evolution

Here's a new chapter after a long time,but it's a longer one. Enjoy

Chapter 6

"...and then Caterpie started to produce tons of silk and it made it's whole cocoon in just ten seconds."

All the gym trainers were listening to Rowan as he was gleaming with pride in his beautiful Metapod.The term of beauty is quite relative in the Pokemon world.While a lass or a youngster would consider beautiful Pokemon such as Vulpix,Oddish or Clefairy,bug catchers cannot resist the beauty of those cute little compoundeyes or the beautifuly coloured wings and thick shells many of these Pokemon featured.

Each of bug catchers had their own favorite and they could talk about them for ages.While many would consider talking about bugs boring,to these trainers listening to Rowan was the most interesting thing in the world.And Rowan could talk for hours.And he was just beginning the epic story of his Caterpie's evolution.

"And the Sun was adding to the scene.It was just unreal.Oh, and then the silk started-...HEY are you even listening?!"-Rowan realised that all the eyes were pointed at something at the other,northern side of the gym.

"Is that your friend challenging Arnie?"-said one of the trainers.

"He is-I told you he's good"-Rowan said proudly like he was the one Sam owed for making it this far.

"I hope he has the patience to actually make it to the start of the gym battle."-said on of the teen trainers knowingly.-"Arnie's intro speech lasts for days."

And on a large stage covered with ground layer and surrounded with fences resembling spider webs and tree branches stood Sam and opposed to him stood a man in his mid twenties,quite short but well developed.His short,black hair and a friendly,round face didn't make him look intimidating at all.He wore outfit simmilar to those of other bug catchers but decorated with light green gym emblems of Pewter City Gym.

The young man spoke in a very friendly tone:

"Hello fellow trainer.My name is Arata but everibody calls me Arnie.Heh."-He paused smiling like he was remembering some anegdote regarding his nickname.The pause made Sam even more nervous.

"You see just as bug Pokemon take care of their young, I'm trying to do my best to guide these kids.To pass down my knowledge, help them develop and spread their wings.That's why I opened summer school for young bug catchers."

Sam was about to say that they should start with the batlle but as soon as he opened his mouth,the leader continued:

"Did I mention I am a Bug Maniac? See that certificate on the wall behind me?"-Arnie pointed at a highly decorated diploma on the wall behind him.Sam looked at it but was burning up inside.He clenched his fists. And the leader continued:

"You have to stand out in this town.Almost all trainers are bug catchers and Pewter City has the long tradition as the home of bug-type Pokemon Gym. That's how it's been for the last two hundred years since the Gym was built and that's how it will be for the next thousand years. Pewter City Gym will always train bug-types."

Sam tried to say something but was yet again interrupted by the leader:

"Say,kid what's your name?"

"Samuel"-Sam said trough his teeth.

"Then I guess they call you Sam! Interesting thing are those nicknames...Heh!"

"Not again the pause"-Sam thought but then he realised that this could be the chance for him to speak.But he was out of luck.Arnie suddenly got serious and started talking very slowly in an important tone which made Sam even more furious:

"Sam wherever you go always remember one thing:never and I say never underestimate bug Pokemon."-And then he continued in his jolly tone:"Bug Pokemon are awesome! There is a tradition in Unova that the cham-"

"Are you gonna talk or are you gonna fight?"-Sam interrupted him.His head was down and the only visible part of his face was a devious smile.

"-pion-er,what?"-Arnie was confused by Sam's words.

"I said are you gonna stop babbling and start the battle."

Arnie got serious again,but Sam knew how to play this one well.He raised his head and started talking in an authoritative tone:

"You see I came here to beat you in a battle.I do not care for you,your damn bug catchers nor some idiots in Unova."

Arnie was out of words. What kind of behavior was this? He wished he could read Sam a lesson,but he was still frozen in disbelief.Sam raised his voice:

"I do not care for that stupid piece of paper on the wall of your stupid Gym.And I don't give a damn for it's tradition."

Sam was now yelling at the leader:"And most of all never and I say never"-here Sam imitated Arnie's tone-"never forget that I don't give a damn about your stupid bugs!!!"

Rowan was barely able to hold off the Gym trainers so that they don't tearsam into pieces,bu Sam was still smiling.He knew that his plan worked and that Arnie will start the battle so he placed is hand on Pidgey's Apriball.

"H-hh-HOW DARE YOU!"-Arnis roared in anger-"GO BEEDRILL TEACH HIM A LESSON!"

Arnie released his only Pokemon,a menacing bee Pokemon which looked even angrier than it's trainer.Sam released Pidgey who steped forward with one foot taking it's own battle stance.

"Now you'll pay! How the hell do you think to win with your puny Pidgey! Do you know that this Beedrill was trained by a secret techni-"

"SAND ATTACK!"-Sam ordered while Arnie was still talking. With no commands from it's trainers,Beedrill just stood as Pidgey threw a pile of dirt at bug's eyes.

"WH-WHAT?!! You can't do that!-Arnie protested.It's out of the rule-

"AGAIN,PIDGEY!"-Sam shouted and then spoke to the leader:"I just did.Twice.The battle starts as soon as both of our Pokemon are out."

Arnie was furious as his face turned completely red and small veins started to show up on his forehead.This kid was embarrasing him and all he wanted was to teach him a lesson he won't forget.


Arnie and Beedrill shared the same kind of bond Rowan and Caterpie had and the vasp put it's heart into attacking it's opponents with the two huge needles on it's arms,but hitting Pidgey proved quite a challenge after beign hit by two consecutive Sand Attacks.

Eventually it managed to struck the small bird with the side of it's needle while flailing around,but Pidgey seemed unaffected to both trainer's amazement.And now it was time for Sam to start the second part of the plan:he ordered Pidgey to use Gust.

For the next few minutes things went were repetitive as Beedrill was failing to hit Pidgey and Pidgey was dealing light damage with tackles and gusts.But what Sam was concerned about was the change in Arnie's behavior.The senior trainer wasn't blinded in rage anymore and it was a matter of moment when he'll change his tactics.Pidgey was getting closer to Beedrill with every attack and just as it seemed that Beedrill would fall,Arnie used the opportunity.


"PIDGEY,AVOID IT!"-Sam quickly responded.

But Pidgey was too concentrated on landing the final attack and it the sting hit it's left wing and,because of the small distance and the fact that Pidgey rammed at the sting,landed a critical hit.It lied motionlessly on the floor.There was some blood on it's wing.

"PIDGEY! ARE YOU OK?! PLEASE GET UP! PLEASE!"-Sam cried out to the small bird.

Arnie let out a smirk but then remembered to behave.He tried to confort Sam but as soon as he stepped towards him a furious,almost prehistoric screech could have been heard.

Arnie opened his eyes wide as he couldn't believe the sight in front of him.

Pidgey was standing in it's battle stance where it lied just moments ago. Blood was dripping from it's wound forming a small pond on the floor,it was trying to catch it's breath and it was shivering due to poisoning,but it was standing,ready to strike.

All the trainers were now looking at Sam,but he didn't notice them.The only two things he was looking at were his Pokemon and the willpower it had,giving it's all to prove to him. The second thing was the target.

Sam felt the bond with his Pokemon for the first time. They both knew what to do.


Pidgey tucked it's wings-the injured wing disabled it form using Gust. There was only one option now and Pidgey rammed Beedrill at full speed knocking it into the wall right below Arnie's diploma.The vasp Pokemon was lying without any chances of getting up.

Rowan stopped holding off gym trainers as they were now impressed with Sam and had no more intentions of attackiong him and ran towards Pidgey while taking out antidote out of his bag.

After he assured Sam that Pidgey would be fine after the visit to the Pokecenter,Sam approached the leader.

Arnie was at a loss of words after a long time.He just lovered his head.Tears were slowly forming in his eyes and from his face on the floor.Without raising his head he placed a hand in his pocket,took out something and gave it to Sam.It was a small round badge with a light green bug symbol on it.

"Take this and get the hell out of my Gym."-he said still refusing to look into Sam's eyes.

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Re: Evolution

Finally wrote this one. I needed some time to get all the events that happen in this chapter organised. And finally here it is the seventh chapter.

Chapter 7

Four battle cries echoed trough a small canion which formed Route 3. On one side stood a small Rattata and an Oddish. Opposed to them were a Pidgey and a Metapod. Sam and Rowan were back in action after two days spent in Pewter. Their next goal was Mt.Moon which they needed to get trough before night,but on the way there they were challenged by many trainers. The two trainers they battled now were a couple,so they demanded a double battle.

"SWEET SCENT!"-The girl commanded her Oddish.


"STRATEGY THREE!"-Rowan ordered his Metapod.


The four combatants who were calmly waiting for orders were now making chaos as they attacked opponents on the opposite sides. The first to land a hit was Rattata who went past Pidgey's Gust and hit Metapod head on. Gust sucessfuly landed on Oddish sending it into air. Metapod recovered from the attack and used all it's power to harden it's cocoon.It started to sway back and forth.
Finally Oddish landed with a painful shriek and it's attack missed.



"PIDGEY USE TACKLE ON RATTATA!"-Sam countered with the same attack.

Rowan didn't have to say a thing as 'Strategy no.3' used two turns to complete.

Rattata and Pidgey collided head on which sent both of them backwards in their own direction. Both Pokemon got back on their feet quickly,but then Metapod who gained enough momentum by swaying,launched itself onto the Rattata,crushing it with it's hardened shell.
Meanwhile Oddish got behind Pidgey and placed two small wines on it's wing which only managed to suck in one of Pidgey's feathers.

Rattata did not get up,so the boy returned it to it's Apriball and Pidgey knew what to do next. It turned around to it's opponent and raised a gust that sent Oddish flying again.
As the grass Pokemon managed to get on it's two stumpy feet, Metapod was already next to it,ready to strike.

"FINISH IT OFF WITH BUG BITE"!-was Rowan's command.

"How the hell can Metapod bite anything from inside it's cocoon"-was Sam's first thought but what he saw next kept chasing him in his nightmares for a full week.The girl screamed at the sight of it and her Oddish tried to escape by burrowing itself in the ground.
And the sight was most gruesome: from one of the thin gaps between the pieces of Metapod's
cocoon emerged two large fangs that were salivating rapidly. Metapod waited for a moment before it moved it's fangs in a mechanical manner and struck Oddish catching the largest of the leaves on it's head. Then it retreated the fangs pulling the screaming Oddish out of the ground with a huge force, sending lots of dirt flying.

The girl finally recalled the poor Pokemon and ran off crying,but the trapped Pokemon's leaf was left on Metapod's fang.Metapod retreated fangs along with the leaf, but instead of devouring it, decided to spit it out. It's cocoon started to crack and bright light emerged from the cracks. It was evolving again. Pidgey let out a happy chirp and started shining aswell only it's light growing bigger as the process went on.

As soon as Metapod's body became fully enveloped in the lightness, the light shot itself high in the air,leaving the empty cocoon on the ground. Pidgey's light stopped growing and flew right next to Meatpod's.

Sam didn't know which light belonged to his Pokemon and Rowan thought that something went wrong and that the two Pokemon morphed or killed each other. But there was nothing to fear and as the light faded it revealed the Pokemon's new forms. The first one looked completely different than it's previous forms:instead of a small,green caterpillar Rowan watched in amazemant a big,flying bug who flutered using it's still pale and weak wings. Pidgey, on the other hand, didn't changed much except it grew into a larger and more menacing Pokemon.

The boy congratulated to the winners and payed them prize money for both his girlfriend and himself. They made some small talk and he got worried as they told him they were headed for Mt.Moon.

"You should take extra care. There are some strange things happening out there ocasionally."

"Strange like..."-Rowan asked.

"It's like the most powerful Pokemon around gather at the top of the mountain. It can be even seen from this route. All sorts of attacks burst from the top and fly over the sky:thunderbolts,flamethrowers,even some stuff I've never seen. And loud, horoffic screams
that give you shivers can be heard."-the boy shivered a bit even now, while just talking about it.-"Some of us trainers from my school wanted to go there and see it for myself, but were never able to muster up the courage."

Sam was very sceptical while listening to the boy. He knew that none of the Pokemon that lived on Mt.Moon were possible of using attacks such as these. Even Onix, which was quite powerful couldn't do more than tackle or bind it's opponent.

"And what's the greatest mistery about it is that those screams change over time, but they all stop right in the midnight-precisely in second. That's why some folks say that those are ghosts or demons performing their evil rituals. I'd rather believe that those are Pokemon as my mom wouldn't let me out here if those were real demons. Just whatever you do, try to pass trough the Mt.Moon cave to Cerulean before nightfall and don't stray from the path."

"You said it happens ocassionally"-Sam said to the boy.


"Then what makes you so sure we'll come across it?"-Sam concluded.

"Because it happens every Monday night and that means-"

"Tonight"-whispered Rowan suddenly turning pale.

Sam bid farawell to the boy while Rowan remained silent, looking at the mountain.

The Sun was still high and it was early afternoon when they reached the cave entrance. When they approached it a flock of Zubat flew out, made a circle around them and returned inside. The first part of the cave consisted of large halls connected with corridors. Many holes in the upper layers of rock above were created by the water that was once present. These holes connected the cave to the outside providing it with light and fresh air.

Rowan still seemed somewhat nervous, so Sam tried to cheer him up with a conversation.

"So, what did you buy while we were at Pewter?"-he asked Rowan.

"Nothing special. Food."

"What kind of food?"-Sam knew where this would lead to.

"You know...candy,chocolate..."-admitted Rowan sheepishly.

"You spent all your money on candy?!"-Sam angered.

"Well we I knew I'd get some prize money today. And what did you buy?"-Rowan tried to defend himself.

"Instead of spending my cash on junk that will eventually destroy your teeth, I bought useful stuff. Potions,Apriballs and even a Heavy ball."

"Heavy ball?!"-Rowan said in disbelief.-"Do you even know how that thing works?"

"The merchant was kind enough to explain it-Heavy ball uses a lock mechanism that is connected trough a system of levers to a pad on which the caught Pokemon is placed. That means the heavier the Pokemon, the stronger the locks."

"That merchant was kind enough to rip you off your money!"-said Rowan.-"Where the hell do you think to find a heavy Pokemon around here?"

But Sam suddenly bent and picked a shiny object up from the ground.

"Hey a moon stone!"-he said happily. While observing the glittering stine in his hands, he didn't notice Rowan falling trough a large, round hole in the cave floor. But the curses that came down from below got his attention. Sam approached the hole and looked below to see Rowan hanging from the ladder which he managed to cling onto to prevent his fall.

"I see you found a way down!"-Sam grinned.

"Ugh...I'll be up in a second."-Rowan said.

"No,no,no,let's see what's down there,I'll come down to you."

Sam got down and proceeded to observe a long hallway that was a bit darker than the hall they were before. Hw was very eager to explore it unlike his friend,who seemed uncomfortable with their new surrounding.

"You know what I've been thinking Sam? I think we should head back upstairs before we get into some trouble."

"What is it,Rowan? Are you maybe scared?-Sam emphasized the last word and grinned again.

"No,I'm just been cautious,that's it"-Rowan quickly responded.-"You know what that guy said to us that we shouldn't stray from the main path."

"First of all we haven't strayed. those ladders back there were made by human hands which means people use this path. And second we went down trough that hole and all that fuss that guy mentioned is supposed to be at the top of the mountain."-Sam explained while losing patience.-"You shouldn't be worried at all."

But Rowan was still unconvinced:"How do you explain the increasing number of Pokemon down here. It's like every Zubat and Geodude in Kanto wants to fight us."

Sam stopped and turned to Rowan

"What's there to worry about? Pidgeotto handled easily Zubats and Butterfree was more than capable of defeating every single Geodude we came across. Besides the most powerful Pokemon around is-"

"ONIX!!!!"-Rowan screamed.

Sam growled in rage:Why the hell did you shout that?!!! My eardru-"-Then it came to him.-"There's one behind me,isn't it?"

Instead of answering,Rowan instinctively summommed Butterfree. The Pokemon in front of him was the most beautiful thing that he had ever seen. A five meter long rock snake towered above him reaching the ceiling of the cave corridor. It's body segments shone under faint light and the way sharp edges formed it's body from the large horn on it's head to the tip of it's tail gave it a pure,aerodynamic look. Onix was truly one of the mother nature's most beautiful designs.

"I gotta have it"-Rowan whispered softly while not taking his eyes from it.

"BUTTERFREE!"-his voice echoed trough the cave-"GO EASY ON HIM-WE'RE GONNA CATCH HIM!"

Butterfree,whose wings strenghtened and gained their recognisible markings, easily avoided Onix's tries to trap it with it's tail and ocasionally landed onto it's body to use Bug bite. It didn't take a long time when the serpent started showing signs of fatigue: it breatehd heavily and just tried to take Butterfree off it's body.

Rowan took an Apriball out of his pocket.


The bug Pokemon obeyed and flew away from Onix who managed to hit it with it's tail,but didn't have much effect. Rowan threw the Apriball. The ball hit Onix,opened and tried to suck it in,but didn't have much power to capture the whole Pokemon,so it simply broke itself into two parts.

Rowan threw another one,this one aiming for the tail for an easier capture. The ball started sucking in the large serpent from the tail up and managed to capture it inside.

-KLING- the mechanism sounded and then the Apriball started to shake violently before bursting into hundreds of wodden and metal pieces which acted as shrapnels. They hit the walls of the cave producing lots of tingling noise which forced a flock of Zubat to flee in fear. Some of the pieces hit Rowan who shielded himself with his arms,making small cuts on his skin. Butterfree shielded itself by hiding behind him.

"Apriballs won't do the job"-he exclaimed by observing his cuts.-"Sam give me that Heavy ball you have."

"Didn't you say the thing was useless?"-Sam answered.

"Trust me,it'll work on this one. Just hurry and hand it over and I'll pay you twice it's price."

"Sure,just let me find it. It should be somewhere here"-Sam said while searching trough his backpack.

"Here you go."-he gave Rowan a ball that was twice the size of an Apriball and it's outer casing was made from two polished rocks which were connected with a wooden ring.

"Thanks,I hope it'll work!"-Rowan said before turning back to Onix. He locked eyes with it and threw the large ball.

The ball opened,but unlike the ordinary Apriball which could only open itself by 90 degrees, this one separated the two wooden halves forming a 270 degrees of a pure gap which swallowed Onix turning it into light. Then a set of springs located on the wooden ring forced it to snap close. It landed with a loud thud and didn't shake at all.

There was a creaking mechanic sound coming out of it and then it produced a loud,sharp metal noise which sounded simmilar to the locks closing inside the Apriball. It was the sound of all ten of Heavy ball's locks closing at once. Rowan waited for the steam to come out,but there wasn't any. Heavy ball used a completely mechanical mechanism utilising Pokemon's weight to capture it.

"That easy?"-Sam was surprised.

The boys kept walking trough the corridor,Sam ahead and Rowan still and reached another ladder which got them up into another hall. Sam supposed it was a part of the main road, but Rowan was still unsure as this hall was the darkest so far.It was so dark that he could barely see Sam in front of him. What he didn't have in mind was that the lack of light inside was caused by the nightfall outside. He knew they must have been walking trough the cave for several hours and as he followed Sam he got worried even more.

"I think I'm lost."-came the voice in front of him.

"YOU are lost?"-angered Rowan-"Remember that you got both of us into this!"

"Silence"-whispered Sam,but his was now closer to him-"I didn't say that!"

"I-If you didn't say that, t-then who did?"-Rowan whispered in fear.

"It was me."-the voice answered in front of them.

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Re: Evolution

I've got Chapter eight finished. Here it is,enjoy.

Chapter 8

"Who are you? Show yourself!"-Sam shouted. Rowan hid himself behind his Onix,eyes wide open while looking into the shady character in front of Sam.

A shadow in front of them moved closer, but the the person's face was still hidden by darkness.

"I said show yourself!"-Sam growled while placing his hand on Pidgeotto's Apriball.

"What's the matter,Sam?"-The shadow said and stepped out of the shadow. It was a boy that was obviously not Japanese. Not just he looked European,but his hair,which was cut very short,was bright red.

"Can't recognise an old friend?"-he chuckled.

"Giacomo!"-both Rowan and Sam shouted together.

Giacomo's parents moved from Italy after the war,in search of better life. His father was one of the best engineers and quickly got employed by a still young company,Silph.co,ot the 'Pokemon Capture Device' project.

"What are you doing down here?"-Sam asked him.-"I thought you started late,as always,and were way behind us."

"I had the luck of finding a shortcut trough the mountain,but eventually got lost."-the boy confessed.-"Oh,by the way Sam,what did you do at the Pewter Gym? The leader seemed very upset about you and kept talking for quite a long before giving me a chance to beat him. Not that he stood a chance against me."-Giacomo finished proudly while showing his badge.

"Let's just say I pointed out some of his flaws."-Sam chuckled.

"Ah,I won't even bother asking more-Rowan will blab it out anyway."-Giacomo grinned.

"Hey I'm right here!"-Rowan angered a bit-"But that's truth."-he finished laughing aswell.

"Well guys,didn't think I'll find you around here."

"We stranded because I'm looking for more of these."-Sam showed Giacomo the Moonstone.

"IS THAT...you gotta give it to me!"-Giacomo said looking at the small,shiny stone.-"Please."

"What? Why would I give you that?-Sam said.

"I gotta have it!"-Giacomo said desperately-"Let's battle for it. Please."

"No.no.no,no,no!"-Rowan rushed in-"That thing your daddy bought you has type advantage over Sam's Pidgeotto. It would be unfair. Try battling me instead!"

"That's your Onix?"-the readheaded boy asked.

"True."-Rowan replied proudly.

"Thanks,but no! That thing's huge.It would crush my Magnemite in a matter of seconds. i'll rather try to make a deal with Sam."

"What kind of deal?"-Sam aked.

"A trade. Your Moonstone for my Thunderstone."

"Why do you want it so bad? Do you have a Clefairy or Jigllipuff you want to evolve."

"Neither of them. I just want it because it's from outer space."-he paused while the boys looked at him as he was some kind of a lunatic.

"Moonstones are remains of a meteor that fell on Mt.Moon thousands of years ago and I've always had a fascination with the space,the infinite sea of stars. Have you heard that Americans are flying to the Moon?"-he said his eyes shining and looking into distance.

"We did."-Sam said trough his teeth.

"It is my dream to go up there one day in one of those beautiful rockets. I'm determined to do whatever it takes suceed. And that is why I want a Moonstone. Not for evolving a Pokemon,but to keep it near me as some sort of a personal treasure that will inspire me to achieve my goal."-he finished dramatically.

"If that's the case..."-Sam said while puting a hand on his friends shoulder-"I would be honored to trade that Moonstone with you."

"Thank you..."-Giacomo's eyes filled with tears-"I won't cry."-he whispered to himself and then a bit clmer turned to Sam-"You can't even imagine how much is this important to me."

The journey continued and Giacomo joined their little party. The light in the cave stopped getting darker and they took one of the paths that lead up. They could feel the fresh breeze in front of them and soon they spotted some faint,blue light ahead.

Giacomo met the boy from Route 3 aswell and the three now debated about his words.

"I find the theory of powerful Pokemon meeting for a fight plausible."-Giacomo stated.

"That's ridicolous."-Sam answered-"The most powerful Pokemon here is Onix and Rowan captured one with ease. Besides it can't use flamethrowers or that kind of stuff. I think that guy just wanted to scare us and threw up a bunch of lies coming to his mind at the moment."

"There are powerful Pokemon here. There is a cave near Cerulean that is part of Mt.Moon and has some very tough Pokemon. They're that tough that the Cerulean Police Department always puts guard on it's entrance to prevent unvary trainers getting killed. The cave is far,but maybe those Pokemon found a passage and managed to get here."

Rowan who remained silent for most of the time and kept looking around noticed that the light inf front had intensified.

"Hey it's the exit!"-he shouted and ran towards it.

"About time!"-Sam said running behind him.

They reached another ladder that lead up and as they climbed them they found out the source of the unusual blue light.It was the full Moon in it's zenith and as Rowan climbed first,he noticed it before others.

"Shit!... Shit,Shit,Shit!"-he cursed.

"What's wrong,Rowan?-Sam asked-"Gonna fall again. Remember that you'll land on the two of us!"

"Guys it's night outside!"-he said as he reached the surface.

As they all got out they looked up at the Moon.

"Man,we've lost the track of time"-Sam said.

Hey,but there's a road going trough here!"-Giacomo pointed at the long stripe of dirt.

The thio followed this new road in hopes of getting down the mountain.

"PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!"-the horrific cry suddenly echoed trough the mountain.

"Back to the cave!!!"-Rowan shouted in fear.

"Rowan wait!"-Sam grabbed him for his arm-"we can't go back after all this travel."

"I believe it came from over there."-Giacomo pointed at some bushes-"Let's go and investigate it."

"Ok,but we should take care."-Sam said.

"Don't worry"-Giacomo released Magnemite from tha Apriball.-"I'll be fine. Besides I want to know what creature can produce that kind of racket."-he laughed.

"I'm with you on that one."-Sam smirked.-"Rowan,are you going with us?"

"I know I'll regret this,but count me in."-Rowan decided.

They continued to move trough the grass and bushes carefully and they reached an opening which let them to observe the whole area in front of them.

And it was a sight to behold: a small,clear and peaceful lake which shimmered by reflecting moonlight.

"Over there,look over there!"-Rowan pointed at opposite coast of the lake where two large groups of pink,bipedal Pokemon stood opposed to each other as if on a battlefield.

"Are those Clefairy?"-Giacomo said.

"Yes they are"-Sam answered-"but I have no idea what they are doing in such a great number.

The two groups of Fairy Pokemon remained still and the boys counted over fifty of them. Then the horiffic cry sounded again,but this time from both left and right of the lake.

"Did you hear that?"-Sam said in a shock.

"What in the hell..."-Rowan mumbled-"Hey guys,I think we found out the sources of those sounds."

The other two looked at the sides of the lake. From each side a Pokemon simmilar to clefairy,but bigger and with larger wings danced across the lake. They moved on water as if they were floating above it. Then the boys noticed that they were carrying something-each of them carried a Moonstone high above it's head.

The two met at the middle where the moonlight was most intense and moved towards Clefairy.
They got floated high above them and raised the stones and let the echoing cry again. And then it all had began.

The two groups of Clefairy ran towards each other and all of them started to wag their index fingers. Each of them then created a different attack:some of them rolled,some used fiery punches,the other vomited acid or threw ice spears. One shot a thunderbolt out of it's finger and struck it's foe.

One attack was particularly brutal:the Clefairy shot a fiery ball out of it's finger that struck it's closest foe covering it's entire body in flames. The victim fell down and the scent of burned meat started to mix with the smell of blood. That smell stopped them from fighting and they retreated on their respective sides to regroup.

There were many clefairy that got up from the floor and went for the lake to get out of the battlefield. They also dragged some of their fallen comrades with themselves. But they left some as they were including the one hit with the Fire Blast. Sam assumed they were dead.

Each side got ready for the next round and as they wagged their fingers once more,one of the Clefairy on the left simply exploded covering the ground with blood and it's remains. The explosion knocked out those nearby it,giving the group from the right obvious advantage.

The battle continued without further casualties and with the horrific noise.

"So that's what that guy saw."-Sam whispered.

"Yeah. Would have never thought of Clefairy. I guess those are the consequences of Metronome,right."-Giacomo spoke.

Rowan,eyes still locked on the battle called the other two:"Look,there are only two of them in fight!"

Amongst the many bodies the two Clefairy stood out:a small one from the left and the big,muscular one from the right. They both wagged their fingers and the big one threw a thunder at the other but this one avoided it and started to act strangely.

A single,bright ray from the Moon hit it's body making it to glow. It started to dance slowly and elegantly.

"What is it doing?"-Sam spoke.

"It looks like some sort of moon dance. Never heard of such attack."

The Clefairy stopped dancing and pointed it's finger on one of it's comrades,embodying it with moonlight and healing it completely. Then it fell to the ground with a loud thud,exhausted from the attack.

The revived Clefairy ran towards the other one and pounded it to the ground,making it faint in a matter of seconds. Then it got to it's savior and helped it to get up. The two made their way towards the two large Pokemon and took one of the two Moonstones each.

The boys beholded as the two Clefairy turned into the same kind of Pokemon as the ones that gave them the stones.

They let out that same echoing cry and then all run off leaving only dead. Rowan remembered that he could look at his pocket watch under the bright moonlight. The watch showed that it was midnight.

The boys carefully got out of their hideout and were relieved that the path they took was,as they were hoping,a shortcut that led down the mountain. They soon noticed many bright lights and were resting at the Cerulean City Pokecenter in an less than two hours.

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Re: Evolution

Well, I like it! But if you could, could you fix some errors in the prologue (Missing spaces, names typed wrong, etc.), it would flow smoother. This may be just my opinion because I'm picky about these kind of things, but it might help. Good Fic though!
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Re: Evolution

Well, I like it! But if you could, could you fix some errors in the prologue (Missing spaces, names typed wrong, etc.), it would flow smoother. This may be just my opinion because I'm picky about these kind of things, but it might help. Good Fic though!
Thank you for your opinion, it's always good to hear a constructive critic so I can fix the errors. It's sometimes a bit hard for me to find a right expression since English isn't my mother tongue, but I try to do my best. Anyway keep reading and thanks again for commenting.
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Re: Evolution

really good story. i haven't finished it, but i think it'll be awesome.
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Re: Evolution

Sorry for the delay,been busy lately,so I finally managed to finish this one. Enjoy!

Chapter 9

Sam felt intense pain. Muscles he didn't even know he had ached after the hours of
climbing Mt.Moon. He stepped out of a high bed and fell,barely managing to protect
himself by landing on his knees and elbows.

"SKREEEEEE!"-he heard as Pidgeotto came to help him.

"Thanks Pidgeotto, I'll never get used to sleepingin a Pokecenter."-he said as he stood up .

A quick glance at a large,round clock told him it was about lunchtime. He got dressed and went into the Pokecenter restaurant which was connected to the lobby. There he found

Giacomo seated at one of the tables,smoking a cigarette and looking at some papers. Sam ordered a meal and sat across him. He looked around for Rowan,but he was nowhere in sight.
Giacomo looked up from the papers.

"Good Morning Sam. Feeling refreshed?"

"Not at all. My whole body hurts,but I'm glad we made it. What are you lookin at?"

"Rowan's notebooks."-the boy answered.-"While we were arguing yesterday,he sure was quite busy. Look at these."-he said passing Sam some photos. Half of them were just plain darkness,some were blurry and unrecognisable,but three of them looked quite good. The first showed bunch of Clefairy before the battle and the second was a clear photo of the bigger Pokemon.The third photo was inserted between the two pages inside of notebook Giacomo was holding. It was a picture of a Clefairy using Flamethrower.

"Rowan wants you to write something here about these Pokemon."-Readheaded boy shown at the blank page next to the picture.-"He told me about your plan. That's a big job you two are doing."

"Yes we're trying to describe and take a picture of every Pokemon we come across to help the current studies about Pokemon inhabiting Kanto. We hope to present our results to..."

"Hey,kid!"-he got interupted by the the cook-"Your meal is finished!"

While Sam was eating,he looked at the bluish smoke coming out of Giacomo's cigarette. The smoke twisted and whirled forming spirals and thick,fluid streams that resembled flames, going upwards before disintegrating. After some time Giacomo noticed Sam's fascination with the smoke and took it in deeply before exhaling a thick ring of smoke.

"Never seen someone smoking?"-he chuckled.

"No it's not that."-Sam snapped out of his daydreaming-"I'm just thinking that they're shortening your life. I believe you want to live to go to the Moon."

"Don't worry about that."-Giacomo paused for a moment to let out a faint smile-"See how technology is advancing very fast? Traveling to the Moon will be availible to everyone in less than twenty years. People will have personal space ships just like they have automobiles today. And from that point there will even be first colonies on Moon by the year 2000."

Sam thought for a moment about the possibility of living on the Moon. He would be old by then,that's for sure,but what will his life look like? His only idea was that he would be working with Pokemon. And lots of traveling,new places,nature and exploring. Definitely not some office job with lots of paperwork or working under artificial lights of factories and laboratories like those at Silph.co. This,traveling with Pokemon and visiting beautiful places was Sam's vision of life.

"By the way"-he said waiting for Giacomo to look up again-"Have you seen Rowan?"

"He went out to train."-the boy said pointing at the large panoramic windows of the Pokecenter.

"Thanks,I'll go find him."

Nothing prepared Sam for the coming when he exited the Center. He couldn't see a thing because of the bright afternoon sunlight which reflected of the water surfaces that were all over city. Some people cursed at him for blocking the path. When he finally adapted to daylight,he spotted the Gym to his left.

"It's right next to the Pokecenter. The leader must be tough then."-he got to a logical conclusion.

His thoughts were then interupted by loud voices coming from...Sam kept looking but all the buildings blocked his view so he couldn't locate Mt.Silver which was a landmark for people of Kanto to pinpoint their position as it was always on the west. In the end he decided to head towards the voices.

The trail led him to a large,wooden bridge and as he walked over it with Pidgeotto flying around,he saw a large group of kids watching a battle and cheering fullheartedly. And there was Rowan and his Onix towering over him.

As Sam approached,he noticed that Rowan was doing a double battle against two kids who had only two Pokemon left on battlefield:a Pikachu and a Weedle. Rowan's Butterfree was lying unconsious on an improvised bed made from Rowan's backpack and jacket. Rowan leaned over it on his knees and used a Potion on it,completely ignoring the battle and jeopardising his Onix. He would have lost the battle if Onix wasn't doing quite well on it's own. It constricted Pikachu using it's mighty tail and slowly waited for it's opponent to suffocate completely ignoring Weedle's futile attempts at using Poison Sting on Onix's solid skin.

Sam came to Rowan and leaned to examine Butterfree only to see that it got better after healing.

"Pikachu's thundershock,isn't it?"-he asked.

"Yes. That little horned devil."-Rowan answered with zest-"Butterfree took out fourteen Pokemon in a row on this bridge and then that little bastard took it out."

"You do know the battle is still on?"-Sam said pointing at Onix.

"I believe Onix's got things under control."-Rowan said calmly,not taking his eyes off Butterfree.

Pikachu stopped it's futile struggle and it's body went wimp. Oinx immediately weakened it's grip and gently placed uncoscious Pikachu before it's respective trainer's feet. The youngster returned it to it's Apriball.

Then Onix made eye contact with Weedle. The worm Pokemon,whose sting attacks only managed to irritate the rock serpent now froze. With a one quick swipe Onix smashed it's tail against the ground just a few centimeters in front of Weedle. Then it bent the tip of it's tail and flicked Weedle sending it flying. The bug struggled while flying and landed in the water below the bridge. The trainer it belonged to had to recall it before it drowned.

"You're quite good.-the boy said-"Actually I've never seen someone as good as you.Here's the prize money."

"Keep it. There's no need for that."-Rowan replied while returnig Butterfree to it's Apriball-"Let's go,Sam!"-he said grabbing Sam with one hand and his pack and jacket with the other. Then he climbed Onix.

"The thing you caught just yesterday already allows you to ride it?"-Sam said sceptically.

"When you train a Pokemon it gets both stronger and more friendly. Now climb up here."

Sam was quite astonished with the ease and speed the large stone snake moved aswell with Rowan's way to ride it. All Rowan had to do to turn was to pat one of Onix's sides depending on the direction he wanted to head.

"So why all this haste? Where are we going?"-Sam inquired.

"To a place known as Cerulean cape."

"And what's so important there?"

"A research lab. The lady at the Pokecenter told me that they are looking for trainers with evolutionary stones for they research and that they promised some kind of reward."

"And you had the idea of using my Thunderstone. You know I'm not very fond of your new obsession. First my Heavy Ball and now Thunderstone...it makes me wander what'll be next."

"Oh,stop whining and look ahead-that must be the lab!."-Rowan shouted.

The building Rowan pointed at looked like a regular cottage only there were large boxes and machines outside and it had a large backyard. As the salty air entered Sam's nostrils,he finally realised how close they were to the sea.

"Parking time,Onix!"-Rowan ordered.

Onix slowed down to a speed of human walk and then dived underground,dissapearing under the boys. Rowan who was ready for this stretched his legs and Sam copied his movement. As the rock snake dissapeared,they found themselves firmly standing in front of the hole it made. Then it got out from another hole five meters ahead before Rowan retreated it.

"Nice trick."-Sam clapped-"Whed did you learn Onix that one?"

"This morning,in the park. It would have gone smoother but the local policeman on duty didn't like the holes we were making."

The boys entered the lab and found a bunch of scientists working at some machines.
One,which was having a meal at the time,asked them what do they need. When Sam answered,he quickly excused himself and went to one of his collegues,a man in his twenties wearing glasses. The two exchanged few words and the young scientist went towards them,his long lab coat rustling as he walked.

"Hello boys,I hear you're just the trainers we need."

"Yes we are."-Rowan answered eagerly-"I'm Rowan and this here is Sam."

"Pleased to meet you,sir."-Sam shook hands with him.

"I'm Dr.Fuji."-the man answered with a smile. You both are here for the experiment,right? Then please excuse me for a moment."-he said and went trough the door that led to the backyard. He returned in a minute with two small fox-like Pokemon in tow. He placed them on the floor where they started to play pretending a fight.

"I've never seen Pokemon like these."-Sam said looking at the two small,brown creatures-"Are they native to Kanto?"

"Yes and no."-Fuji answered-"They are rarely seen in the wild in the Sinnoh region,but many of the local breeders have them."

"And what are they?"-Rowan asked.

"I believe they could be the ancestors to all Pokemon. My guess is that if something is the ancestor to all Pokemon,it has to be very adaptable and these Pokemon are very adaptable and have been known for they ability to evolve into different forms."

"Wow."-Sam exclaimed while looking at the two Pokemon locked in their innocent battle looking nothing special at all.

There was a moment of ankward silence while the three observed the two young Pokemon until Dr.Fuji spoke again.

"So which stones do you have?"

"Oh,yes,a Thunderstone."-Sam snapped-"I'll get it out for you."-he said unzipping his bag.

"Good,good"-the man observed the stone in his hands.-"Alright boys I think we're ready. Pick up the Eevees and follow,please."

After picking up one of the Pokemon which seemed to be very friendly,Sam was surprised at how the Eevee was lighter even than Pidgeotto. He followed behind Fuji who used a key to unlock the door and led them inside a small room,full of test tubes and books. As he sat at the desk,he carefully moved some papers and a large microscope took out a syrette and one test tube.

"Please place the Pokemon in front of me."-he ordered Sam.

"I need to take a blood sample before and after evolution."-he explained while taking out some of it's blood. Eevee tensed it's muscles and growled as the needle penetrated it's skin,and it's brother cried out in response.

"They're from the same breed,so they're very protective over each other."-Fuji explained.-"Now let's carry them into the next room."

"Why do we need to carry them anyway?"-Rowan asked. "They followed obediently behind you earlier."

"I want them to get familiar with your scents."-Fuji explained and then smiled-"If you haven't figured it out,they are yours to keep."

The room he led them was small,completely white and with only one big table in the middle. Lots of big,professional cameras were placed to cover it from every angle. Fuji placed Sam's Eevee on the desk and told the boys to get into the next room placed the stone on

Eevee's back before runing out himself and closing the door shut behind him.
He quickly pressed a button on a large switch and the sounds of all cameras rapidly
snaping over and over for a whole minute taking pictures of a process which would,without the Thunderstone,take years of Eevee beign exposed to natural weak electric fields to trigger.

Fuji opened the door and the boys gasped in shock when they saw how much Eevee has changed. It was still fairly small,but it's brown furr lightened to yellow and spiked itself up and it's gaze was more menacing.

Sam wanted to examine it closely,but Fuji stopped him:"Blood samples first."

As he prepared another test tube,Rowan's Eevee looked in wonder at it's prematurely evolved brother. Fuji inserted the needle below the Pokemon's skin and started to take it's blood sample. The Pokemon growled again,but this time in a fierce,powerful voice and sent a shock at the scientist's body. The shock sent the man falling off his chair,but he managed to get the sample he needed.

Sam helped him up and Dr.Fuji smiled at his own reaction.

"This evolution of Eevee is called Jolteon. It excels at speed and will help you to easily beat this Gym. But first let me do some more thorough tests. You aren't in a hurry,are you?"

"No,not at all. It's too late to challenge the Gym today and I want to bond with this one better."-answered Sam looking determined at Jolteon.-"But the first thing tomorrow is challenging the Gym."

His new Pokemon returned the look with equal determination and let Sam to pet it's furr by loosening the electricity that rendered it's hairs into spikes.

It was the begining of a great new friendship.

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Re: Evolution

Here's the next chapter. I'll update on a more regular basis from now on.

I've also made some changes in my writing so the trainer's orders are no longer in caps. I believe they stood out in a negative way.

Chapter 10

The morning light coming trough high windows of Cerulean City Gym reflected off a large swimming pool that covered the whole middle section. The pool itself was divided in two parts by a straightforward path that led to another swimming pool which was half the size of the first one. The Gym leader was at the other side.

Sam looked at the path only to notice that there was one gym trainer swimming on each side.

Taking the path meant battling both trainers in a double battle and Sam wanted to keep Jolteon a secret to gain the element of surprise in battle with the Leader.

Searching for a way of avoiding trainers,his found a large billboard on the wall next to him which read:'Winning trainers this week' Rowan obviously saw the board himself and the two moved closer to it to inspect it. Rowan started reading the names aloud. Two trainers were from Cerulean City and one,which beat the Gym yesterday was from Saffron City.

"And the last one was here...today?"-said Rowan looking at the date of challenging.

"And look at the name!"-Sam shouted and quickly got embarrassed as his voice echoed trough the whole Gym-"Giacomo of Viridian City!"

"That bastard!"-Rowan smiled-"And we thought he was still asleep,as usual,and that we were ahead of him. But we'll catch up to him eventually."

"I bet he never got up this early in his whole life."-Sam chuckled-"But he isn't my problem now. Now I need to find a way to avoid those two ahead."

Sam kept looking at the pathway ant the two trainers who were exersizing in the water. However he looked there the pathway was the only option...or

"I got it!"-sam almost shouted again,but managed to lower down his voice in time. He took out a potion out of his backpack and stored it in his pocket,securing it with a zipper.

"Keep this for me until I return"-he said leaning the backpack and his jacket on the wall. Then he took off his shirt,shoes and socks and placed them on the pack.

"Going swimming,Sam?"-Rowan asked with a smile.

"If you can't beat them,join them!"-Sam returned and jumped into water on the right side of the pool.

The cold water enveloped him and he could regretted not warming up before jumping in.

"Hopefully I won't be in long enough."-he thought.

As he planned,only the trainer on his side of the pool spotted him. Sam thought battling while swimming would be much harder,but the battle was soon over as Sam's Pidgeotto has been victorious over the swimmer's Goldeen and Poliwag.

Sam clumsily got out of the pool and heard a slight chuckle from the Gym Leader. He ignored him for now and released Pidgeotto. He took the Potion out of his pockets and healed his Pokemon before retreating it.

Then he moved towards the next pool and saw a large,muscular man wearing trunks across it.

"Second challenger to make it here this morning."-he said in a deep,growling voice.

"I am Kenta,Leader of cerulean City Gym. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too"-Sam replied.-"I'm Sam Oak,from Viridian town."

"Another one,huh?"-the leader raised an eyebrow-"Most challengers we have around here are local brats who think they can catch an Oddish and harvest this Gym's badge. Some come from Cinnabar town,beating Arata easily with their Fire Pokemon. Neither of these two can win. My Pokemon have an edge over both Fire and Grass types."

Sam realised something was wrong with these last words. Since when did Water types have an edge over Grass types? He considered throwing that into leader's face,but remembered that some Pokemon have two types which helps them overcome their weaknesses,but sometimes their weakness is doubled.

"So."-the leader continued-"The first battle was dull since that guy used that new thing called Magnemite to easily beat me. But since you actually swam to get here,which I haven't seen in years,I think this battle is going to be fun. And that is my policy: Win or lose-it doesn't matter. All that matters is to have fun! Sam Oak,let's have some fun!"-the leader shouted.

"...Okay..."-Sam looked at the man in his childlike joy.


Schreeching it's battle cry,Pidgeotto made a loop in the air and landed in front of the pool.

"Go,boy."-Kenta tossed his Apriball.

The large,orange fish with yellow whiskers materialized,helplesly flailing above the water before falling into it with a big splash. In the water,however,it seemed gracious as it swiftly swam around it.

"Why Magikarp?"-Sam wondered-"This should be too easy."

"Pidgeotto,tackle it as soon as it emerges!"

"Jump out and tackle!"-the leader countered.

Pidgeotto swooped down on Magikarp,but the fish used it great swimming capabilities to propel itself out of water with great velocity. Unfortunately as soon as it was airborne it lost it's speed and direction while flailing.

It managed to hit Pidgeotto with it's side,dealing almost no damage at all. Pidgeotto now attacked,pursuiting falling Magikarp,but it didn't have enough speed to hit it before it got underwater. Pidgeotto had to abort it's attack before hitting the pool's surface itself,flapping it's wings above water and creating waves everywhere.

"Again!"-both trainers shouted simultaneously.

The same scene repeated with Magikarp dealing minor damage,but avoiding Pidgeotto's attacks by diving underwater.


Magikarp landed another tackle,but Pidgeotto barely stopped itself from not hitting water. It seemed tired.

"Pidgeotto,stop attacking and land before me!"-Sam ordered-"Avoid Magikarp's attacks!"

Pdgeotto landed on the tiled floor and spread it's wings to reduce it's body temperature. It was breathing heavily,opening it's beak. It's body was soaked from the water Magikarp splashed on it,making it even harder for Pidgeotto to fly.

"Magikarp."-the leader called to his Pokemon-"Wait for Pidgeotto to make a move and then attack."

Sam was confused with the leader's order. Magikarp could jump out of water and keep pressing Pidgeotto while it rested. Why Kenta kept Magikarp in water? And then it hit him:he remembered Magikarp's swiftness underwater and it's helpless flailing while airborne.

"That must be it!"-he thought to himself-"I need to get Magikarp out of water.

But Pidgeotto couldn't hit it at all. There must be some way." Sam was glad he took that swim earlier as the cold water woke him up and made him think clearer.

Kenta waited pattiently looking at the challenger changing expressions. This battle already seemed more fun then the first one this morning. He crossed his arms and waited wondering what kind strategy will Sam come up with. Sam's eyes suddenly blinked and his body shook a bit. His mouth widened into a grin.

"Tackle Pidgeotto!"-he ordered.


Kenta was confused. All the strategy this kid could come up with was to repeat the same,unsuccessfull,attack. Did he overestimate him? Was he just another kid with no brain or strategy whatsoever?

Meanwhile Magikarp landed another sidebody tackle on Pidgeotto and hit the surface with a big splash. Pidgeotto again started breaking with it's wings,but then Sam shouted another command.

"Now use Gust!"

"What?"-the leader gasped-"Magikarp dive deeper!"

Pidgeotto raised a large wave on the water's surface which sent Magikarp flying out again.

"Now,Pidgeotto,tackle it out of water!"

Magikarp was still flailing when it got hit by Pidgeotto. It landed on the other side of the pool right before it's trainer's feet,still flailing helplessly.

Pidgeotto landed in front of it.

It bowed elegantly to the leader,avoiding eye contact with him. Pidgeotto knew it's manners. Then it raised it's head and prepared to finish off it's prey with a well-aimed peck.

It chirped in surprise as Magikarp dissapeared in a flsh of light. Kenta had retreated it. Dissapointed,Pidgeotto went flew back to it's old position in front of Sam.

"Your Pidgeotto already won this one so there's no need for unnecessary bloodshed."-the leader explained.-"And I have to admit that was a very good strategy."-he clapped to them."but this is where it gets difficult."

Sam kept his calm composure.

Kenta continued while taking out his second and last Apriball:"Now you are to battle this guy's mother."

"Mother?"-Sam let out a slight chuckle.

"Go,girl!"-the Leader shouted tossing the Apriball.

Both sam and Pidgeotto gasped at the Pokemon that materialized. They could hear Rowan's shout of amazement from behind. The only common trait it shared with Magikarp were whiskers,but even they were white. Everything else from thick blue scales,multiple sets of fins,large crest on it's head to round body marks was different. And the most intimidating was the beast's vicious glare accompsnied by it's huge gaping mouth showing multiple rows of needle-like yet sharp teeth.

The large serpent barely fitted the pool and it's body volume forced some of the water out of it. Upper half of it's body towered above Pidgeotto who seemed terrified by it's intimidating glare.

"How can we beat this?"-Sam gritted trough his teeth-"It's a dragon!"​
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Re: Evolution

Chapter 11 is up! Enjoy!

Chapter 11

Sam didn't felt like laughing anymore. In fact,he realized that he was shivering at the pure sight of the Pokemon that opposed him. Pidgeotto scurried to it's trainer,seeking protection.

But Sam knew that he had to push Pidgeotto right into the oncoming storm. He knew he the advantage in numbers,but was sure that this beast could even the odds quickly. And he was sure of another thing:he was battling a Pokemon of the deadliest and most respected type-a dragon. Sam decided to act first.

"Pidgeotto,Quick Attack!"

"Bite,Gyarados!"-the leader commanded.

Pidgeotto took off and soon reached incredible speed,aiming to collide with the serpent,but the moment the two locked their eyes,it slowed down,intimidated and did minimum of damage. With a loud screech,it barely avoided being devoured whole by flying all the way to the Gym's ceiling.

"Gust from above!"-Sam shouted out to his airborne battler.

"Dragon Rage!"-Kenta countered.

Pidgeotto launched a Gust,but a tremendous ray made of purple flames passedtrough it's attack and hit it directly before it could react. It started falling,but regained control of it's movement and stopped above the pool's surface,ready to strike.

And then it let out a shriek out of pure horror. The last thing it saw was a giant Gyarados's head,with it's jaw wide open showing multiple rows of teeth.

Pidgeotto could already smell the beast's breath,smelling of rotten fish or probably Tentacool. It could hardly believe it's life was to end in a matter of milliseconds.

And then there was a bright flash.

Sam let out a loud sigh,his right arm stretched holding Pidgeotto's Apriball.

That was close.-"To prevent unnecessary bloodshed,as you said!"-he shouted to Kenta from across the pool. But he knew that he had no chances against this thing.

He still had Jolteon,which he kept a secret,to surprise the leader,but there were two problems:Jolteon was still inexperienced and it barely had control of it's newly gained electric abilities. And,second and even more important,he thought the leader would use water types.

Gyarados was obviously a water and dragon type,so,as Kenta said,wasn't vulnerable to grass type. As Sam knew,the water type negated the weakness to ice leaving only dragon type attacks to have an advantage over it. And Jolteon surely didn't know any.

"Going to send that Rattata you probably have or you're backing out?"-Kenta mocked a bit.

"We're not done yet!"-Sam threw his last Apriball-"Go,Jolteon!"

Sam noticed a sudden change of colour on Kenta's face. The man's face,despite his skin being heavily tanned,was pale,as if he saw a ghost of Pokemon Tower.

But what surprised Sam even more,was Jolteon's behavior. Instead of backing away and being afraid,here it was,in a battle pose,growling and showing it's small,canine teeth. It's fur was standing straight upwards and a sharp,crackling sound was echoing across the Gym as it gathered ions from the surrounding air.

What was the most astonishing,was the fact that it was looking into giant serpent's eyes the whole time,without flinching. It seemed that the intimidating glare Gyarados possessed didn't affect it at all.

"We must end this now."-Kenta shouted to his Pokemon in a voice so unlike him. He sounded troubled.-"Bite!"

"Avoid!"-Sam ordered.

Gyarados swooped down like it had moments ago,it's jaws wide open. It could see it's prey clearly and,a moment before hitting the target,retreated it's eye pupils backwards,to avoid harming them in case the victim struggles.

It couldn't see anymore,but was sure Jolteon was still there. It's jaws collided with something and it automatically snapped them,but instead of a warm,soft body,it now had numerous sharp pieces of tiles that covered the Gym's floor. It winced in pain.

On the place of impact,Sam could see some of it's teeth that fell off on contact and protruded from hard concrete floor below the tiles. Gyarados started spitting the content of it's mouth alongside with lots of it's own blood. Sam could see that some of the pieces were stuck in the flesh around it's teeth.

Jolteon was already behind and was trying out Pin Missile,but the loose,spiky,hairs that it launched only got Gyarados's attention.

"It's nothing girl."-Kenta reassured his Pokemon-"Dragon Rage!"

"Avoid again."-Sam calmly said.

The purple flames shot out of the serpent's injured mouth,but missed it's target

this time. The attack dispersed on the tiled floor,without even damaging it.

Jolteon was way faster than that and it was already halfway around the pool to get back in front of Sam.

"Now leap onto it!"-Sam ordered.

Jolteon quickly changed direction and jumped far across the water,landing softly onto the scaled,serpentine body.

"No,no,no!!!!"-the leader was shouting and waving to his battler-"Get it off! Use Trash!"


"What?!"-Kenta was surprised. He expected an electric attack and ordered Gyarados to trash out of pure panic.-"Gyarados abort last attack! Don't trash!"-he added.

But that was impossible. Gyarados was already flailing around,throwing large amounts of water all over the place. It's spine was like a raging wave,moving up and down which launched Jolteon into the air. Gyarados caught that and used it's tail to heavily hit falling Jolteon,knocking air out of it's lungs and launching it high into the air.

"I have to do something."-Sam thought while looking at his Pokemon which was still flying up. He could see that it had opened it's eyes and that it was catching it's breath.

"Jolteon is about to fall and there's nothing I can do." Jolteon stopped in the air near the wall high above the Gym's hard floor as gravity won over it's kinetic energy.

"Think,Sam,Think! What do we have that can help us?"-Jolteon started to fall.

"Sand Attack,Tackle,Quick Attack,,Thundershock..."-Jolteon was halfway to colliding with the hard floor.

"Listing attacks won't he-wait! That's it! Quick Attack,then Thundershock!"-Sam could see the next few seconds clearly,but only if he acted quickly.

"Quickly Jolteon! Deflect off the wall with Quick attack!"-he quickly shouted to falling Jolteon.

This worked out quite well,slowing down the fall,but sent Jolteon flying into the pool where Gyarados had advantage.

"Now ionize!"-Sam continued as soon as Jolteon found itself above the pool.

The crackling sound could be heard again and Jolteon's fur raised again. It then fell into the water and reappeared after a few seconds,swimming in place.

"Now,Gyarados,get it!"-Kenta suddenly shouted.

But Gyarados didn't attack Jolteon,but instead hit pool's edge with a loud thud and sending water all over the field. It was confused.

"Gyarados was still part water type so this could actually work."-he thought.-"Jolteon!"-he called to his Pokemon-"Release the electricity!"

There was a short flash of light followed by a loud electrical buzz,but nothing else,nothing spectacular or fancy. Just a short flash. And then Gyarados fell into the pool. Jolteon barely avoided being crushed by it's large body by jumping out of the water.

"H-how..."-Sam looked at the unconscious serpent in disbelief.-"Why was it that damaging?"

"I suppose you didn't know"-Kenta answered-"but Gyarados is part water part flying making almost any electric attack lethal,especially when used underwater."

"I was such a fool..."-Sam concluded.

"But that gave us one exciting battle. And earned you the Cascade Badge.
Samuel Oak"-he paused for a moment-"I'm proud to present it to such a fine trainer as you."
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Apr 9, 2011
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Re: Evolution (Chapter 11 is up)

After quite a hiatus,I'm continuing Evolution. This chapter may seem odd and is short,but it is significant to the plot. Also I'll be naming chapters from now on.

Without any further ado,here's chapter 12,enjoy.

Chapter 12:Zero

Fog. Fog everywhere.
The place Sam found himself was seemingly endless plain covered in thin fog. The only problem was the grass was lacking color-it was in all shades of gray.

Before he could think of anything else,he heard some really strange noises. They were surrounding him,and seemed like a random cacophony of high and low pitch sounds of different lenght.

"I must be dreaming" Sam thought to himself.

The sounds were slowly disappearing trough,their final whispers echoing. Soon everything was silent. And then the voice took place. This couldn't have been a voice of anything even remotely connected to Earth. It was heavily distorted and while both high-pitched and rumbling

"Hello,First to come."-it echoed.

"God?"-Sam asked the voice.

"No,not yet,First to come."-it answered. The way it sounded showed no emotions at all.

"Who are you then?"-Sam asked again-"Is this a dream?"

"I cannot tell you who I am yet,but I assure you that this is most certainly not a dream,First to come."

It didn't wait for Sam's reply,but simply continued in the same echoing,monotonous tone:"I will now show myself to you,First to come. Do not fret."

As it spoke,four figures appeared in front of Sam. One vaguely resembled a ghostly figure of some sort,with big,white menacing eyes. Two positioned in the middle were skeletal creatures. One was a bird-like thing and other something humanoid Sam couldn't even describe.

The last one was the most puzzling. It was completely two-dimensional,flat,consisting of weird parts which moved around forming a weird shape which reminded Sam of letter 'L'.

For some reason Sam wasn't afraid at all. He was only puzzled by all of this:was this a dream,or could he be dead. Sam was pretty sure he wasn't into using certain substances such as Stun Spore,but what he saw here could be only an effect of drugs. Or a very weird dream. He couldn't figure anything out. His stream of thoughts was suddenly interrupted by the voice which was coming from all four things in unison:

"First to come,I don't have much time for explanations,so listen carefully."

"Hey,you! Why are you calling me 'First to come'-Sam interrupted.

"Because you are the first human I talked to."-the voice answered.-"First to come,you will be the mean of my ascending."

"What does that mean? What do you want from me?"-Sam protested.

The voice continued in it's distorted,emotionless tone:

"All I want from you,First to come,is to remember the following words. Listen to them carefully and put them to good use."

There was a small pause as the last words echoed away and then the voice separated into four.
Ghostly figure spoke first:'ROCK'

Sam felt a strong headache as the word buried itself into his ears,almost as if it was imprinted onto his brain.

Few moments later first skeletal thing spoke:'SLIDE'

Again Sam felt the headache,but it wasn't as intense as before.

Humanoid skeleton spoke clearly:'ON'

The pain was certainly weaker this time as if Sam got used to it.

The weird 'L' spoke last:'CHARIZARD'

Sam didn't feel any pain this time,just slight discomfort,but he noticed that the fog got thicker.

The voice then spoke,once again united from four:

"Farewell,First to come. We shall never meet again. You shall never again see the faces of Zero."

"What? Wait where are y-"-but Sam couldn't finish as everything faded to white. It was no more.

And then Sam woke up. He looked around and noticed he was in a bedroom in Cerulean Pokemon Center. the first lights of dawn were faintly falling on four other sleeping trainers,one of them being Rowan.

"So that was a dream after all."-Sam concluded-"And a really weird it was. I really shouldn't be eating late like last night. It's still quite dark outside and I should get some more rest."

And with that thought Sam returned to sleep,this time without interruptions.