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Explain Your Avatar

it's a francesca woodman photograph? no particular reason why i just liked it
The Random Messages thread decided to hold an Eeveelution Day a while back, so I decided to attend as my favorite of the bunch: Vaporeon.
A group of Sea Pickles from Minecraft. Perhaps I’m a bit obsessed with them.
Ken Sugimori artwork of Meltan, along with a bandana and eye patch to make it look pirate-y.
I like to theme spooky Ghost-types like Mimikyu as Halloween approaches, and this pirate Mimikyu is to go along with some pirate shenanigans over in RM. This isn’t my true Halloween theme, however...
A fan artwork of my favorite Pokémon, Dhelmise, that I found.
just a really cute gyaru girl pixel i found and thought it looked cute... and appropriate lol
Leif, Seliph, and Ares from FE GotHW & Thracia 776 (in Leif and Seliph's case), my favorite trio in the series.
Peter Pettigrew as he appears in the film adaption of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Osamu Dazai (yes he's intentionally named after the actual author, it's part of the series charm) from Bungou Stray Dogs dressed as a vampire.
Its an avatar of my crush dressed up for halloween lol

And being adorable xD
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