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Explain Your Avatar

Adorable is right

Tom getting ready to use Jerry to try to catch fish
Dream World artwork of Umbreon. Since I haven't been very active here recently, it's probably gonna stay like that for a while.
For a while using Shinx in cute or funny situations - right now hinting a Luxray
(Or it’s tail at least)
She's my crush and she's very special to me (even if some people i know irl have been hard on me for liking her).

*hug's my avatar :)*
I actually never skated like she does, but she still looks pretty while skating to me xD
Espeon is my current favorite Pokémon of all, wanted to use for my 33rd birthday
Seliph, the protagonist and lord in Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War, he's my top favorite lord of the series.:love:
Is it Chibiterasu? Or Chibi Amaterasu? Who knows, but it's an adorable Okami doggo avatar and that's all that matters. ^_^
Eevee waiting for 2019. Complete with an Oddish and Rockruff in the background.
This time it's Killia from Disgaea 5. Starting a new file on Disgaea 5 Complete and thought, why not use him on here.
Velvet Crow from Tales of Berseria. I have a bit of a connection to this character. Plus, with her long crazy dark hair, I think she kinda looks like me. That's why I'm using her for now.
for my last week as a 'feline sona' using my favorite feline

Espeon first as feline, went with Lipeard this time
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