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for another week - just a cute image of Jolteon I found
Kazuchika Okada - Wrestler based in Japan,"The Ace" of his company.
Sugimori-style artwork of Wolfman, a beta Gen II Pokémon that may or may not have been turned into Swinub. The picture was made by RacieBeep, by the way, and she has in her Twitter the rest of the beta Gen II guys in this style if someone's interested.

...I feel like a paid space.
A picture of my favorite Pokémon I drew over a photo of the lesbian flag I slightly tinted pink to match miltanks colors better :0
remainder of March - using a funny art I found of Flareon
It’s Corphish, a cool Pokémon I briefly themed on Discord...then missed catching on Saphir’s Pokémon bot. ;-;
Changed it to Tetsuya Naito, my favourite wrestler, a big name in his company.
my real name is Ryan and i like gen 2, so add them together to get cool trainer Ryan from Pokemon gold/silver/crystal
In honor of my first Bulbagarden avatar, my April Fool’s theme is Dhelmise’s Dream World artwork, but with googly eyes
in April going with fennec fox theme

starting with a cute Fennekin art I found
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