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Facts about you...

Cool Cool
Aug 29, 2011
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23. I play guitar, keyboard, Ukulele, Bass, drums and glockenspiel. I'm pretty rusty though - I haven't played glockenspiel nor keyboard in about 4-5 years, Bass and drums in 2 years, and guitar and ukulele I still play but not often. (I've picked up playing guitar 4 times now, get reasonably good, then lose interest and become bad again)
24. I have trouble talking to people I don't know in certain environments. I'm not just 'shy', my voice literally goes on mute when I try to talk to people... and then I'm just stood there like mouthing words. So I don't talk often.
25. I just bought some cute sheep slippers!
Well-Known Member
Aug 30, 2013
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I'm 20
I'm waiting for hormone replacement therapy
I'm homeless despite having an income of $350 per week
I'm girly and slightly tomboyish
I want to live a simple life. I'm not interested in going to college.
Dost thou talketh to me?
Jun 11, 2013
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I'm 17
Used to be a pipsqueak as a child but hit a continuous growth spurt at 14
Collects action figures, figurines, and other toy related things (ex. Pokemon, Power Rangers Super Sentai)
Horrible singing irritates me
Want to build my own house one day
Doesn't have a driver's license yet
Laughs at celebrity breakdowns
Likes watching troll videos on YouTube
Left handed
Have a deep scar on my left arm
Can't swim
Trying to grow a goatee
Likes the outdoors but doesn't go outside much
Hates sitting around in one spot all day
Only Child
Nondenominational Agnostic Christian
Favorites animal is the lion
Miss being a naive kid
Smart but lazy
Chipped my front tooth when I was nine on a black top basketball court
Either 5'11 1/2 or 6'0 (the measurements are different each time)
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Jun 24, 2013
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-I am 20. Gonna be 21 in July (Gonna be legal to drink)
-I was bullied From Elementary to Middle School. However it did strengthen me for high school.
-I am a 1st Degree Black Belt with a mastery of Aikido, Jujitsu, Ninjutsu and Bojutsu.
-I am the exact definition of Otaku. Anime/Manga fan, Gamer, Cosplayer, Collector, etc.
-I work as a DJ. I do any kind of legal parties ex. Birthdays, Sweet 16s, Weddings, Quinceaneras, School Dances. etc.
-Aside from that, I also work as a Financial Advisor. AKA an Insurance Agent.
-In my entire life, I dated 3 girls. The last one being worse than the others.
-I currently live with my best friend, Aria. in a two-bedroom Apartment. (it's bigger than it sounds)
-My latest ex-girlfriend, is also Aria's older sister. we never told anyone why we broke up, so our families can still be friends. We just told them it was mutual. But in reality, it WAS HER FAULT!!!
-I am Trilingual, I can speak Spanish (which was my first language), English and Japanese (still learning).
-I'm 5'8", 187 lbs. brown eyes, snow-white hair (Dyed. Natural hair color is black). light brown skin.
-I have a huge appetite. I have to eat a lot to be full.
-I'm very interested in the Japanese culture. I hope to travel there one day.
-I don't have any kind of clothing style. I just wear whatever. The main colors of clothes I wear are usually black and white.
-I own a car. A black 2012 Mazda 6.
-I'm good at guitar, and piano. Mostly guitar.
-I'm a bad dancer. The only kind I know are Cumbias, Bachatas, and Salsa, but I am horrible.
-My Favorite food, if I had to choose... Chicken Pot Pie!
-I passed High School with above average, but not perfect, scores.
-Anybody reading this wants to know more about me, please head to my Bio in my Profile.
Returning to Hoenn
Apr 2, 2014
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Here are some more-

-I am 5'5", and wish I was taller.
-I love to wear over-the-knee socks.
-I always wear wigs because I am more comfortable that way right now, and I probably always look like a different person because they are all different colors.
Almost always on Tapatalk.
May 28, 2014
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- I am 23, 24 this September
- I once was a prodigy kid with IQ 147 when I was 7 years old. But I never achive too high in my school test
- I have 2 younger brothers, ther older one is 2 years younger than me and my youngest brother is 15-16 years younger than me.
- I got my first period when I was 10 years old and bullied harshally that time by most of my classmate cause I started to gain weight and have a nervous breakdown sometime. Only one particular friend who really love manganime who friend me and really kind to me. She introduced me to world of otaku and I'm addicted till now.
- I become nintendo fans since I got my first 3ds. I once was Sony fans but reject to buy ps3 *more like I can't afford it actually*, and I can't approved most of their game afterwards.
- My brother was more freakky gamer than me and still can beat me in most of the games. He is still sony fans but I won't help him buy ps4. So he only have our ps2 now, but our parent make our youngest brother owner of the ps2. Our youngest brother start to love games thank to us too.
- I love simulation games, and Android-Kairosoft games/ Harvest Moons/Rune Factories/and most Japanese simulations games. But I can't get the hype of the sims and only enjoy Castaway series.
- I'm working as a teacher on International Preschool and Kindergarden. I sometimes play video games with my student or graduates when we wait for their nany or parent. Sometimes they come to my apartment too and we play Mario Kart together.
New Member
Jun 11, 2014
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Re: facts about you


- I have Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, and a Brown Beard (At least everything matches..)
- I'm 23 and have resided in a numerous amount of towns and cities across the USA, though I currently reside in Gold Beach, Oregon. (Parents liked to move a lot)
- Oddly enough I was born in Guam since my mom was in the air force at the time.
- Animals seem to like me a lot.. I like cat's but not dogs so much.
- I've kissed the pavement more times than I can count on my fingers doing reckless stunts.
- I've never broken a bone, but I've cracked my elbow twice, and knocked a tooth out before.
- I'm the only person in my family that doesn't have food, pollen, or dander allergies.
- I'm the only person in my family aside from my did who is lactose persistent.
- I'm immune to poison ivy, poison oak, and poison hemlock like my dad.
- I rarely ever get sick with the cold or flu, but I've have Pneumonia and Bronchitis several times. (probably cause I'm a smoker)
- I've never been in a relationship.
- I'm a pretty good cook, I've been told I'm a natural with seasoning and spices.
- I'm a big procrastinator, and a high school drop out. I did excellent on test's but hated the homework, I also got harassed a lot because my parents were Jehovah witnesses at the time plus I'm a thin as a toothpick.
- I tend to rant and ramble on about things.. a lot. (My method of venting frustration, anxiety, or just boredom)

I can't think of anything else.. I've run outta steam.
May 12, 2014
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Let's do this:

I am 10 years old, maybe close to 5'4", have really big feet for a kid my age, size 10.5 men's, my birthday's in about 2 weeks. Legally, I have 2 moms and no dad. Biologically, like everyone, I have a dad and a mom. I have a pretty annoying younger brother. I have an ear tube in my right ear, and I had one in my left, because my things in my ears (that I forgot the name of) that drain fluid from when you get sick don't work, at least definitely in my right. I don't know about my left, I haven't gotten sick since the tube fell out. I am an 82% A+ student, in the Gifted and Talented (that name sucks) program. I get B's in G&T, 'cause it's sooooo much harder. I'm kinda dirty-minded. I live in USA, and I really do LOOOOOOOOOOVVEEEEEEE Ketchup and LOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEE Typhlosion.
✨ Ꮚ`ꈊ´Ꮚ ✨
May 16, 2010
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- i'm a girl and i'm very feminine i like feminine things a lot
- i like girls a lot. i mean i'm pan so i'm attracted to everyone and i have a boyfriend, but god i like girls a lot
- im welsh first language! i speak english too but its not my first language
- i've been playing bass guitar for just about a year now and i'm decent
- i have diagnosed dyscalculia and GAD and im planning to see a dcotor about the possibility of me having depression
- i used to have very little self confidence, i have a decent amount now
- im felinekin and i love cats very much
- i get jealous extremely easily im not proud of it
- i have an elder sister who is twice my age
- i want to be a musician or a music journalist when im out of school
- my music taste is cool
- i love not being straight :p
Aug 6, 2013
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I've dyspraxia.
I like writing.
I'm learning electric guitar atm.
I have really low self confidence.
I've got scoliosis, although I did have surgery to straighten it last September.
Dost thou talketh to me?
Jun 11, 2013
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I'll try again

-I had blonde hair as a baby but it turned light brown and eventually dark brown/black
-I have green/blue/gray central heterochromic eyes
-I hate swearing around people but swear about every single thing when I'm alone
-I only have two main classes next year (History and English)
-I kind of have trouble controlling the volume of my voice. I don't scream when I talk, but I tend to talk loudly if I get excited or something.
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Darkness Pokémon
Jul 3, 2014
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Might as well let the users here get to know a bit about me, considering I just recently joined.

-I found Pokemon late, because I didn't see the appeal. I got my first copy of Diamond version (as recommended by a guy who worked in the store) four years ago.

-Being around other people, even if it's just in a matter of being in a public place, makes me very anxious. Because of this, I prefer to be alone.

-Virtually all of the music I listen to is metal. I like bands such as Disturbed, August Burns Red, The Devil Wears Prada, As I Lay Dying, and Memphis May Fire.

-I've been drawing seriously for 5+ years, and intend to (hopefully) post some art here on Bulbagarden soon.

-I'm a pushover when it comes to animals. I feed and care for four stray cats, two opossums, and at least one skunk. Indoors, I have three felines (one of which is just staying here temporarily) and an Uromastyx.

-I have a bit of an addiction to IRC. I previously moderated in an official channel associated with a different forum before leaving and starting my own.

-I quite like piercings, but only have four right now. I have plans for three more, although I want to wait for my newest one to heal completely first. ;3
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Shitposter in Residence
Jul 24, 2014
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I'm an engineering student who loves to write. I like to think of myself as a Renaissance woman!
Pollocking up your life~
Nov 8, 2011
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I love to draw and communicate with people :) Also, I am going to study Graphic Arts this Fall :D
Happiness is a Beautifly
Aug 29, 2010
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Yet another round cause why not.

- I like going to the movies alone.
- I'm taking two astronomy courses next year.
- I'm the only one in my circle of GoT friends who isn't a Daenerys fan. I have to tread lightly in our discussions about the show, lol.
- I made my first post in this thread when I was 14. I'm 18 now.
- I'm an ISFP.
- I used to be a huge Animorphs fan. (Okay, scratch the "used to.")
- I'm torn between getting Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire this fall.
- I've tried to get into competitive Pokémon battling countless times but I still have no idea what I'm doing...
- I have an irrational hatred for the movie Now You See Me.
- I'm planning on majoring in English.
- I had my first and only job tutoring kids in music theory and picking up phone calls for six months at a piano studio.
- I had two of my wisdom teeth taken out this summer.
- If I had a pet bird, I'd name it Pericles.
Jul 19, 2014
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OK, OK.....here goes. I'll just post a handful.

1. I have a massive fear of thunderstorms.

2. I love to draw, but I prefer drawing my own original concepts to actual existing series, like Pokemon. I currently have 128 characters divided into six concepts, all of which I created.

3. I love whispering scenes in cartoons and animes. I don't even know why, but I often find myself seeking them out. Good thing Pokemon has a good handful. X3
shiny smiling tea break~
Dec 2, 2012
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- My name's Zahra.
- I'm 17.
- I have a younger sister and brother.
- I'm quite short and skinny, and I have dark brown eyes and black hair. I have freckles.
- I used to not like how I look, but now I'm happy with how I look on the whole.
- I'm the only person I know who's not really excited about learning to drive.
- I'm really shy and when I was little I found it impossible to talk to adults I didn't know.
- I'm a British-born Bangladeshi and a Muslim.
- I love clothes and fashion, and I spend a lot of time looking up hijab fashion.
- I didn't get into Pokémon until I was about 12.
- My first video game was Diddy Kong Racing on the Nintendo 64. The game and system have been in the house almost as long as I've been alive, and they still work.
- I really hate tea, but I love hot chocolate and coffee.
- I love Indian food most, but will eat almost anything.
- I'm usually happy and it's really easy to make me laugh.
- I'm an ISFJ.
- I love drawing even though I'm not that great, haha.
- I'm a calm person and people often say I never get angry or stressed.
- I'm a chocoholic.
- I can never bring myself to say a swear word, or even type one online. My friends think I'm weird for that ^^;;
- I've never had a pet but I'd love to have a cat one day.
Jul 29, 2014
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> My name is Louis
>I can play guitar and bass and I also DJ.
>I have a massive musical taste with everything from electronic to rap to pop to extreme metal.
>I am Canadian and yes I do say "eh" a lot and pronounce "about" like "aboot".
>I adore cats and love them so much!
>I love horror movies and the feeling of being scared.
>I am a bit of a noob at anime/manga but I love Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist and Attack on Titan. Also AKIRA is my favorite movie.
>My favorite colour is purple.
>I am double jointed in my right hand.
>My favorite food in the world is cookies and cream ice cream.
I am not the real Slim Shady