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Family Mart and Baskin Robbins stores in Japan collaborate with Pokémon for cool new icy treats this summer

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As Japan's rainy season winds down for temperatures to rise, Family Mart, a popular Japanese conbini or convenience store chain, as well as Baskin Robbins, have each partnered with The Pokémon Company for their own selections of limited-time Pokémon-themed items.

Working under the slogan of "Your Happy," Family Mart have partnered with Pokémon for a promotional campaign at all 16,600 Family Mart locations across Japan, which is running through until Monday, July 18th. The collaboration, which focuses on the mobile and Switch game Pokémon Café ReMix, has a new item as its' centerpiece, an unprecedented first-of-its-kind flavor of frappe, "Pikachu's PineFrappe". Said to have been "designed by 'Pikachu'", this frappe costs 320 yen (~$2.37 USD), including tax.

Family Mart said:
The first pineapple flavored frappe ever. Designed by 'Pikachu,' you'd love to take the cute packaging in your hands. The flavor is absolutely perfect for summer, so please enjoy.

The Pikachu PineFrappe is available in three different cups, each with their own original design featuring Pikachu in red, blue, and green costumes.

Additionally, Family Mart is offering bonus Pokémon Café ReMix merchandise with every purchase of three Pikachu PineFrappe. The first batch of Pokémon Cafe ReMix goods includes four different types of the "Original PP Coasters" (pictured left), while the second batch which will be available from July 5th includes four different types of "Cafe Menu Design Original Memo Book" (pictured right). Both sets of promotional items will be available until July 18th, or while stocks last.

Other promotional goods are also available as part of a stamp campaign for customers with Family Mart's official app, including original lunch bags, and dish sets.

Baskin Robbins meanwhile has brought back their popular Pikachu Happy Party flavor ice creams in the lead-up to their PokéSummer event, which begins on July 21st. Additional new flavors will also be launched on July 21st. More information is expected to be released about this event over the coming weeks on the hashtag #31ポケ夏2022.



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