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Fastest Racer Jolteon event and Oshawott Summer Pack now live in Pokémon Café ReMix - September's One-Minute Cooking event to feature Dialga

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A new Jolteon points event and an Oshawott Summer Pack are now both available in Pokémon Café ReMix. Details have also been released on the next one-minute cooking event, which will be held in the game from early September.

Fastest Racer Jolteon is a points event that will be running through until September 1st, at 2:59pm (JST). Players can complete Main orders, Training orders, and Past orders to earn points for this event. A variety of different rewards can be received after earning a certain number of points, including Golden Acorns. Players who accumulate enough points in this event will be able to recruit Jolteon to join as staff. Jolteon's Skill clears Pokémon icons and gimmicks below and in a zigzag pattern.

The Oshawott Summer Pack will be available for purchase from the in-game shop until September 21st, at 2:59pm (JST). This pack includes 14,800 Golden acorns, and will recruit Oshawott Bug catcher outfit as staff. Oshawott Bug catcher outfit's Skill clears Pokémon icons and gimmicks in a T pattern, replacing surrounding icons with megaphones which are then set off.

Players can earn bonus points towards the Fastest Racer Jolteon event by setting either Oshawott Bug catcher outfit or Hisuian Form Zorua as the Leader Pokémon when completing puzzles, receiving +400% and +200% bonus points respectively. Premium pass owners will also receive a +50% bonus to points.

The next One-Minute Cooking event will feature the Legendary Pokémon Dialga, who will be making their Pokémon Café ReMix debut with this event. Pokémon with the Sweets Specialty will have an advantage in completing puzzles for this event.


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