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Little known to most people, exists a society known as Magi, practitioners of magic. They wield formidable power using prana as a cataclyst to perform amazing feats. It takes many years to become a properly trained Magi, and you abilities as a Magi are often affected by your own blood line. However, Some Magi are lucky enough to selected by the Mage Association to wield a "Servant". Servants are the spirits of legendary figures who populate history and legend, given life to protect and serve their master.

You've been selected by the Magi Association to journey to Fuyuki City, and study magic under a legendary Magi, and learn become a powerful sorcerer using your servant as a sword and shield.

Where will fate take you?


This is an RP based off of Type Moon's "Fate" series. Usually, the series follows what is called "The Holy Grail War". A war where 7 Magi summon servants and fight to the death for the Holy Grail, a legendary relic capable of bestowing miracles. However, for simplistic reasons, this RP will mostly be focusing on the aspect of using a servant and learning to grow as a mage from the perspective master you've been assigned, while overcoming hardship on the way.

1. Listen to your GM's
2. No god modding, power playing, bunnying, etc.
3. Treat your fellow RP'ers with respect
4. Be active, please notify me with any possible long term absence.
5. Please keep things rated PG-13, so no excessive cussing, baby making, or gorey violence please.

If you have read the rules, place Oath Sign in your sign up.

Available Servant Classes:

Saber: The Saber class of servants are swift melee fighters who wield swords in combat, they are well known for their versatility and overall lack of weaknesses. Saber Class hero's were once great swordsman or strong leaders in life, and they are often very chivalrous in nature. Example of the Saber Class hero's include King Arthur and The Roman Emperor, Nero"

Archer: The Archer class of servants are strong fighters, who excel at fighting at a distance with long ranged weaponry such as bows, guns, and other weapons. The Archer Class is also the most independent class, being able to spend a week away from their master without fading away or having to sustain themselves on their Master's Prana. An example of the Archer Class hero would Robin Hood.

Lancer: The Lancer Class are swift knights who boast the greatest speed among the classes. They are typically the sprits of fierce warriors, who wield of spears and other long reaching weapons. They often rely on hit and run strategies, and also boast a decent resistance to low level magic. An example of a Lancer Class Figure would be Vlad the Impaler.

Caster: The Caster Class are beings who excel at exceptional mage craft, and boast long ranged magical attacks. They are typically spirits of wise beings or people who have master magic to a master's level during their life time. Unlike other classes, Caster Class can create items through Alchemy, and altar terrain using a Reality Marble. However, to compensate, they often have weak physical abilities save for agility. A good example of the Caster figure would be Medea of Greek Mythology.

Assassin: The Assassin Class are beings who excel as espionage and assassination. While their abilities are slightly subpar to other Servant Classes, they excel concealing their presence, and providing sneaky tactics. Hero's of the Assassin Class are often famous killers or Assassins. A good example of an Assassin Class figure would be Jack the Ripper.

Rider: The Rider Class are beings who excel at riding mounts. Their abilities are slightly subpar, but they often make up for it by having strong spells thanks to their Mount. The Rider Class are often hero's who were revered in there abilities to ride animals and other vehicles, save for Dragons. A good example of a Rider Class figure would be Alexander the Great.

Sign Up Forms:

Name: (First and Last)
Age: (14 though 17)
Gender: (Male or Female)

Appearance: (A detailed picture or a detailed description will suffice)

Personality: (How does your character act, leave room for character development)

History: (Completely optional, but highly recommended)

Skills: (What kind've mage craft does this character practice, don't go over board).


Class: (From the List Above)

True Identity: (Who they once were)

Appearance: (What does your servant look like)

Personality: (How do they act)

History: (Nothing complicated, just describe their legend and how they became so)

Spells: (3 spells that your character can perform in combat)

Noble Phantasm: (A skill that marks your servant as a legendary soul, often a last resort spell that can either provide a great deal of damage to the foe, or empower your servant)

Other: (What ever doesn't belong anywhere else)

My Sign Up/Example

Name: Yuki Tamaki
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Appearance: A young man who stands at 5,9 and weighs 140 lbs. He's slender, with pale skin and bright blue eyes and dark black hair with long bangs that make it hard to see his eyes. He often wears a black hoody with a pair of blue jeans, a pair of black and white canvas sneakers, and a chocker with a star shaped pendant on it.

Personality: Yuki has some confidence issues, while he's a decent mage, and tries his best at everything he does. He sees himself as average at best. Yuki's kind hearted, and hard working, but don't get him mad. He despises being betrayed or lied to more then anything else. Yuki also has an unfettered kindness that has passion for all living things, and he tries to view his servant as an equal, not liking being referred to as "Master"

History: Will be revealed in RP.

Skills: Healing: Yuki practices magic centering around healing, however, at his current skill level, he can only heal minor cuts and wounds.


Class: Caster

True Identity: Alice

Appearance: Alice stands at 5,1 and weighs 98 lbs. She's petite and slender in frame, with silvery blonde hair that she ties into pigtails that come down to her waist. Her eyes are pale blue, and she usually wears a gothic lolita styled dress with a white lace trim, and long sleeves. She completes the outfit with a pair of black and white striped stalkings, and black loafers with a pronounced wooden heel.

Personality: Alice carries herself with an air of class and grace that cannot be replicated, however she is rude and arrogant that most would find to a degree of quite annoying. She acts like an aristocrat who expects others to treat her with fine and formal manners, and with the utmost respect. Though she'd rather die then admit it, she's very caring towards her master, and can be quite personable sometims.

History: Alice was a girl who fell down a rabbit hole and ended up in the world of Wonderland, she is known for being able to visit wonderland and live, and managed to learn quite a bit of powerful sorcery while she was there.


The Jabberwoki's Wrath: Alice summons a blast of fire, to burn her foes.

The White Queen's Embrace: Alice summons a blast of ice to freeze her foes

The Cheshire Cat's Grin: Alice summons a bolt of lighting to strike her foe.

Noble Phantasm: The Mad Tea Party: Alice creates a reality Marble where the field takes the form of a large rose garden. Here, Alice attacks become twice as powerful, while the opponents resistance to magic is reduced by half.

Other: Oath Sign


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Reserve, please? Assassin, if you will~
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Name: Vendetta Hale
Age: 14
Gender: Female

Appearance: image.jpg
Since that's her facial features, she usually wears a maroon jersey and brown shorts. She wears Fila soccer shoes, with a fairly lean albeit athletic body,
Personality: V, as she's called, has a mostly mellow, laid-back additude. When she pkays soccer, her competitive side comes out. Otherwise, it takes a LOT to get her angry.

History: She developed amnesia at age 12, and therefore doesn't remember.

Skills: V practices hematokinesis, the power to manipulate blood.


Class: Assassin

True Identity: Hannibal Lecter

Appearance: Hannibal wears a plain white T-shirt, with his brown hair slicked back. His eyes are a grey-blue color, with a slight silvery tint. He wears dark blue denim jeans, and sometimes a mask covering the lower half of his face.

Personality: Hannibal is a bit of a sociopath, if not a psychopath. He suffers from a mental illness, although unknown, yet kind to those he likes. Unlike most insane people, Hannibal is a genius, having brilliance in his thought process. However, his modus operandi is mainly cannibalism and will torture some to the extent until he gets the information he needs.

History: Born in the wake of World War II at August 7, 1944 on the Eastern Front, Lithuania. Hannibal Lecter was born of a Catholic count and at first led a pleasant life devoted to his younger sister Mischa. When the war was ending, Nazi turncoats and others fleeing the Russian advance into Germany hide out on their parents estate. Keeping them hostage, they run out of food in the harsh winter, eventually cannibalizing his sister, leading her away by pretending they were going to play. Lecter apparently prayed daily for her return, but eventually found her remains, sparking his obsession with cannibalism and rendering him temporarily mute. It is also at this moment he loses his belief in God. He becomes a prominent psychologist, and part of the high culture of Baltimore. He secretly continues his cannibalistic activities, his victims including a musician who played a favorite piece of his poorly, and Mason Verger, the only victim of his to survive, albeit as a paraplegic with no face, and serves his victims at his popular dinner parties. He is later caught, however, by Will Graham, a special agent with the FBI who recognizes the wounds on one of his victims in a book Lector has on his bookshelf.

Spells: Blood-feast - Hannibal eats part of his enemy, regaining stamina. This regenerates his health, doing a little of damage.

Insanity - Hannibal focuses his insanity of the opponent, driving the other foe crazy as Hannibal prepares for another attack.

Fear - Hannibal takes two serrated knives and stabs them in the foe's stomach.

Noble Phantasm: Hannibal's Rage - Hannibal sneaks up behind the target, and executes many stabs on pressure points. He then bends the victim's arms back beyond limits and runs off.

Other: Oath Sign
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