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Favorite Dragon type

Geek of the Games
Dec 23, 2009
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Garchomp takes first place for me. And, no, it's not because it's strong or that Cynthia uses it. I just find it to be utterly awesome, both in design and move pool. It was really the first Dragon Mon I actually took a liking to despite having a, I guess you could say "dragon fetish" that had cropped up around that time. To me, all the past Dragon-types were meh to ugly at best. Although I don't like its Mega much, as I feel it takes away some of initial sleek style for a more edgy one. Plus, vanilla Garchomp with a good held item is better and it doesn't take up a coveted Mega slot. Cynthia using it only cemented its status as awesome to me.

Second place goes to Giratina. Seriously, that is one awesome Mon. It was the first Legendary Mon that I actually liked, even though it also had my least favorite type as one of its types (Ghost). But, then again, Gen 4 introduced some good Ghost Mons which made me warm up to the type more (though it's still my least liked type). But Giratina and its two different forms, combined with its lore and "nature" make it really, really cool. It's basically the misunderstood Satin of the Poke-world, along with its antimatter backing, which is a pretty unique concept.

Third goes to Kommo-o. Like Garchomp, it's not because it's strong or a pseudo (in fact, its jack-of-all-stats nature kinda hurt it, at least in its debut), but I find the design and concept to be really interesting. The type combo and lore it has is also makes it more interesting. I'm glad to see that over time it got some more love and attention, as it was rather underwhelming in SM, especially with its starting move pool. But Move Tutors, TRs, and a few minor tweaks to its natural moves really helped it in the long-run.

Finally, fourth goes to Noivern. I just love the concept and design: a bat crossed with a wyvern crossed with a speaker. Considering I love bats and dragons, it was a match made in heaven. And Noibat is just ADORABLE! I instantly wanted one when it was revealed and I was glad Ash got one (too bad it had a VERY bad case of power inconsistency after evolving, which hurt its performances quite a bit). But it was just such a cool Mon I couldn't help but drool over it. I love using one in-game whenever I can, especially since in some games it can be an easy accessed early Dragon Mon (USUM come to mind and there is the occasional early Max Raid Battle in SWSH), though it does take a while to grow. But, overall, Noivern was an instant favorite of mine as soon as it was revealed.
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Nov 1, 2020
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Preferred Pronouns
Kommo-o, with Appletun in second.