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Favorite Furfrou Trim?

What's your favorite Furfrou Trim?

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Apr 27, 2022
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  1. She/Her
Furfrou is a poodle-like dog Pokemon introduced in Generation VI for X&Y. Notably, it has several "trims" that can be obtained by having its hair cut by a specialist. Counting the untrimmed form, there are 10 forms in total, which you can see here
to see em more in-depth or to avoid the big image, refer to here

Which trim is your favorite? Or perhaps you just prefer good ol' Natural Furfrou?

I'm personally savvy to both the Kabuki Trim and the Dandy Trim. The Kabuki Trim cuz I love it's aesthetic and coloration. Meanwhile the Dandy Trim is just hilarious to me. He be snazzy.
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I like them all, but my top three would be Debutante, Matron, and Pharaoh. The first two have a really neat and classy look to them, and the Debutante is a Southern belle, which is one of my favorite type of styles and characters in fiction. For the Pharaoh trim I just like the color, also Egypt is pretty cool so I'm a bit biased on that.
Dandy Trim or maybe Star Trim. In the case of Dandy I feel like it's the most overall well-designed one IMO, every element of it works nicely together and it has a lot of personality. Plus I love the hat in particular.
As for Star, I'm just a sucker for putting star shapes on anything lol. I think both of them have the best Shiny forms too.
Ooh, that's a tough one. I guess I'd have to say Debutante and Dandy for being the most classy-looking, or the La Reine and Kabuki trims for their colours.

As a poodle owner myself in real-life, I like how the designers have shown their work when creating the trims (the Heart Trim looks like the continental clip, which is one of the traditional styles you often see poodles sporting at shows, thankfully, we'd never do that to our dog).
I'll go with the Normal form, although the Pharaoh Trim is pretty cool, too. Never liked the rest of the trims, though.
I think Debutante is my favorite overall. I like some traits of the Matron one as well. The heart one is also really cute.
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