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Favorite Kalos Gym(So Far)

Favorite XY Gym

  • Vs. Viola(Round 1)

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  • Vs. Viola(Round 2)

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  • Vs. Grant

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  • Vs. Korrina

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  • Vs. Ramos

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  • Vs. Clemont

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  • Vs. Valerie

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A Wild Luxray

Hear me roar!
Jul 16, 2010
Reaction score
We're almost at the end of the XY series and by now, Ash has 7 gym badges. As we wait for Wulfric's match and the high standard Olympia left him with, why don't we talk about the other gym battles! Which of the 7 so far have been your favorite?

1. Santalune Gym. Vs. Viola
Fletchling and Pikachu vs. Surskit and Vivillon

2. Cyllage Gym. Vs. Grant
Froakie, Fletchling, and Pikachu vs. Onix and Tyrunt

3. Shalour Gym. Vs. Korrina
Hawlucha, Fletchinder, and Pikachu vs. Mienfoo, Machoke, and Mega Lucario

4. Courmarine Gym. Vs. Ramos
Fletchinder, Hawlucha, and Frogadier vs. Jumpluff, Weepinbell, and Gogoat

5. Lumiose Gym. Vs. Clemont
Pikachu, Goodra, and Hawlucha vs. Bunnelby, Heliolisk, and Luxray

6. Laverre Gym. Vs. Valerie
Fletchinder and Hawlucha vs. Sylveon and Spritzee

7. Anistar Gym. Vs. Olympia
Talonflame and Frogadier vs Meowstic(X2)

8. Snowbelle Gym. Vs. Wulfric.


Well-Known Member
Oct 23, 2013
Reaction score
These might be obvious picks but the battles with Clemont and Olympia are my favorites. Those two plus Maylene in Sinnoh are my top 3 gym battles.


Mar 11, 2008
Reaction score
That awkward moment when you want to vote for all the items in the poll D:

Seriously though, I haven't been disappointed by any of the Gyms this region- they've all been stellar imo. If I must pick, I guess I would fall into the current trend and say the battle against Gojika was the best. 2nd place would go to Citron and 3rd to Viola.

Can't wait for the final one.