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Favorite/least favorite Pokémon Stadium minigame?


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Jun 8, 2019
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  1. He/Him
Since both Pokémon Stadium 1 & 2 have now been added to the Switch: which minigames from either minigame mode are your favorites to play? And just out of curiosity, are there any that you really do not like playing? Here's a list of them all, to refresh your memory.

My favorite is Egg Emergency, I practiced that one so many times trying to consistently get a perfect score. I also like Clefairy Says, Eager Eevee, and Snore War.
I actually don't mind the button-mashing games so my least favorite is probably Barrier Ball. I just find it so frustrating for some reason lol.
havent gotten to play the switch version of stadium yet but im LOVING that you said Egg Emergency bc as soon as i saw the topic, thats the one came to mind. something about how that game feels when you finally get good at it! i also practiced that one a lot (both as a kid and an adult) trying to get a perfect score. i also really like Snore War (the way they start falling asleep is so cute and funny to me), Sushi-Go-Round (esp on the harder modes), and Run, Rattata, Run. they just feel good to play d:

my least favorites have to be Magikarp Splash and Thundering Dynamo/Pichu's Power Plant, just think they're kind of boring. special mention for Ekan's Hoop Hurl, that one gives me anxiety for whatever reason :hmm:
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