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Favorite Locations in Scarlet & Violet?

Apr 27, 2022
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There's a lot of fun cities, towns, and general areas in Paldea and Kitakami (And potentially the Blueberry Academy, might as well future proof here lol) that I think it's about time we have a thread to discuss em more. So what are some of your favorites places in the game?

In terms of cities/towns, I'm a big fan of Levincia. Love its techy seaside metro vibe and it's theme music slaps. I especially love when it starts to rain there which boosts the aesthetic even more.

Area Zero of course is also pretty insane. Simultaneously beautiful yet super eerie. Very pulp magazine sci-fi-y.
Tbh they're all too small for me to like them a whole lot. Levincia is my favorite probably just for the music theme and its overall aesthetic, but it's a shame because I like most Pokémon towns whereas most of the Paldea towns just sort of fall flat for me.

EDIT: Just realized this isn't just a town question, oops! Not a lot of the outdoor locations in Paldea stuck out to me as cool sadly. I did like Kitakami's Timeless Forest though.
Area Zero purely for it's theme, sounds like it came out of a MegaTen game and I love it.

Glaseado Mountain is another favorite of mine, I love wintry type areas in games and this specific area scratches that itch, plus the setting is really nice and pretty imo.

Montenevera is a specific town I like for the same reason as Glaseado Mountain, plus the town itself looks like a cute and nice place to live in.

Levincia would be a runner up for similar reasons as the post above, but the theme is really fun to listen to that it's probably the major reason I really like the city.
Casseroya Lake is a pretty cool place in SV. There are a bunch of towers here to explore.

I also find Porto Marinada a cool place. There’s the auctioning that goes on and also maybe where shipments that come in? The second part is just something I made in my head that probably causes me to like the place more.

Area Zero’s also a cool place. It’s all very very strange. I almost feel like the lower quality of graphics helps portray the weirdness of Area Zero. Just a strangely but interestingly designed place.

Even though the second part of the DLC has released yet, Blueberry Academy looks very cool with its modern-futuristic aesthetic.
My adventure is in progress (still have three gym badges).

At the moment my favorite locations are Levincia and Porto Marinada. I like Levincia for the fountains and its overall city looks reminding of València... Meanwhile I love Porto Marinada for its navy blue appearance and soothing soundtrack.
I love Tagtree Thicket. The painted trees are a super cool and unique look. I always love these unique kinds of locations that we've never seen before in the series.
Socarrat trail is also really pretty. It's kind of a basic realistic natural setting, but its palette is really pretty and I love the big tall trees it's got.
I love glasedo mountain but also i adore the crystal pool both genuinely have amazing details that make my eyes sparkle especially the diamond dust on glasedo mountain
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