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Favorite Pokemon of Each Type + Generation


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Jul 2, 2019
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this is a thread where people can post the results of this website, where you can choose your favorite pokemon of each type from each generation.
this is mine:
I tried very hard not to leave any blank (without repeating except the bottom row). I tried so hard. Then I got to Gen 9 gimmick form... one of the last boxes remaining. And I'm sorry, but in my personal opinion, the ones this thing considers gimmick forms for Gen 9... are simply not very good.

Haven't gone through and sorted out the bottom extra things yet, will probably later.
I know I posted one recently but I can never make a favorite Pokemon picker without some second thoughts sooooooo....

download (14).png
Think the hardest part was putting together a team cuz a lot of my favs have very similar typings.
This is mine, a slightly tweaked version of the one I made a few months ago.
I tried to leave as few spaces blank as possible this time, but man there are some selections that I just have no strong feelings about at all. :hmm:
Here's mine, it would have a couple changes in Gen IX but overall it represents what I like.

In the team part I tried to use Pokemon that I have used in the past and that compliment each other but I don't like completely how it turned out, should have struck to my XY team lol.


  • download.png
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Didn't add a team because that would require me to pick just 6 and also my teams fluctuate with the shifting of the wind. :p
Here’s mine! (May not correspond with my about section, faves as of September 12)
download (1).png
most of my BIG favs are still the same (absol, sylveon, golisopod) but i kinda changed my mind abt a few others after thinking about it some more. i also chose not to include megas outside of the gimmick section.
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