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Favourite NFE Pokemon

seconding torracat! funny that person above me mentions dusclops and dusknoir, as i actually prefer duskull to the rest of the line. they're just a silly guy :]

rolycoly and nickit are also big ones, i do still like thievul but i think nickit is cuter. rolycoly, though.. dear god carkoal and to a lesser extent coalossal are abominations that should not exist. gmax coalossal at the very least is almost good, but nowhere near enough to make up for it's base form and middle evolution.

lastly, vigoroth isn't an all-time favorite by any means, but i do vastly prefer to to the rest of it's line. hell, had they maybe gone for a split evolution type deal (thus giving vigoroth an evolution that continues in it's direction) i'd probably use one
I prefer Gothorita to Gothitelle by a little bit: They're both among my favorites, but I just think Gothorita's design is a bit better, personally.

I agree pretty much exactly with what someone on the last page said about Trubbish; Trubbish is super adorable, and Garbodor doesn't have nearly the same charm. Nothing against Garbodor, Trubbish is just too cute for another trash heap to compete with.

Phantump, Spritzee, Munna and Chinchou in kinda a similar a similar boat to Trubbish- they're evolutions are all perfectly good, but they just don't compete with how cute the base stages are.

The Elemental Monkeys are all definitely better in first stage; the second stages are passable, mostly, but the base stages look a lot better.

And I'm going to mention a line I don't like any of particularly, but I do prefer Froakie and Frogadier to Greninja by a huge amount.
I usually don't go for the NFEs, but Magneton and Doublade have gotten me some particularly memorable battle wins. And the former didn't even have Eviolite!
I got a couple of them:

Hisuian Sneasel

And while I do also absolutely Scizor, Scyther is also a killer design that isn't any less or any better to me but the 3 above are also ones I prefer above their evolved forms, but Scyther and Scizor are on equal-ish footing to me. Same goes for Doublade with Aegislash.
I love tons of NFE Pokémon (my favorite Pokémon of all time is Eevee, after all), but it's hard for me to say which ones I notably prefer over their evolutions. Probably most of those "cocoon" middle stages, like Shelgon, Pupitar, Swadloon, Metapod, Silcoon/Cascoon, Whirlipede, et cetera. I always find them so endearing that their evolution almost never manages to reach the same level of charm for me.

Other than that — Anorith, Hatenna, Roggenrola, Doublade, Kirlia, Frogadier, Chinchou, Goomy/Sliggoo, Trapinch/Vibrava, and Scraggy come to mind. While I do really love Walrein, I've always liked Sealeo just a bit more... and I also might slightly prefer Wooper over Quagsire (sorry Quagsire :cry:).
Pokemon that are better than their evolutions:
Quilladin (it's cute ok)
Wartortle (fight me)
Dottler (it'a my fave bug-type but I hate Orbeetle)
Alolan Meowth
Metang (again, fight me)
Oddish is my absolute favorite Pokemon, so it's the first that comes to mind. :wynaut:

Rolycoly is also one I prefer over its evolved forms. Carkoal is mostly fine aside from its weird eyes, but Coalossal is just really disappointing as a final stage. I hate how it drops the wheel/cart theme right at the very end.

I also really prefer Wooper over Quagsire; the lack of arms honestly adds so much to Wooper's dopey look.

there's something amazing about this pokemon's design that i can't put into words. one of my favourite NFE's for sure!
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