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POPULAR: Fic Advertisement Thread

Misheard Whisper

Jul 7, 2009
Reaction score
Hey, guys! Are you burning to let people know there's a new chapter of your fanfic up? This is the place to do it. Just make a quick post when you update your fic, include a link to the chapter, and Bob's your uncle. You can even include a very brief summary if you like. As an example of sorts:

Champion Game has a new chapter up (35)! Ren finally gets to battle his rival, Damien!

Please note that this is not a discussion thread. The only posts allowed are those advertising new chapters, and any discussion should go in the respective fic threads. VM/PM me if you have any questions about this thread. Have a nice day~


New Member
Apr 21, 2010
Reaction score
Couldn't hurt to post this here...

The third chapter of my fic, Bad Kids, has just been posted - Chapter 003. Basic Accumulation

Just to say, it's a new fic, just started a week ago. There are links in the first post to the previous two chapters for anyone interested in catching up.

Thanks for reading.


The acest of trainers
Apr 17, 2010
Reaction score
Great idea Misheard! I can't believe no one thought of this earlier!

Galactic: The Princess of Darkness Sahara's body becomes taken over by Jaki when Giratina is unleashed onto Solaceon Town, forcing the characters to question themselves as they struggle to stop the legendary from destroying the town and then the world. Plus several flashbacks cast light on Charlotte's past struggles and the creation of Spiritomb


Secret Sword of Justice
May 2, 2011
Reaction score
Chapter 31 of FE: Dawn of Darkness is finally up! ^^ For the sake of spoilers though, I'll use spoiler tags for the summary.

After much effort to retake Fort Mercue and gain the support of his Astrynian allies as well as the rescued hawk laguz mercenaries, Bryan can now prove that he is the true prince of Astryn...but someone else plans to stand in his way of joining the war against Melora.