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"Fiery Battles and Moving Memories!" - Second volume of Pokémon Journeys soundtrack to be released in Japan on June 22nd

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The second official soundtrack for the Pokémon Journeys anime (known simply as Pocket Monsters in Japan), will release in Japan on June 22nd. Pocket Monsters Original Soundtrack Vol.2 will feature more than 40 songs from the soundtrack of the 2019 anime.

Like its' predecessor, the Pocket Monsters Original Soundtrack Vol.2 will cost 2,750 yen (~$21.51 USD), and will include a full-color booklet complete with song commentary and character introductions by Yuuki Hayashi, a well-known composer who has worked on many popular anime, TV dramas, and films.

Yuuki Hayashi said:

This time, like an overflowing toybox, this CD is jam-packed full of music! I've made the pieces to be even livelier and heart-stirring than ones before. I hope that the people who listen to these songs representing these boys' journeys will also be able to feel similar to them. Thank you very much for the honor and privilege of partaking in these wonderful songs!

The tracklist consists of 42 songs:
  1. Chloe [Koharu] コハル
  2. The First Battle [Hajimari no batoru] はじまりのバトル
  3. Chloe and Eevee [Koharu to Eievui]コハルとイーブイ
  4. Believe in
  5. GO!
  6. Pokemon Search Party [Pokemon sousakutai] ポケモンそうさくたい
  7. Project Mew プロジェクト・ミュウ
  8. Melting Snow [Yukidoke] ゆきどけ
  9. Getting stronger with you [Kimi to issho ni tsuyoku naru]きみといっしょにつよくなる
  10. Pokemon World Championships ポケモンワールドチャンピオンシップス
  11. Masters Eight マスターズエイト
  12. Battle! Wild Pokemon 2 ~ TV Anime Ver.「戦闘!野生ポケモン2」~TV Anime Ver.
  13. Battle! Trainer 2 ~ TV Anime Ver.「戦闘!トレーナー2」~TV Anime Ver.
  14. Power Contest! [Pawaa shoubu!] パワーしょうぶ!
  15. Airbattle! [Kuuchuusen!] くうちゅうせん!
  16. Mind Games! [Shinrisen!] しんりせん!
  17. Gigantamax Battle [Kyodaimakkusu batoru] キョダイマックス・バトル
  18. Like myself [Jibunrashiku] じぶんらしく
  19. Bit-by-bit [Jiwajiwa] じわじわ
  20. Comrade [Nakama] なかま
  21. Weakness [Yowasa] よわさ
  22. From here [Koko kara] ここから
  23. Mysterious Pokémon [Fushigi na Pokémon] ふしぎなポケモン
  24. Strange Phenomenon [Kaiki genshou] かいきげんしょう
  25. Ancient Ruins [Kodai iseki] こだいいせき
  26. Summer Nightlight [Manatsu no yoru no hikari] まなつのよるのひかり
  27. Summer Night Dream [Manatsu no yoru no yume] まなつのよるのゆめ
  28. Spacetime Accident [Jikuu daiihen] じくうだいいへん
  29. At the hands of evil [Ma no te] まのて
  30. World Domination [Sekai seifuku] せかいせいふく
  31. Ready To Ignite
  32. The next attack [Tsugi no kougeki] つぎのこうげき
  33. The joys of our encounters [Deaeta yorokobi] であえたよろこび
  34. A nostalgic memory [Natsukashii kioku] なつかしいきおく
  35. Departure [Tabidachi] たびだち
  36. With everyone! [Minna de issho ni!] みんなでいっしょに!
  37. The Mysterious Pokemon [Nazo no Pokémon] なぞのポケモン
  38. March [Koushinkyoku] こうしんきょく
  39. You and my best future [Kimi to mezasu mirai] きみとめざすみらい
  40. Subtitle 2 サブタイトル2
  41. Eyecatch A Ver2 アイキャッチA Ver2
  42. Eyecatch B Ver2 アイキャッチB Ver2
The first soundtrack, Pocket Monsters Original Soundtrack, released on November 4, 2020, and featured 58 tracks.
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