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TEEN: Figments of Time


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Jun 9, 2023
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Just wanted to post my fic here for others to see! Hope you enjoy :3

Title: Figments of Time

Pairing: AdamanxVolo, among other minor pairings

Summary: He had tried to leave with just a memory that would fade with time, but Adaman seemed hellbent on following him where he went. Reluctant, Volo allows the Diamond Clan leader to tail him, and the two make for Johto. What comes next changes everything, rippling through time, space, and themselves.
Appraisalshipping, with a splash of highlandsshipping and past version of preciousmetalshipping and squint and you miss it surveyshipping.

Rating: T

Link: Figments of Time - Chapter 1 - ApothecaryApollo30 (GiacomoBrainrot) - Pokemon Legends: Arceus (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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