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Notice Find Your Roleplays Here!

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May 21, 2010
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Hello writers of all shapes and sizes,

Writers' Workshop has now accepted all of the content formerly found in the old forum Roleplaying Games. This is the new place to continue your collaborative adventures, or try out a different kind of storytelling! Here's a quick rundown of the changes that have been made and what it means for you.

Roleplaying Sign-Ups
You may have noticed this brand new subforum has appeared! To begin roleplaying, this is the first place to go. In this section, you can start a new thread with your idea for a roleplay and have people sign-up to join, or you can join somebody else's roleplay. Please read the roleplaying rules thread before posting here.

If you want to host a roleplay, please include an introduction to the world and story you want to tell, the number of participants you're interested in hosting, and your expectations for those participants. A host can choose to play as a set character or be the narrator/NPCs in the RP. As a general tip for hosts, the more interactive and reactive the story is, the more invested your players will be. It's more fun for all when the players and host collaborate and all participants have some agency over the story. A roleplay sign-up thread can also be used as a discussion thread for that RP, so feel free to post out of character (OOC) here while the game is ongoing.

Note that if you want to play a roleplaying game that includes mechanics such as dice rolls, numerical calculations, and strategy, those should take place in The War Room. Writers' Workshop is for anyone who wants to be a part of telling a good story, so needing to do math should not be a prerequisite to participate.

New RP Rating Tags
After a roleplay has enough participants to begin, the host can start a thread in the main Writers' Workshop forum. When they do so, they should choose from one of the three new ratings tags:
  • RP Everyone
  • RP Teen
  • RP Mature
These follow the same basic restrictions that the tags for fics do, and all players are expected to keep their content appropriate to the rating of the thread.

RPG Archives
This section is only for threads from the now gone Roleplaying Games forum. If you want to take a trip down memory lane and read that RP you did 5 years ago, here's where to go for that. If you have an RP that you were still interested in playing but is now archived, feel free to contact one of the Writers' Workshop mods about this and they can move it for you.

If you have any questions about any of these changes or about roleplaying on Bulbagarden Forums, just ask one of our Writers' Workshop mods! Keep in mind though that these changes will require a period of adjustment for everybody, including staff, so please be patient as the the dust settles and we work out any kinks that might arise.

Happy roleplaying! :enzap: