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Mafia: Fire Emblem Mafia: Girl of the Plains - Sign-Ups

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Sep 1, 2017
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Six months ago, the Lorca tribe of Sacae was brutally slaughtered by the Taliver Bandits, leaving only one survivor: Lyndis, better known as Lyn, the daughter of the tribe's chief. Cut off from the only family she's ever known, she soon meets a young tactician and a pair of knights who tell her that she is the princess of a far-off territory of Caelin, which her mother had fled in order to wed her father, and her grandfather has requested that she come to meet him... on his death bed.

But not everyone would like to see Lyndis succeed. Her granduncle sees the sudden heir as a threat to his own succession to the throne. Assasains lurk in the shadows, their eyes on an expensive new target, and even now, in the background, a conspiracy has begun to form that will rock the world at its very core.

  • All regular War Room and Bulbagarden rules will apply.
  • Majority/Instalynch rules are not in effect during this game.
  • Ties will be resolved by chance.
  • Voting for no lynch is allowed.
  • The Day and Night phases will be referred to as the "Player Phase" and "Enemy Phase". This will change only the flavor, not the mechanics of the game.
  • The Player Phase will be 48 hours; the Enemy Phase will be 24.
  • Role claims are allowed; nameclaims are not. Softing of names will be heavily controlled.
  • Deku is the final arbiter of all things. His word is law, no matter how the rules are writ.
  • The MoD is pretty cool too.
This is a Deku game, so of course there's a special mechanic in this game.
The one that I'm testing out today is based on Fire Emblem's weapon triangle system. It completely changes up the voting system to allow some votes to be more or less effective against other players based on the weapons that they personally hold.
  • A regular, non-effective weapon will deal 2 votes to the target.
  • An effective weapon will deal 3 votes to the target.
  • An ineffective weapon will deal only 1 vote to the target.
The exact weapon types that you are strong against will be listed in your Role PM. This rule is why claiming names isn't allowed. However, you may claim weapons if you so choose.
I'm going to allow you folks to choose whether or not you want to allow this rule into the game. Vote yes or no when you sign up. If you don't vote, I'm going to assume that you didn't read and won't accept your sign-up.
If at any point we achieve 9 voters voting for one side or the other, the choice will be set, and it will be announced in a threadmarked post. If we end up not having a full game of 18 players, I will instead go with whichever side has majority, even if we haven't reached 9 votes.

This game can hold up to 18 players; however, I can bring it down a reasonable amount if need be.

  1. Midorikawa (Yes)
  2. ExLight (Doesn't care)
  3. DawningWinds (No)
  4. ZinnLav (Yes)
  5. Ayano Keiko (Yes)
  6. HumanDawn (Yes)
  7. TheCapsFan (Yes)

Also, please add me on Discord @ DekuNut#7422
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Bored and Boring
Apr 5, 2016
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put me as a sub for now
once I finish some of my games I'll let you know and move to the main ones
May 30, 2012
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I’ll join!

I vote yes! It’ll be interesting and it’s nice to have that extra touch of FE.
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Jan 3, 2020
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I'll join. I vote no on weapon triangle voting- I'd rather just have votes be one per person.
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Nov 6, 2018
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Well I told myself I'd join your game once the one I was hosting finished up, so here I am.
As weary of this voting thing as I am, I'll give it a shot, I'd like to try it out.
Ultimate Digimon
Sep 19, 2011
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My favorite Fire Emblem character is:

Fast Marth

Sure, I am fine with the Weapon Triangle affecting votes. You already seem to have figured out everyone's weapons.
After Laughter
Jun 25, 2011
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In. Just make sure to tag me on Discord when the game starts if you don't mind, Deku. I have a busy life at the moment. But I'll make time for some mafia.

And yeah the weapon triangle thing sounds dope.

EDIT: Also, are we talking about our favorite FE characters? I've always loved most of the myrmidons. Joshua from FE8, Edward from FE10, and Mia from FE9/10, to name a few. Personal waifus include Elincia from FE9/10, Tharja from FE13, Mae from FE15, and Dorothea and (Ba)edelgard from FE16. Other characters i like include Duessel from FE8, Haar from FE9/10, and Ignatz from FE16.
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