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Firox's Arts

Eeveelution Day suggestions
  • "I love lightning and thunder"
    Dec 12, 2012
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    not really a drawing, more of a journal entry, its mainly me asking others what an Eeveelution should do in their own Day
    how will the hidden Eevee be like
    where to sneak in a shiny
    and what should one be doing with the energy symbol
    link: next Eeveelution Day arts -
    (send me PM for fun suggestions)

    The next upcoming days are for
    Leafeon Day on June 18
    Sylveon Day on July 7th
    Espeon Day on August 26th
    Glaceon Day on September 1st
    Eevee Day on November 21st
    Vaporeon Day on December 3rd

    to get more fun ideas from all:

    similar question for all 3 - on their individual day that is:
    • which funny pose, or action should one be doing?
    (sleeping, playing, pouncing, eating, chasing, catching, looking annoyed, and my favorite 'one having fun with another's tail)
    • where to hide a shiny? (going to try and include a shiny of the Eeveelution somewhere in the art)
    • funny Eeveelution interacting with the energy symbol?
    (idea for which Eevee that it is)

    for Glaceon Day:
    what should the ice type logo look like, I know that in TCG Water and Ice have the same symbol, for water will use it for Vaporeon, so for Glacey, will give it a different symbol, something says "Ice"

    For Eevee Day:
    what should Firox be doing trying to blend in?
    as I will have an Eevee costume, size difference will make it harder to remain hidden

    finally, with the hidden Eevee, will send any ideas for it to my Eevee friend and see which it likes.
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    continuing of arts
  • "I love lightning and thunder"
    Dec 12, 2012
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    Finished two sketches I had been working on for a while, will get a couple more on weekend
    Friday might not do any arts - have a long work day
    (for me its almost 2:30 am Friday)
    2019 Eeveelution Day drawings
  • "I love lightning and thunder"
    Dec 12, 2012
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    something that came to mind for next year's Eeveelution Days
    will still have 5 or more of each Eeveelution in their day
    still have at least one shiny
    still have at least one somewhere in the drawing 'playing/nipping with another's tail'

    what will I do different?
    hopefully if many of the BulbaFriends still around, will ask one or two or more on what an Eeveelution should be doing

    instead of having Eevee in the costume, might have another Pokemon trying to fit in, doesn't have to be an Eeveelution but any another like, again just one that isn't that Eeveelution

    not sure how I'll get it started, maybe asking in blogs at least a month or two in advanced
    My Christmas Art idea
  • "I love lightning and thunder"
    Dec 12, 2012
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    Sorry, no art in this reply, but a quick sneak peek at my next upcoming full size art

    Its going to be my 2018 Christmas drawing
    so far planning on it being my 'most Pokemon in one drawing'
    so far I have 34 planned
    (my Easter drawing had 18 Pokemon)

    My Idea:
    Cat tree on one end - Christmas tree with presents in middle - couch on other end
    "grown up" Pokemon on couch, or cat tree, resting and talking
    "kits/kittens/young ones" playing around,
    three or four 'younger ones' standing in front of couch trying to 'sing' a Christmas carol

    My Art - will have:
    some talking with one another on cat tree
    hearing the younger ones trying out the carol song
    drinking hot drinks - tea, coffee, apple cider, hot cocoa
    lots of Santa Hats

    rest of the younger ones:
    some hiding in blanket,
    others playing behind tree or in the tree, or presents
    others resting

    will include my typical "lot of Pokemon in one art" traditions:
    playing with ears
    one thinking of a silly prank
    at least one playing with tail of another

    My planned Pokemon - might add more or remove some
    "grown up" - Eeveelutions, Delphox, Lucario, "Lizard", Liepard, Torracat, Pikachu, Raichu, Servine, Mightyena, Delibird
    (by Lizard, one of my friend's hasn't decided which Pokemon it wants me to use for it, once I get it will change, it loves reptiles so more than likely will be a lizard based Pokemon)

    "young ones" - Eevee, Zorua, Vulpix, Fennekin, Riolu, Purrloin, Litten, Pichu, Emolga, Snivy, Poochyena

    Of course not all will be "fully visible" at least 1/3rd to half will be fully visible
    the others? will likely hiding between grown ups, background locations, tree, or presents maybe a face, paw, or tail will be visible, others will be in either picture frame, or Tree ornaments
    At least 3 or so ice types visible in a window with snow outside

    want to try and make it so its warm, cute, cheerful, and says "Merry Christmas"
    once I get a "rough draft" made will share it
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