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Fizzy Bubbles at Bulbagarden is now finished

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Jul 4, 2012
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We are closing Fizzy Bubbles on Bulbagarden, however it still remains strong over at UPN forums. We have decided to go our separate ways due to internal staffing conflicts.

Whilst it saddens me that we are choosing to end Fizzy Bubbles, this, we feel is the right decision when it comes to Bulbagarden as a whole, and Fizzy Bubbles.

The Fizzy Bubbles team are currently making sure that all players accounts and stories are transferred over to UPN, this means you can jump back in once the transition is complete.

I want to thank Fizzy Bubbles past and present, as well every player for their time with Fizzy Bubbles, and whilst I appreciate the news is disappointing, I have every faith that Fizzy Bubbles will be stronger with it's new moderation team at UPN.
Not open for further replies.