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News Former VA Kawakami Tomoko passes away

God damn you cancer. If cancer was a beautiful woman I would beat her to death and I'm chivalrous. I apologize if saying this is in bad taste.
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R.I.P Kawakami Tomoko
That... sucks.

Kawakami was such a prolific voice actor that she was probably familiar to any anime fan in one way or another. To me, she was Utena, Kobayashi from Doki Doki School Hours, Ai and Eri from Nadesico, Kris from Battle Athletes, Snow Fairy Sugar... Such an amazing range of characters, spanning my favourite era of anime.
I haven't watched any Japanese episodes that Kawakami Tomoko has been in, but I'm sure she was a great VA. RIP.

EDIT: Btw, I've just created a news article about this, so it should be in a front page of Bulbapedia soon.
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Utena will never EVER be the same.

She was so prolific and her characters so strong, and she was so young!

Cervical cancer </3 for taking such a wonderful talent from our midsts :T
I still can't believe it. She voiced many characters I loved and she was such an amazing talent. To die so young as well... may she rest peacefully from here on now.
She was the voice of Fushigisou in Dairantou Smash Brothers X. ;A; How sad...
its always a sad note when ppl pass on :'(
I don't watch the Japanese versions of pokemon much, so she will forever be my Elise from Trinity Blood <3

R.I.P. my dear, you deserve a good rest in heaven.
I didn't know about her until now. It is really sad hearing about this happening to someone :bawl:
R.I.P. Kawakami Tomoko
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