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Free-For-All Zone

Ex-Admiral Insane

Fizzy Bubble Elite
Feb 20, 2013
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What this is, is a Zone for everyone to update. What you all do is is post an intro so you can be updated, after that someone comes in and takes you. Whoever updates can update anywhere they like, could be an area they have in mind, could be an existing Zone or could just be some random place. Rules for this are pretty much like every other zone with these exceptions:

:- Updatees CANNOT Capture Pokemon, Gain Levels from battles, CANNOT be awarded Items of any kind.
:- We will be keeping a close eye on things, so no riff raff in here or you will be punished.
: - If you do like the idea of updating after trying it out, then why not apply for a real zone?
:- This is a voluntary zone so you CANNOT gain rewards or points from updates.
: - And finally have fun and go crazy...ok not too crazy, but go crazy =D