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from a non-masters player, can i get some thoughts/summary on lillie, gladion, and lusamine?


#1 faba hater
Jan 11, 2022
Reaction score
so like, i haven't played masters, i really don't Want to, and i have no idea if there's any cutscene videos of the events. so i'll ask the folks here (even if there don't seem to be many): what was like. going on there? i know family ties made some waves back on tumblr a while back due to "oh god they redeemed lusamine" but when the event actually happened i didn't really hear much. so, yeah, what was actually. happenin in that event? what was happenin with that sygna suit lusamine event? hell did anythin happen with sygna suit lillie or was she just part of an anniversary event? hope gladion gets a sygna suit variant sometime, my hyperfixation on lillie shifted slightly to the left a bit ago and now i'm goin ham over gladion. zeraora or marshadow perhaps?

honestly usually i wouldn't care about lusamine but i'm of the opinion that even in the anime she's still kinda ehhhh but that's a thread for another day i suppose (plus i'd sound like i'm overreactin anyway probably) so i'm curious to see whether they still messed this up in masters, not that i believe the bastard can actually change. can you tell i take alola way too seriously
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