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Full version of the Sun & Moon English Dub opening theme songs?


Apr 24, 2017
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For the longest time it was custom that whenever a new season of the Pokemon English dub premiered, a new opening theme song came along with it. Then not that long after, the full/extended version of the song was released in the upcoming movie, or 4Kids/TPCi would simply release it in some other form of media.

That was always something that I looked forward to listening to, since the non extended version is only limited to 30 seconds post 4Kids.

But starting with Pokemon Sun & Moon we never got a full version of Under The Alolan Sun, Under The Alolan Moon, or Rise To The Challenge. I know it made no sense for them to release them with the Gen 7 movies since they weren't based in Alola, but I feel like they could've released them separately on another form of media.

Now with Pokemon Journeys I was pleased to hear that TPCi released the full version of Journey Starts Today on their Youtube channel shortly after Journeys premiered. I thought that maybe they'd go back to their old formula, but as of now we have yet to hear a full version of Journey To Your Heart (the current season theme song).

Do you think TPCi ever intended to release the full version of the Alola theme songs? Or do you think they were purposely made at only 30 seconds with no "full version" available?


Dec 18, 2007
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I'm pretty sure the dub doesn't actually have "full" versions (meaning a song was trimmed down for TV airing), they just extend their already-made song (some exceptions like DP OP2 and JN OP 1 of course). So no. No SM movie, no extended opening.
It's a shame, I think the songs would be a lot better if they were written out as full versions first and then trimmed down. I understand they don't necessarily have the time or budget to do that, but the extended versions (especially of the Goldfarb songs) always sound extremely awkward and forced.

I stand by "The Journey Starts Today" being legitimately the best opening song in the dub, and the fact that they got an outside, pretty well-established indie band to just write a full song rather than just having their house musicians come up with another 30-second ditty about friendship and teamwork (with "Pokemon!" shoved in wherever it can be to remind us all of the show we're watching) is probably enough to explain why.
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