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Game Corner

Who up in this club?!
Sep 22, 2004
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I’d be willing to bet money (heh) that they won’t do this; but I’d love to see some of the older mini games from BW Dream World or XY Amie replace the slots or Voltorb Flip. Have a NPC mention that it used to be a shady place, but they turned it into a fun arcade that everyone can enjoy.

And since the Underground seems to be coming back, maybe make Underground Base decorations some of the prizes.
crazy oshawott lady
Aug 21, 2020
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Also consider the fact that there is at least one mobile Pokemon game out there with gambling microtransaction mechanics (Pokemon Masters).

So literally, in the Pokemon series we can't have fictional gambling, but kids are allowed to spend real money to gamble in Pokemon Masters.
Double standards, I tell ya. It's clear that for whatever reason, having anything resembling gambling causes your game to get slapped with a T/12 rating, yet microtransactions in mobile gaming is a thing yet that doesn't get slammed? Both GO and Masters encourage you to spend real money, and kids have been known to play them. Surely instead of removing Game Corners entirely or made them non-functional, they could have done arcade games, much like others have pointed out.