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Gamertags, Friend Codes, Player Finding, and more


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Aug 4, 2011
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Here's our master list of gamertags and friend codes! If you're looking for someone to tag along with on adventures, or play with others maybe you can find a comrade here? Just list your tags below, and tell us what you play. It can be friend codes, general account names for a system, or maybe even a character name for a MMO. Or if you are looking for team mates to play with for games.

Take note:

1. Keep in mind that EVERYONE can see what you post here. So don't list anything you don't want everyone to know.

2. Make sure to clearly state what each thing you're listing is for, and you'll be added to the table below. Make sure to Ping me or another Ent. Inc section mod when you post your FC

3. Remember no advertising.

View: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UZ3rDWO5e52Lf-kOoDaCxpvUo11yxDDHBUhzIWQ2ObU/htmlview#gid=0
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PSN: CakeFairyForever
NNID: CakeFairy
3DS FC: 1177-7111-4301
Steam: CakeFairyForever
Steam: Water Max
PlayStation Network: Maximus_3003
Nintendo Network ID: Water_Max
3DS Friend Code: 5129-1384-7986 or 4356-2065-8727 (I have 2 3DSes)
PSN: ssbrulz203
Xbox live: thatpokemondude
NNID: returnofMCH
3ds FC: 0705-6580-7072
Steam: returnofMCH
Switch Fc: SW-5808-2097-3012
PSN: CheffOfGames
XBOX: CheffOfGames
NNID: CheffOfGames
Steam: TheUltimateChef
3DS: 3368-6704-6968
All up to date. It seems like the table cuts off on smaller screens so I'm going to start looking for alternatives to use for the table. :/ Just in case.

Edit: Gonna use a Google doc since Xenforo seems to hate table coding.
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Oh, a new one of these! I'll go.
NNID: antiproton
PSN: tectosilicates
Steam: Crystal Onix
3DS: 5385-7563-8820

Origin: SolarSailing
FFXIV: Rhaya'li Thalassa or Luna Maxwell (First one's in Jenova server, second's in Zalera)
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Analytic Magnezone has reminded me that I have something for the Other category and that is for the MMO FFXIV where my in game name is Mizu Ido. My subscription for that MMO expired on 11 December but I think I will probably subscribe to it again soon after Christmas Day.
@Water Max Oh, do we search by in-game character names, then? I'm new to it, still in the trial, but planning to get a subscription.
That reminds me I still have yet to finish stormblood.
Meanwhile I’ve been putting off my replay of every FFXI expansion for far too long, I last left off at zilart, which is the SECOND expansion.
Anyways, on topic, for other I’ll include my fire emblem heroes code: 6979767087
3DS FC: 5215-3326-1335
NNID: TeaWest
PSN: TellyWestside45
Xbox Live: TellyWestside
Oh hey, glad to see you steal take note of my idea, Flutters. :p

Anyway, here're some codes:

3DS: 2363-6506-3033

Switch: SW-0755-2294-2901

Also if any of you lot are into Splatoon 2, maybe you can finally shut me up about asking for teammates in the 'what was the last game you played' thread. :p
I am looking for new people to add but I don't have my codes at the moment, I will post them as soon as I find them.
they include, NS, N3ds, PSN, Steam, Xbox.
PSN: OobiGod
Steam: gullahpaz
Switch Friend Code SW-6520-9363-8812
Switch: SW315636708520
3DS: 4339-3827-2113
NNID: RainbowCloud151
Steam: rainbowcloud151
PSN: LightningSkydash
XBox: RainbowCloud151
Minecraft: Rainbow_Cloud
Hi guys! Umm can you guys be my friend on the Nintendo 3DS pretty please? Because I need friends on my 3DS system... :(
Recently started a replay of Pokémon Y so looking for codes to boost my Friend Safari (once I get to it) and possibly o-powers for anyone else still active

3DS Friend code: 4339-2994-5112
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