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Gaming cafes & Internet cafes


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Dec 30, 2008
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Ever been to one? What was it like? There's a gamer cafe in my city that opened a couple of years ago - it's basically a cafe surrounded by a lot of consoles (no sign of a Switch though, guess they don't want to risk it getting stolen?) and a couple of arcade machines. They even have a PS5 that I was able to play for an hour way back in January, but I've been playing different consoles every time I visit.

No internet cafes here as far as I'm aware though. What about your city?
Honestly I've never even seen one before. There's lots of arcades where I live so I guess there's no reason to have them. With internet cafes, I don't see them around very often. I'd like to visit one to see what it's like though.
Where I live, board gaming cafes are quite popular. They have a huge library of board games, which you need to pay an entry fee to access, and they also offer snacks (which you again have to pay for). However, I haven't seen an actual arcade, or the type of cafe you're describing.

Internet cafes, in particular, are kind of redundant in a place where 95% of people have a smartphone, tbh.
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