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Gaming snacks.


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Sep 3, 2021
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Sometimes, you get hungry while playing video games. Or, maybe you find that eating enhances the experience, like eating snacks while watching a TV show or movie.

What snacks do you usually eat while gaming? I usually don't eat while playing video games because I don't want my hands or my controller to get dirty.
Also marinara sauce. I don't especially like eating while playing games either. Not only do I want my stuff to stay clean, but I think it's just kind of a hassle to constantly pause and switch hands between snack/controller every couple of seconds. :confused:

I usually make an exception for beverages though. Coffee is your friend when you're level grinding!
I'm too much of a clean freak to do so. Don't want gunk on the hands or anything. The most I'll do is non-sour/sprinkled gummies, but even so, I'd wash my hands before eating them anyway.
Usually biscuits or some fruit, anything that doesn't leave much on my fingers. I'd rather have a drink while gaming though, just so my hands and controller remain clean.
Eating while playing a video game is generally not something I'd want to do, cause I'd rather not risk getting any of my gaming equipment greasy. Generally, the only exception would be having a beverage on a cup-holder when I'm playing a PC game that's played primarily with a mouse; that way I can play the game with one hand for the mouse, leaving one free hand to hold the drink.
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