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Gen 8 Movepool Update Speculation Thread

Jan 22, 2014
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What new moves do you think will be given to Pokemon? Any you'd like to see? Even any taken away?

Updated movepools are one of my favorite things about new Pokemon games, and I'm sure the transition to Gen 8 will help several Pokemon out (either greatly or in a small dose).
Scarmory with:

- U-turn (good combo with Whirlwind) ,
-Dazzlin Gleam,
-Zing Zap(spinning instead of "rolling"- both should be as "rottor" moves when roll or spin)
-Wild Charge
-Moonlight to make it competitive against Corviknight if that gets total stats like Arcanine 550.
  • Flame Charge (why not rises speed and it would be it's own energy that wouldn't hurt it because it's emmiting it from the inside and doesnt get hurting effect from getting hit) that or Heat Crash
  • Heat wave (other flying types not fire related learn that too)
-Beak Blast

electric moves should be a option for a flying/steel pokemon that theoretically should charge some energy and use it differently

Corviknight hope for that like raven and crows in myths and legends:

-Clanging scales, (armored feathers come on this should be a thing)
-Phantom Force,
-Shadow Sneak,
-Omnious wind,
-Miracle eye
-Hyper Voice,
-Electric Terrain
-Rain Dance
-Beak Blast

They would need to make them really different. Both should get Beak Blast really.

Many pokemon should get Fiery Dance actually, many like Alolan Marowak, the dancing alolan bird
I know it was Volcaronas signature move but come on after so many gen more fire pokemon actually would need it.
And all with dancing motives could actually too.

The new grass type line looks like Druid or forest spirit...
Start to think other Pokemon should get Forest Curse too.
Heliolisk - Scald and Weather Ball for the weathers
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-Electivire should get Bulk Up, Drain Punch, Knock Off and Superpower, if not Close Combat, and plz Zing Zap and/or Volt Tackle
-Magmortar should get Earth Power and Eruption

They wouldn't be much better than they are right now, but at least they got buffs

-Tyrantrum should get a new decently power biting rock STAB by the name of Jurassic Maw (85BP/100%Acc/10%flinch) and i would distribute it too (Charizard, Nidoking, Rhyperior, Aerodactyl, Feraligatr, T-Tar, Aggron, Armaldo, Torterra, Rampardos, Garchomp, Hippowdon, Krookodile, Archeops, Drudiggon, Lycanroc, Kommo-o, Drednaw)
-Aurorus needs Aurora Veil and Power Gem, and give it Dazzling Gleam and Moonlight whiling you're at it

-Scrafty could use Sucker Punch and Gunk Shot
-Pangoro, i would give it Sucker Punch and Mach Punch
-Sesimitoad needs Liquidation or at least Waterfall
-Samurott needs Earthquake (how does it not have that)
-Beartic needs Earthquake too, as well as Ice Shard and Knock Off, Liquidation is a bit of a stretch logically but competitively that would work
-Avalugg needs Icicle Crash and Ice Shard
-Emboar could use Drain Punch
-Incineroar could use Sucker Punch
-Golisopod should have Earthquake and Superpower by now
-Yanmega could use Hurricane and Focus Blast
-Goodra needs Recover
-Togekiss could use Moonblast and Hurricane
-Primarina could use Calm Mind and Wish
-Dusknoir could use Drain Punch
-Heliolisk needs Energy Ball, Solar Beam and maybe Dazzling Gleam
-Torterra needs Shell Smash (and Solid Rock HA, on top of that)
I think that the sheep will get a lot of tackle, head and rolling moves with defense moves related to it.

The turtle looks like it will a lot of biting, defense boosting and shielding moves too.
Still don't belive it will end as a water/rock pokemon in the end like Dragalge in the past.
The didnt showed megas and no new moves(outside of new mechanic) and next is LA trailer? quite interesting.

Hmmm Corvinikght actually should also get a double hit move for its feet and furry cutter maybe?
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Dedenne needs a Special Fairy attack. There's no reason for it not to at least get Dazzling Gleam. Togedemaru needs access to a Steel attack outside of tutoring (I know it can learn Gyro Ball through TM, but it's too fast for the move to really be useful).
-Glaceon needs Freeze-Dry and Dazzling Gleam
-Ampharos needs Tail Glow, no more excuses
-Sceptile could use Nasty Plot and Earth Power (tho the latter is a pipe dream)
-Roserade could use Quiver Dance
-Zebstrika needs High Horsepower and Blaze Kick
-Delphox needs Energy Ball
-Florges could also use Quiver Dance
-Tyrantrum needs Stomping Tantrum and Outrage in its level-up movepool
-Kommo-o could have more than 3 egg moves, and have them be better ones the it has currently, like give it Crunch, Dragon Pulse, Superpower, all 3 Elemental fangs (which i would ideally buff to 80bp, same with the punches), Iron Head, Iron Tail, Sucker Punch (maybe), and the ideal Jurassic Maw
Cinccino has Bullet Seed and Rock Blast to make use of Skill Link. I'd like Minccino to get that. Maybe throw in Icicle Spear for coverage. Also, Recover or another healing move. I doubt it be very useful in the meta, but I'd be fantastic in-game.
Powder to more bug types (+buff it to react to poison and electric moves and not only fire, if a pokemon has bulletproof should be protected from the damage when it explodes)

The new sheep pokemon will or should learn sound moves taking its name meaning from bulbapedia.

Interesting if the new grass type will learn all cotton based moves and maybe Spiky Shield?
Seeing the lack of dual typing for protection makes me wonder about it's stats and the ability to slowdown your oponent.
Hmmm more pokemon need First Impression and Baneful bunker.

Delphox is a mage? Weather, terrains and even moves like that Aurora veil should be possible. When a non ice type would use Aurora veil it should be protected from hail. Would make sense for a wizard pokemon to have that. Magnet rise. Instruct and After You would be perfect with Delphox when using other moves.

Aurora veil should be learnable by some normal, electric and other types that also could live in the cold or look like aurora based. Electrivire?

More pokemon learning Heat Crash like the new sheep and the ground donkey.
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Hmm the sheep looks like it should learn a lot of head moves. Hmm rollout and yawn.

The new cotton grass type looks like it could or should learn Bounce. Weird that both look flying or levitating but dont get ghost or flying typing...

Drednav- aqua jet? Or new bitting priority move? Accelrock? Outrage. Dragon breath, Dragon rage, dive, soak, head smash, bite, crunch, withdraw, roar, shell smash? Iron defense? Headbutt, Ironhead? Megahorn? First impression?
The dark/fairy imp line looks like lick, shadow sneak, phantom force, fake out, toxic, bounce, shadow claw, poison jab, flamethrower, will-o-wisp and earth power can come into play. Thunder wave? Dream eater, hypnosis, zen headbutt, nightmare? Perish song , Imprisson? Curse? Hex? Omnious wind? Bug bite? Bug buzz? The wings?
Think thats the psudo legendary of this generation. Would love if it had trick-or-treat and could use it on itself during battle to add ghost typing.

The new electric dog... Why does its new abilitty not boost bomb and ball moves with x1,5 power in battle, would make great sense not only to collect balls? Yes looks likes energy ball and other moves will be possible. Some good priority moves, roar, hyper voice, maybe even boom burst?
Yawn? Bite, crunch, fang moves, body slam. Maybe a new priority electric move? Heart stamp? Water pulse?
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Spiky Shield
Eldegoss doesn’t have spikes anywhere in its design though. Its soft, quite the opposite compared to other spiky shield users.

Drednav- aqua jet? Or new bitting priority move?
It doesn’t look like it can get around quickly enough to use a priority move. It’s similar in stature to tanks like Grotle.
Eldegoss doesn’t have spikes anywhere in its design though. Its soft, quite the opposite compared to other spiky shield users.

It doesn’t look like it can get around quickly enough to use a priority move. It’s similar in stature to tanks like Grotle.

Some plants hide spikes under flowers and cotton always was collected in gloves. Pokemon like Tangrowth, Tangela, Roserade should theoretically get it... Trevenant as a tree also should. All cactus lines. Also the damage is low this move needs to have 30%chance to disable the oponents move.

Some turtles and reptiles snap faster then you can notice. Especially in water. And a slow pokemon cant cause flinching on faster oponents... Only a biting move that could imkobilize or dissable a oponents movement... Or a priority move. Or Bouldoser, bumblebeam to reduce speed? A stealth rock, roar, bite and withdraw strategy would be interesting?

If Yampers evo turns out to be fast electric/ground then U-TURN , roar and high horse power can be really cool. (Speedboost or that speed increase instead of flinching?)

Eldegos , Corviknight and Impdimp getting Perish Song and some trapping moves???

could or should get dig as rock type that walks on ground.
Drednaw learning Shell Trap anyone???
Claydol should get Shore Up and a other kind of shielding move then protect.
(Gravity move- Intense gravity causes all Pokémon , should be changed to all but not the user of the move or create a attack that causes the user itself to levitate again but makes the oponent get gravity longer for 3 turns)
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I wonder if the new Steel-Type move All-Out Revolution will be exclusive to Duraludon. I sure hope not, it looks like it packs a punch if it can one shot tyranitar like that. Although, the recoil certainly isn't something to look forward to.
I wonder if the new Steel-Type move All-Out Revolution will be exclusive to Duraludon. I sure hope not, it looks like it packs a punch if it can one shot tyranitar like that. Although, the recoil certainly isn't something to look forward to.

Empoleon will probably get it in gen 4 remake. The damage is one thing, more interesting if it gets a healing or draining move? those arms and the way it uses moves... Hope it will use not only mouth to blast.

Zen headbut? Beam moves?

Giga Drain?
Parabolic Charge? this one would make sense for a dragon/steel pokemon actually.
It will probably learn Charge Beam and Zap Cannon.

This way the 50% loss of hp of its steel type blast(could it be a sound move too?) move wouldn't be that bad.
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