Gen 9 Predictions (Development predictions, New Regions, Version names)

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May 11, 2019
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I've kind of become infamous on the SS bracket because of my elaborate, fanfiction-esque predictions of the game before release. I do have a really active imagination, especially towards my passions (Pokemon being one of them), so let me share some of my latest.

Development time: Given the epic backlash to SS' november-rushed release date, Nintendo and GF may begin to change their development priorities following the release of the rumored Eternatus-Themed third version. It is at this point that, for all intents and purposes, Gen 8 ends, due to a variety of factors:
  1. Not wanting to risk further controversy by rushing the development of the remakes of what are arguably the most beloved games of the franchise (aside from the first), Nintendo and TPCI take a hands-off approach and allow Game Freak and Genius Sorority an extended development time for the DP remakes.
  2. Said DP remakes are mechanically much different from SS and the rumored Eternatus Version. They use the unreal engine, and have different mechanics (these lack a gimmick outright, have no wild area; instead having a completely controllable camera as well as redesigned routes, have a modified underground section that serves as a series of randomly generated dungeons chalice-dungeon style due to interference courtesy of Giratina).
  3. The division of labour between the companies. GF handles the programming and design whilst GS handles the visual design in its entirety. This results in all-new models for the 450-strong dex, more of a stadium/battle revolution-like quality to the battles themselves, among other quality of life improvements.
The DP remakes, are for all intents and purposes, are transitional as the Let's Go games were. They are not backwards compatible with SS in terms of communication but are compatible with Pokemon Home. The likely development time for these games is 4 years, resulting in a late 2024/early 2025 release date.

Then, for a further 3 years of development towards the new original versions using lessons learned from the DP remakes, the two primary versions of gen 9 are revealed.

The names are Niello and Champleve, a reference to decorative materals (champleve is a stereotypically white porcelain-like glass and Niello is a shiny black metal), with both of the game logos depicted a plaque surrounding the titles, tipped at the right with a helmet (Niello's depicts a very gothic rendition of a knight's burgonet whilst champleve's changes per whatever region they choose as for cultural appropriateness, thus dictating that the version legendaries are humanoid warriors), as part of a desire to ape BW, which tie with DP for esteem in the fandom. Nintendo hopes to live up to the promise they made before SWSH, and claims these games will totally revolutionize the franchise.

Prior to development, a third company is brought in to help, namely with the writing and world-building. This will most likely be Intelligent Systems.

As for the regions, I have envisioned three, all based off of areas Pokemon would do well to adapt. All of them would be the largest regions to date, being about the size of four HGSS maps (the DP remakes had maps about 2x the size of HGSS)

  1. Illystrius: The only region in the franchise to be based of a country that no longer exists (In this case Yugoslavia, particularly Communist Yugoslavia as there is a portion of the game that represents the Vardar river basin, which is in Macedonia), Illystrius (a combination of an archaric term for the west balkans and an "illustrious") is seemingly as shining as it's name suggests, having risen from a history of being either a vassal or a colony of surrounding cultures and protracted civil unrest to become a beacon of technology and tourism; its transhumance-based variant of the gym challenge (which is themed after combat sports, taking place in an octagon) attracting worldwide attention for the intensity and passion of its trainers. However, the brightest lights often cast the darkest shadows: the pokemon league is rampantly corrupt, as are the many tech companies, often under the control of shady political factions that have relations to the region's villanous teams, which are quite powerful. Illystrius is a very fairytailish region in design and very beautiful. It's highly cavernous and is based heavily around a light-dark divide in all things, integrating motifs from both western (and more commonly) slavic fairytales in both design and plot. The helmet depicted on Champleve version's logo is a Turban helmet, signifying the Ottoman inspiration of it's legendary
  2. Camlornia: Despite it's name, Camlornia is based off of Germany. It's a heavily forested region is famed for it's advanced technology and commitment to it's history; the pokemon league is a medieval-style guild, and trainers are journeymen. This has the closest Pokemon League to the classic games. The biker-based villainous team is contrasted against a glorified urban watch type of organization, both of which are kept in constant conflict by a conspiracy that is potentially ancient. The people of this region are renowned for their toughness, solemn attidute, and (humorously) harsh language. It has many arthurian inspirations (a significant part of the arthurian mythos are german in origin), including an area known as the valley of kings, numerous castles, and the like. The region has a fairly foreboding atmosphere; it's cold, many ancient ruins abound, and much of it is dark and mysterious forests. There is a strong Grimm motif in some of it to contrast the Arthurian, almost to suggest humanity and pokemon having to fight their baser instincts. Champleve version's logo depicts a sallet, signifying that this warrior is based off of a knight.
  3. Volhynn: This region, themed after both european russia (up to kalmykia) and surrounding areas (baltic states, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova) is kind of a magnification of Illyustrius: It's beautiful, lush, and pompous culturally, but cannot hide its social problems, which the pokemon league serves as a distraction from (even though it's largely under the control of largely the same forces responsible for making life in the region such a hassle). It's twin villanous teams are the scout-esque pioneers vs gopniks (what else?) It's an immensly varied region geographically, the only one of which has a desert accessible prior to the postgame (the closest camlornia gets is the underground), and has a strong basis in russian fairytales and mythology (there's an alternate dimension consisty of a golden city and castle hidden in the reflection of a lake, for example). It's a quirky region, in which complete humorous randomness an absurdity is par the course for life there (an ursaring riding a man riding a motorcylce can be seen in numerous roadways, for example). The helmet depicted on Champleve version is again a turban-type, though in context this signifies the basis of a caucasian-warrior-inspired pokemon. (caucasian warriors often look different from ottoman ones despite the similarities).

So, what do you think? are any of these likely? How much would you like any of these predictions to pan out? Comment below! :D

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A region ispired to Italy, and very uselful items as new mechanic.


Jun 26, 2015
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-A region that uses ancient romes culture and colonies, italy, greece, india, egypt, middle east, africa, spain , azteks cultures , animals with a little European touch from legends and myths.

-all dual typed starters, some with unique new typing (or rarely re-used old typing)
and new abilities or old ones but very good
fire/fairy black goat Pan creature with flute, blue flames and priority sound moves as ability,
water/ghost white elephant, grass/steel wolf witcher with sword and heatproof and magic arsenal,
grass/rock Palladin lion with Hellboy fist and dagger like blade with ability immunity against fairies,
grass/fairy deer druid with ability to cast stats moves every turn, water/fighting Bear wiking,
grass/electric black and yellow giraff or bear , water/electric yellow female amazon jaguar, fire/poison female egyptian white with blue flame body snake immune to sand, earth and mud moves in their names, fire/ghost 6 legged black horse centaur , with horse head but body with hands made out of fire and smoke, water/poison violet or white blue Hippo with Corrosion

-starters that go with different colors:
- white/yellow/green final stage water starter,
- brown/blue/ violet/ yellow or green fire starter,
- blue/ violet/ black/brown grass starters with less green elements like moss, vines, wood

-all starters signature moves with new battle effects (work like Grudge , Cursed Body or Throat chop with % chance of activation)

-pokemon that addapted to harsh terrain and weathers
(sandy hot desert with ice cave underground ??? or icy thundra??? florida and new orleans Swamps)
(fire/grass, grass/water, ice/dragon, unique unused dual typings)

-more physical fairy and psychic moves(at least 3 or 4 for each)

-more physical sound moves

-more sound moves for unused types

- more switching, draining, move blocking or PP reduction moves for unused types

-new sound abilities

-new dragon, ghost , fairy and psychic abilities

- rarely used type combinations like dark/fairy, ghost/fairy, water/grass , fighting/steel, dragon/ice, dragon/poison, dragon/fire, dragon/ghost getting more new regular not legendary pokemon.

- piramids, caravans, temples, hindu, egypt, greek and babilon style, some wandering gyms leaders that change places like the battle piramid did.

-new abilities and moves that go outside the box shemes... (dragon/ghost skeleton on 2 legs with wings and ability to be immune to special moves and dark/psychic panther head-bear body shadow beast that would be ability with immune to physical moves)

-steel spirit and steal worker should give resistance or immunity against steel moves to the user.
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Jun 5, 2016
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-starters that go with different colors:
- white/yellow/green final stage water starter,
- brown/blue/ violet/ yellow or green fire starter,
- blue/ violet/ black/brown grass starters with less green elements like moss, vines, wood
This wouldn’t happen due to marketing reasons. The starters should practically scream their types design-wise so it’s immediately recognisable to people and children. The furthest so far has been Scorbunny but even it had red elements and always depicted with flaming feet.


Jun 26, 2015
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This wouldn’t happen due to marketing reasons. The starters should practically scream their types design-wise so it’s immediately recognisable to people and children. The furthest so far has been Scorbunny but even it had red elements and always depicted with flaming feet.

yeah I know but there are blue flames, green flames, red flames...and flamesare red and yellow too...
they could use that too... not only white, red, black and yellow, go outside the box like with mega Charizard X.

Names for new gen?

Pokemon :
Beast and Warrior?
Real and Unreal?
Sacred and Cursed?
Zen and Tao?
Sand and Sky?
Life and Death?
Darkness and Light?
Spirit and Soul?

Hope for physical fairy and psychic types with more serious names.

Sylph horn,
Titan Hand,
Troll Hammer (oponents last move looses all pp, can be used once per battle, means that by switching out reactivates effect, 50% of activating the effect)
Drain Bite,
Mythical whip,
Mythical Dagger,
Ghoul Claw(slash move that halfs oponents last moves pp by half)
Pixie swarm(fairy infestation)
Dwarf Pickax
Elfen Sword

Zen Palm, switches oponent out
Psychic rush(user pushesh own body with telekinesis at full force may recoil damage to the user),
Terra Kinesis(physical blocks oponents ground moves for 3 turns),
Drain Touch
Crystal Ball(moves first and blocks oponents move for the rest of battle)
also a weak steel binding move that lasts 5 turns that traps and causes paralyze would be cool, pokemon with flame body, magma armor, ghosts could be immune to it.
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Mar 28, 2019
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Things I predict/hope will happen for Gen 9:
  • A completely seamless world map, with overworld Pokemon encounters
  • Pokedex of around 600, similar in size to Sword/Shield with the DLC update
  • A linear storyline/main campaign. This story will (attempt to) be higher quality, like SM's or BW(2)'s.
  • Legendaries/Mythicals from past games are distributed via DLC, and are caught by playing through a small storyline (for example, there would be a sidequest to find the Rainbow Wing and summon Ho-oh)
Unlikely things which I'd still like to see anyway:
  • Certain gyms can be challenged out of order, like in Diamond and Pearl. This would allow them to have a linear story while giving the player more freedom to explore the region.
  • Plenty of optional areas, sidequests and battles. This allows the player to take a break from the main campaign and hopefully discover some cool new things. Bonus points if it's lore-related and makes reference to mysterious old legends.
  • Some sort of New Game +, difficulty modes or even settings - maybe the player could choose the wild Pokemon encounter rate, increase or decrease enemy Pokemon levels & stats, and choose the trainer AI difficulty through in-game menu options.
  • Following Pokemon. Come on, at least one person per Gen 9 speculation thread has to request this, right?


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Jun 25, 2011
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