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Speculation Gen 9 Predictions (Development predictions, New Regions, Version names)

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Sep 8, 2019
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Maybe it's an unpopular opinion but I like regions with monoclimate (like Hoenn and Alola) to regions with weird mixes with desert, snow and everything in between like Unova. It's just more believable like that. Snow especially looks out of place in most regions, I think they just should have made ice pokemon catchable in buildings such as Cold Storage or ice cream cafes not to destroy overall aesthetic.

Personally, I want a complete desert next. All warm regions so far have been jungles and I want rocky terrains and sandstorms, no jungles. Instead, there will be mystical temples and caves, (pyramids!) and oases on the routes where you can recharge.
I know I'm replying to a somewhat old comment, but I definitely agree that I would be fine with a more monoclimate region when it comes to adapting certain countries instead of trying to force say, rainforests into Egypt or wherever (seriously though, Egypt Region when?)

I'm rather reminded of the map of the Orre Region - and I know it's from a side-game but I felt it handled the supposed lack of "biome-diversity" that people have been bringing up recently fine in my opinion while having its own distinctive style.

atomic step
Jul 7, 2020
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I want to agree with the preceding thoughts, and I do appreciate realism (potentially BotW's rainfall patterns?), but also:

(oh hey it happens to be earth day)
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Dec 15, 2009
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On the subject of climate and biomes, does anyone else find it a bit odd how Galar has a cold region in the north (Route 10), and a cold region in the south (the Crown Tundra), but a milder climate in the middle? Are there are real-world countries that are like that?

I'd like to see a new region based on one of these places:

China/Nepal (Mount Everest please!)
Somewhere in Africa (Egypt is a cool idea, or perhaps somewhere like Namibia which has that iconic savanna landscape)
The Netherlands
New Zealand
Greece (Pokemon would have a field day with Greek mythology)
Antarctica! (Might be good for an open world game?)
Now with Mega Evolution
Jun 28, 2013
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On the subject of climate and biomes, does anyone else find it a bit odd how Galar has a cold region in the north (Route 10), and a cold region in the south (the Crown Tundra), but a milder climate in the middle? Are there are real-world countries that are like that?
I think it just has to do with elevation. Since both areas appear to be high-up, it would make sense that they are colder.
Empoleon Master Trainer
Mar 14, 2011
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I think a really neat generational gimmick could be, if done right, Shadow Pokemon. Yeah they originate from the GameCube games Colosseum and XD, and they're also present in Pokemon Go, in additional, something called "dark Pokemon" exists in some other forms of media in english, such as the Celebi movie. Also, Primal Dialga in Japan is actually called Dark Dialga. I feel like they could consolidate all of these terms into just Shadow Pokemon and people would be fine with it. Also note that shadow Pokemon themselves are also called dark Pokemon in Japan, so localized in America they'd be known as Shadow Pokemon, but they'd be Dark Pokemon in Japan. Primal Dialga could even just be a special form of shadow/dark Pokemon, similar to how Shadow Lugia receives special treatment with it's color changes in XD.

They could expand on the concept besides just being a visual effect or maybe giving them a special move, I'd take some inspiration from Pokemon Go, where the stats are a lot lower until you purify it, so for example, a Shadow Lugia vs. a normal Lugia might have much lower base stats, but could have much more powerful moves or some ability to highlight the fact that this is an enraged/berserk version of a Lugia that makes it powerful in a different way from normal Lugia, you could think of this as similar to region forms, where everything about the Pokemon is fair game to change, although with regional forms, types tend to change and base stats only see mild changes, the difference with Shadow Pokemon is that 1. every Pokemon could in theory have a Shadow variant, 2. types would not change, as that has never been a feature with Shadow Pokemon, 3. their base stats could change dramatically, unlike with regional variants, 4. they would learn an exclusive Shadow move that, similar to in XD, could roll for super effective damage vs. any non-Shadow Pokemon.
Aug 3, 2017
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I could get on board with that. I'd prefer they all come with new, unique color pallets (like an evil version of shinies), but either way I imagine some Shadow variants would express themselves as more unique forms, similar to how every monster can Dynamax, but only some can G-Max.

Honestly, with James Turner's increasing presence within the company, I've been wondering if Shadow Lugia might be made official, since he designed it.
Mar 24, 2010
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The mythology nerd in me would love a Greek or Egyptian region. I could see a Zeus legendary giving arceus a run for its money.

Though I dunno how many more sun themed pokemon we need. "Hello yes I am Ra the sun god pokemon" Solgaleo: Get out of my house"

Also if we ever get an Australian region I will set everything on fire if we don't get someone who even mildly references steve irwin. I just want one. Don't ask me why. There's no answer I can give you.