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Speculation Gen 9 Predictions (Development predictions, New Regions, Version names)

Everything and nothing (whilst maintaining some subtelty). Also Apex and Nadir without the thesaurus abuse.
Oh boy this train of thought sounds fun let me hop on.

Pokemon Odd and Even (joke answer)

Pokemon Paper and Plastic (another joke answer)

Pokemon Sound and Silence (my favorite)

Pokemon Wood (or Stone) and Steel

Pokemon Betwixt and Between (semi joke answer)

Pokemon Magic and Science

Pokemon Fang and Claw

Pokemon Static and Active

Pokemon Shine and Shadow

Pokemon Fact and Fiction

I could probably think up more. This is entertaining.

Pokemon War and Peace

Pokemon Dawn and Dusk
Anyone think that some Latin American countries would be great candidates for a region. I’d love to see some based on Brazil or Mexico. Heck maybe even Colombia.
9 is frankly likely to be the Netherlands, maybe some DLC in Belgium or Luxembourg.
Hey, guys. I thought that some of these species of Pokémon might not return in Generation IX or newer anymore because they had faded into obscurity or had not been popular among fans, while only currently popular species of Pokémon among fans might return in those generations, that's all. So what do you think?
No. There’s some that are so popular they’ll always be present (pikachu, Charizard), and some forms that might take quite a while to return (G-Max, every seasonal Sawsbuck), but they’re not retiring anyone outright. The few that didn’t make it into a game this Gen are basically a lock for next Gen.
Chugoku? Where's that?

*EDIT it is the part of Japan where there hasn't been a region yet

I wouldn't mind it, but they already have half of all the regions set in Japan-based locations. While, yes, GF is Japanese, it seems like they should wait a few more gens before they go through with that

Also, it would just be Northern Johto or something
9 is frankly likely to be the Netherlands, maybe some DLC in Belgium or Luxembourg.

tbh, while it makes sense Gamefreak visited the Netherlands after visiting the UK, i don't think its gonna be gen 9 perse (Despite that a Netherlands region is highly likely, considering the historic and present relationship the Netherlands and Japan share), but that its in the works for the future.
I've seen a good theory that it might be California based on a Game Informer interview. Not too crazy about possibly getting another US region again, but I am down for some warm fun in the Cali sunshine right now... winter is already moving in where I am and I hate it.

Cali would be interesting. We could get some areas based on silicone valley (easy way to get Porygon and Type: Null) or Sacramento (to reference the gold rush. Though I wonder if they’d have the balls to do areas based on Disneyland or Compton.
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