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Gen II OU Theme Team - The Legendary Red (WIP)

The Veteran
Feb 2, 2003
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"Red, the last among the toughest trainers is the opponent. How will the challenger take on the wily veteran who's prevailed through hundreds of battles?"

This is a team I've been using recently. It's still a work in progress, but for now it's somewhat solid. I was motivated to make this team when I saw someone using a gen 5 team themed after Red. Sadly, Gen II lacks some mechanics like abilities, but still when I was building this team, I found that it's actually not half bad. The biggest problem with this team is once Pikachu & Espeon go down, Zapdos does a number on me. I'm also scared of Starmie and Raikou. But other than that, this team on a good day will ruin even the best teams. About half the matches I've played I've been able to come out on top. Definitely a fun team.

A lot of teams I face rely on standard metagame knowledge and sets. My team is built more on a hit and run offense that is able to deal out good damage, and tries to keep bad matchups at bay by using moves like Dynamic Punch on Charizard to make counters like Zapdos less reliable against them, and some of the sets I run are unorthodox so it helps me against common big threats like Zapdos and Snorlax. Many people are surprised at how well this team does. Most people I play end up liking this team.

"Pika" @Lightball

It's hilarious how much this gets people. If I predict well enough, this little guy will pick teams apart. I used to use Sing, but Agility allows me to make things that are normally faster like Zapdos switch ins gamble whether they should take Thunders from the highest Special Attack in the game before getting their moves off. I used to run Hidden Power, but I like having Substitute to buffer status and Earthquakes. BTW, I hate you Raikou.

"Vee" @PRZ Cure Berry
~Morning Sun
~Hidden Power (Water)

It really doesn't do much. I'm probably going to change this set, but I'm not telling yet!

"Snor" @Quick Claw
~Lovely Kiss
~Self Destruct

I like this dude. My anti Curse/Belly Drum Lax/SkarmBliss set. Sadly he's slow unless Quick Claw kicks in, so it generally gets one move off then explodes.

"Saur" @Mystery Berry
~Giga Drain
~Hidden Power (Fire)
~Sleep Powder

I got this idea from a smogon thread. This thing is a beast. I mean it doesn't counter things like Skarmory switch ins(with Drill Peck especially), but if I get a Growth in during a switch, it makes them think about staying in and trying to Curse up. It also draws in freaking Steelix to explode in its face.
Still, this dude is awesome. Actually usually I use Female gender, so I guess dudette?

"Blast" @Leftovers
~Zap Cannon
~Ice Beam

He hates Zapdos, but if I'm lucky with Zap Cannon and he's at full HP (he can survive Thunderbolts which most seem to run), he'll at least get in one Ice Beam before going down. I think i'll redo this set too, but for now he's saved my butt a few times.

"Char" @Scope Lens
~Fire Blast
~Dynamic Punch
~Hidden Power (Electric)

What?! Yeah I know, funky set, but this thing catches people off guard thinking Starmie gets to switch in for free while I waste 50% HP(Everyone expects BellyZard). Also laughs in the face of Blissey and Snorlax if I get lucky with Dynamic Punch, which happens pretty often. This thing is a beast because it forces people to respect DynamicPunch confusion plus confusion damage, and any attack I use. It also damages a lot of types that are common switch ins. I might change the hidden power to water or something, but not sure yet. I need more testing.

Well, I'm open to suggestions. This team is gimmicky, but I love this team. The joy I have when this team does work greatly outweighs losing. It's really weak to Zapdos and Raikou, so I really have to be careful and cross my fingers.
Here's the team in action: [Gen 2] OU replay: Sk4r3kr0w_-_ vs. Itsbme - Pokémon Showdown

A funny thing is I tried a Gym Leader Blue theme team, and actually it never did well. On paper it may look better than Red's team, but even if I left out Pidgeot and used like machamp/alakazam/exeggutor/gyarados/arcanine/rhydon it got wrecked all the time.

I will keep working on this team and post any updates!
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