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ATTENTION: Generation 8 - Choose Your Starter!

What's your favorite generation 8 starter?

  • Grookey

    Votes: 150 23.4%
  • Scorbunny

    Votes: 250 38.9%
  • Sobble

    Votes: 242 37.7%

  • Total voters
The Sobbley Trainer
Hey Pokémon Fans!

You must've heard the news (if you haven't you've surely been living under a rock!) but Pokémon Sword & Shield have been announced, and with their reveal we got some cute & cool new starters!

Awesome art by @noworry

To celebrate the reveal of our new friends, you will be able to show off your favorite with a cool badge!
Do you have a fiery passion fitting of a Scorbunny Fan? or are you mischievous enough to call yourself a Grookey fan? perhaps you just can't help yourself but want to hug and cuddle Sobble like a true fan?

Make your choice on your profile! All you have to do is pick your favorite from the 3, You can find the option in your Preferences and you will receive your badge as soon as possible after making your choice!*
*The forums automatically processes this field every hour.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's choices!
See you around, trainers!
Darth Ignis
Grookey is my #1, Sobble is #2.

Scorbunny looks cool, but it just doesn't really break the typical fire starter mold. Grookey is at least adventurous and Sobble is actually a relatively conservative looking design for a water type.
I can breathe in space.
At first, everyone but Scorbunny looked fairly ugly to me, but I warmed up to them. There's a comic where a Sobble is on a tree, and gently grasps the trainer's finger with his chameleon-like hands, and that's where the revelation came. Sobble fan here.
Forje um caminho para a grandeza!
It's simply impossible for me to choose just one now, the first reason is that they didn't release the other two forms you don't say? (mid and final), and because I love all three and I'll do my best to use them on my team in my first gameplay (or I can replay, using the ones that were missing)

It's sad, but I can't have this badge so soon X_X
Given power
I'm abstaining until I see the evolutions. In-part because all of these had me raising my eyebrow, and in-part because that can change things drastically. That said I'll probably go with Scorbunny unless it's Yet Another Brawling Fire Starter. Sobble, we'll see, Water's a diverse type. I generally stay away from Grass types after I regretted it performance-wise one too many times, unless their secondary type is convincing.
Extinct (but still Killer!)
I typically wait to decide my favorite starter of each region until the whole line is revealed. But right now, Sobble is good because memes.