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Generation 8 Fix - How to make these games set a standard for the series

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Jun 26, 2015
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giving Galar Slowbro and Slowking Diffrent typings and better abilities.
Slowbro psychic/poison and Slowking psychic/ghost would be actually cool.
(still think Regular Slowking needs a Mega )

The amount of new ghost type pokemon and new moves is underwhelming in Galar.

New abilities and moves could be very welcomed.
Or re-use of realy good abilities.
Bringing the Thunder
Mar 20, 2013
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-The Galar Dex starts out with 500 Pokemon, not 400.
-Game includes various sidequests that can be registered on a sidequest list on your Rotom Phone. Completing the sidequests rewards you with rare items and Pokemon.
-Allow the players to actually help out with Poke Jobs through mini games instead of just sending your Pokemon for a while. Helping out could be optional and provide boosts to your EXP, money, and rewards received.
-Bring back the ability for Pokemon to follow you in this game. You have the models ready and use them in the overworld, there should be no excuse for them not to be usable.
-The following areas are now explorable:
1. The cabin on the lake on Rt. 2
2. The factory on Rt. 3
3. The lower level of Galar Mine seen from the bridge with the Woobat
4. The back half of Turffield
5. The lighthouse in Hulbury
6. More of the buildings in Hammerlocke
7. The Ferris Wheel and other miscellaneous attractions in Wyndon
-Keep Poke Ride in the game (or a similar feature), but this time allow you to use the Pokemon in your party for Ride abilities instead random rentals. Once the ride ability is unlocked in the story, you can register any eligible Pokemon in your party or box to be summoned by the Ride Pager and use its field move. If you do not have any that are eligible, you can still use default rental Pokemon. These would be the game's ride abilities:
1. Cut: Can cut down small bushes that block your path. Default- Honedge
2. Break: Can break cracked boulders. Default: Copperajah
3. Fly: Can fly back to specified areas of the map. Default- Corviknight
4. Dig: Can dig through soft sand in rock walls. Digging in certain spots will also trigger a Sinnoh Underground style mini game that allows you to find items, this mini game replaces the Digging Duo in the Wild Area. Default: Drillbur
5. Swim: Can swim across various waterways. Replaces the Rotom Bike. Default- Lapras
6. Push: Can push large boulders. Default- Machamp
7. Glide: Can glide off steep cliffs. Can be used to reach elevated areas of the overworld not otherwise accessible. Default- Gliscor (Gligar/Gliscor being among the 100 Pokemon added to the Galar Dex).
-Pokemon Camps can serve as pop up healing spots, you can heal your Pokemon without needing to make Curry and Curry is now used to increase Affection. You can also decorate your Camp much like Secret Bases. You can also Fly to your Camp.
-The fossils have designs that actually look like they can function together despite being mismatches. I don't want to bring something to life that's just going to die again in 5 seconds.
Not sure I'm the best writer on Earth, but here goes nothing:

-Throughout the game, Marnie and Team Yell hint at being underdogs and wanting to bring respect to their hometown.
-Instead of being an orphan, Bede came from a wealthy family, which feeds further into his superiority complex early in the game.
-Bede does not destroy the mural in Stow-on-Side causing him to get disqualified, instead a secret chamber is found behind it where you and Sonia discover the statues.
-Bede arrives at Ballonlea Stadium after you defeat Opal. As in the actual game, Opal tries to recruit Bede to be her successor, but he rejects the offer since he still has his sights set on being Champion.
-Once you reach Spikemuth, you learn that Chairman Rose has the ability to create new Power Spots in Galar (secretly due to control over Eternatus), but refuses to due to disdain over the city of Spikemuth due to the city being a low income area and wants to move the gym instead. In response, Team Yell is attempting to shut down other challengers and support Marnie so she can gain more influence over the League and persaude the Chairman to put a Power Spot in Spikemuth. Marnie does want to help her city, but she doesn't feel it's fair to eliminate the other challengers and she trusts you, so she lets you into Spikemuth. After beating Piers, he accepts you as a challenger and requests the same of you if you become Champion. Marnie insists that she'll be the one to become Champion and help Spikemuth, but she looks forward to battling you in the Champion's Cup.
-The scene after beating Spikemuth where Leon battles Dynamax Pokemon offscreen is removed completely.
-Hop defeats Bede in the Semifinals of the Champion's Cup.
-The scene where you storm Rose Tower to look for Leon does not happen in between Semifinals and the Finals, it instead happens after the Finals. In between the Semifinals and Finals, you go looking for Leon around Wyndon, but you simply find him on the monorail having a conversation with Chairman Rose about the upcoming tournament.
-In the Champion's Cup Finals, you fight Leon as planned, but as you fight him, he instantly sends out his Gigantamax Charizard which puts up a barrier protecting it similarly to those in Max Raid Battles. However, you are unable to do any damage to it and you are unable to remove the barrier. Ultimately, you are unable to defeat it and you end up losing to Leon.
-After the battle, Hop, Marnie, and Piers try to console you for the loss, but then Sonia enters and states that she noticed an abnormal amount of Galar particles surrounding Leon's Charizard during the battle. The 5 of you come to the conclusion that the battle was fixed and head to Rose Tower to report Sonia's findings to the League.
-Upon arriving in Rose Tower, you speak with Oleana and attempt to discuss the battle fixing with Rose, but she says he is busy and asks you to leave. Sonia tries to insist that it's urgent and they need to speak with him, but she simply battles you to force you to leave. At this point, Piers is suspicious Macro Cosmos is involved in the conspiracy and calls in Team Yell so you can storm the tower and confront Rose.
-At the top, you, Hop, and Marnie find Rose, Oleana, Leon, and Bede. Rose confirms that he did fix the fight against Leon and that Leon's undefeated record is a result of Rose's meddling. Rose wants to maintain a hierarchy in the Galar region between the rich and the poor because he believes that the rich are inherently more talented, and he wants to prioritize the rich in dividing up limited resources. He then reveals that the Power Spots the gyms are sitting on were created by Eternatus and he has been redirecting its power to accomplish this goal. As he finishes though, a large tremor is felt throughout the Galar region. Oleana receives a report that Eternatus has broken free in the Power Plant and is attempting to cause the Darkest Day. Rose, Oleana, and Leon leave to take care of Eternatus while he leaves Bede to stop you. After defeating him, the three of you ask Bede why he still supports Chairman Rose when he's cast him aside. He reiterates that he believes in his superiority being rich, but as you point out, he has lost to you multiple times and you are not rich, so being rich has nothing to do with talent. He begins to question his ideals, but runs back to the Power Plant. By the end of the game, he decides that Chairman Rose is wrong and sees if he can still take Opal up on her offer to succeed her as Ballonlea Gym Leader.
-After defeating Bede, you investigate Slumbering Weald as in the regular game and receive the Rusted Sword/Shield to call on Zacian and Zamazenta to stop Eternatus. The game continues as normal through the Max Raid battle with Eternatus.
-Once you attempt to catch Eternatus, your Poke Ball is suddenly hacked by Oleana and she takes control of Eternatus. She reveals that she set Eternatus free and wanted to take control of it so she manipulated you, Rose, and Leon into catching it for her. She believes that wealth and power is nothing without intelligence and so she wants to overthrow Rose and control the region's energy herself. You then must defeat Oleana once more, this time with Eternamax Eternatus. After you defeat her, Rose and Oleana are arrested and Eternatus is turned over to you having previously caught it.
-After the incident at the Power Plant is resolved, the League holds a press conference on the incident. Leon, being unaware that his battles were fixed but still complicit in the incident, attempts to resign as Champion in shame, but the fans are disappointed by this and want to see a fair fight between you and Leon anyway. A rematch is then scheduled for the next day and you can defeat Leon to beat the game.
-Camera control in all areas of the game, not just the Wild Area
-Give the Pokedex an actual search function. Why in Arceus' name was this even removed?
-The Pokedex includes a DexNav-like feature, allowing you to see information on some of the overworld encounter Pokemon before you catch them (such as whether or not you've caught them, moves, abilities, stats, etc.). You can also scan for Pokemon that you've already caught.
-Pokemon can be caught at any level without needing a certain Gym Badge.
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Oct 5, 2019
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wait people actually like this guy?
Laid to Wake
Oct 18, 2012
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As far as setting standards go, I would be pretty surprised if the games from here on out didn't strive to keep up some kind of multiplayer co-op feature akin to Max Raids. I'm not quite sure if that format specifically will have staying power beyond this generation since it's so wrapped up in Dynamax which will almost certainly be rotated out, but I would very much like for them to find a way to keep doing something similar. It adds an entirely separate dimension to online interaction in a way that the series hasn't really been able to do before now, even though so many other franchises have had some form of multiplayer co-op for a very long time. And personally, I never have much trouble finding raids to join in on, so the userbase seems pretty active. Which doesn't surprise me at all - working together with other people to defeat and catch rare Pokémon is just a really fun prospect, and has a very low barrier of entry so that anyone can do it.
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Jun 5, 2016
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So... they were perfectly able to make unevolved Pokémon with the Gigantamax Factor being able to appear in raids, but didn’t to make it a new and novel feature some months after the release...
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Jun 26, 2015
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more Physical fairy type moves. Only 2 after 3 generations?
Im not counting the 2 Z-moves, Max move and 2 G-max moves ....

come on with fairy type Rapidash not to create a Sylph horn or Magic horn draining physical fairy type move? a "tackling" or punching move (Comet punch retyped after come back)
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