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Generation IV Remake Speculation

Will there be remakes in Gen VIII?

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Jul 29, 2013
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The riding pokemon from Gen 7 was one of the coolest things about it. It removed the obnoxious HMs and it allowed you to ride several pokemon. It would be great if it was in the remakes of Gen 4.

But even if they don't put that in them, i hope they stick with no HMs regardless. Defog as an HM and the fog thing from Gen 4 must never be a thing again.
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Eterna City Gym Leader
Dec 22, 2018
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I did hear from an interview from GF that they don't believe in timelines, but the Region...

but then...

they don't believe in Regions but the Pokemon...

but then...

they don't believe in the Pokemon but the merchandising...

but then...

they don't believe in the merchandising but the money

what wasted potentials and decline since Gen 6. At they are interconnected.
Blast Turtle
Aug 13, 2019
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That of course assumes that this game will be another Let's Go game.
Not really. We have only had one game with integration with Go. Just because it's in a different style than the rest doesn't mean that all other games with a connection to GO will be just like it. I mean, SwSh has mechanic that's incredibly similar to GO raid battles and while it did come first, it is undoubtedly inspired by GO. Yet it is not a Let's Go game.
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Jun 26, 2015
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does someone think that regular Farfetch'd , Linoone , Mr Mime and Corsola may get evolutions outside of Galar too?

Will Slowking and Frosslass get their own Megaevolutions?
to match Slowbro and Glalie like Gardeviour and Gallade did?

and gen 2 (5 pokemon go only in XY and 1 Steelix in Oras )

and gen 4(3 in XY and 2 in Oras) that makes 11 pokemon from two generations out of 50 megas... Where much smaller here would be the perfect occasion to do them. We got 26 in XY(28 with Mewtwo and Charizard) and 20 in Oras...

Not much actually.

Or that we may get new evolutions taking the character of gen 4 where they introduced Electrivire and Magmortar?

Some fat pokes could get evos or megas to become again slim and fast...

taking that G-gigantamax is a thing, 8 legendaries could get it easy , starters should get Megas and some other pokemon too...
(Regigigas could get a G-move to reduce the turns of Slow Start actually)

Creating 12 Gigantamax and 20 or 23 Mega-evolutions would be much?
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New Member
Jul 31, 2019
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Okay so if and when we get the remakes we can expect a similar treatment to ORAS so using those expections how do you see these games turning out overall content wise and will they be better or worse than swsh objectively?

At the least (since ORAS had everything RS had) we will have.

-The underground (Secret Bases, Fossil Hunting etc.)
  • Vs Seeker returns (Thank Arceus!)
  • Seals
  • Contests
  • Poffins
  • Lots of Legend hunting.
  • Battle Tower
  • A big solid region to explore.
Next is current gen QOL things and staples that have stuck around.

  • Gym and e4/Champion rematches.
  • Overworld Pokémon
  • Catch Combos
  • Easier competitive methods
  • Refresh/Camping (Poffins likely)
  • Portable Pokémon Box
  • No HM's
  • Reusuable TM's and maybe TR's
  • Y comm
Finally things likely to be included judging by the extras ORAS had from RS.

  • Delta esque post game (Likely Giratina and Distortion World Centric with possible Arceus event as well)
  • Distortion worm hole legend hunting
  • Possible return of Old Megas (Since Dynamax is a Galar centric thing.)
  • Better Regional Dex (Lets be honest they can't get away with having a 150 pokemon regional dex when there's no national dex.)
  • Fixing issues of slowness like battling and Surfing.
  • Simplifying Dungeons like Mt Coronet (Possible a new levelled wild area?)
  • New Wild Area (Mt Coronet being the likely spot to do so)
  • Improved Secret Bases
  • Possible return of Following Pokémon (Amity square could be a good indicator for it)
That's my expectations anyway what are yours. Easily they will have more content than swsh considering what we have to work with as a base. Though possibly no wild area will be a shame.