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Jul 18, 2011
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So this is just another journey so if you don't like them don't complain about reading it, you've been warned. Nothing special to start with but hopefully will progress and hopefully there isn't too many mistakes with the writing. Oh and I hope the chapters aren't too long that it ruins the reading and stuff if you know what I mean. But anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1 - The Journey Begins​

Climbing out of the horizon and scattering orange light across the dark blue sea, the sun rose slowly over Kanto as alarm clocks rang all over alerting people of the new day that they were to wake up to with the new Pokemon season upon everybodies thoughts. Whether they were young or old, new or experienced trainers or whether they weren't that involved at all everybody was excited.

Kicking back his turquoise bed sheets David clambered out of bed and stumbled into the bathroom, the up and coming adventure running through his head.

"David! Get down here for breakfast and make sure you remember your backpack!" his Mum called up the stairs, reminding him of something he'd never have forgotten but just adding to the tickling feeling he had racing around his body as the time until his adventure began was growing ever closer.

The navy blue back pack, with its multiple pockets and storage compartments, felt like it weighed a tonne as it carried all the equipment that David wanted for his adventure - with all his strength he carried it in his left hand as he slowly made his way down the stairs.

"Now are you sure you have everything David? I don't want you coming home saying you've forgotten something important; and make sure you have you Nidoran, you only caught it yesterday and you're obviously going to need it."

"Yes Mum, I'm not an idiot. Everything is sorted. And Nidoran hasn't left my side all night, I spent nearly three hours in the Safari Zone yesterday looking for the right Pokemon and Nidoran is that Pokemon." David replied, sighing as he had to endure another of his mothers lectures, all he wanted to do was get going. But as the minutes passed and final goodbyes were to be made, David started to realise that he was going to miss his mum. Everybody says they can't wait to leave home and go do what they want but no one is ever really prepared for the goodbyes. Wiping away a single tear from his eyes David turned and walked off towards his adventure.

The tide was slowly creeping out as more and more sand became available to his eye as he walked along the beach near Fuchasia as he headed east towards the bridge that should take him upto Lavender Town, the hope that more Pokemon would be seen and possibly captured as he looked to adding more to his current team of one.

"Tenta, tent-ta," came a painful cry up near some rocks, way away from the water. Sprinting over, David struggled to stop as he nearly fell over the edge of a deep rock pool where a blue glob lay near the bottom, struggling with the lack of water that it needed. The Tentacool looked up at David as pity flooded into him as well as the determination to capture it. Gracefully pulling off his bag which he placed on a rock next to him David reached in and felt around until his little finger knocked a small ball, grasping his hand around it he pulled it out and tried to throw it at the weak blob lay below him. The ball missed and shattered on a rock next to the Tentacool.

"Whoa! What a waste of a Pokeball, here we go again," exclaimed David, he reached in and pulled out another Pokeball from his bag which forhis second attempt accurately struck the Tentacool on the head and rocked gently as it landed on the earth where the Tentacool had lain. With two short wiggles the ball exploded with the Tentacool leaping out back to it's spot at the bottom of the rock pool. Standing up after he had been crouched to get a better look, David stumbled knocking some loose stones down onto the Tentacool which cowered in pain.

"Oh, unless...maybe."

David once again reached into his bag and rumbled around for another Pokeball. He'd only bought five and with two already wasted he only had three left and with the lowered concentration of Pokeballs in his bag it took even longer to find a Pokeball.

In this time the Tentacool had wriggled around and seen in his attacker who had cruelly thrown stones at it from behind, or so it thought, and slowly lifted its beak as the poison barbs slowly developed underneath. The barbs were fired just hitting the rock ledge in which David stood on, startling him and making him drop his Pokeball, rolled over backwards and fall off the outside ledge a few feet down to where the sand beneath was. Thudding down like a sack of potatoes.

"Oooouch. What the hell! And I've wasted another Pokeball."

David painfully and slowly climbed back up the rocks to the ledge he'd been stood on and looked down into the rockpool. Nothing was there! It had disappeared, turning his head frantically David looked around on top of the rocks, behind him down on the beach and ahead of him where the sand dunes where as the met the north side of the rock pool; he couldn't fin d the Tentacool when suddenly he heard a mechanical bleep. Looking down in the rock pool, tucked behind some rocks he spotted his pokeball with it's centre button flashing red signalling the capture of the Pokemon. Wow, he'd actually caught it and by mistake.

"I guess the stones hitting it did help then," David thought to himself as he placed the Pokemon containing Pokeball in the hip pack that carried his Pokemon. Jumping down onto the beach, his face full of glee, David continued east along the beach happy with his newest Pokemon.
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Jul 18, 2011
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"Beedrill, use Twineedle now!" The large bee Pokemon dived forward with it's two needle-like arms together ahead of it which increased the speed due to the stream-lined like demeaner. It's trainer stood behind it watching with aggression to make sure Beedrill succeeded, the defeat of his Drowzee meant he was now at a disadvantage in the two on two battle versus the weak looking yet surprisingly tough trainer stood around twelve meters away.

"Nidoran, dodge and use Peck on it's underneath!" Avoiding the needles by ducking down the Nidoran dived instantaneously upwards, it's large spike digging into the Beedrills underneath toppling it over and causing to land heavily against a nearby tree.
"BEEEE-DRILL!" The angry Pokemon screamed racing round the tiny Nidoran that watched cooly waiting for it's next order.

"Beedrill, Focus Energy then a Twineedle." Attacking from behind, the Nidorans attempt at dodging was too slow and the Twineedle was successful and sent the Nidoran on a small roll. "Follow up with a Bug Bite" the trainer requested through gritted teeth, excited as he could see the Nidoran was weakening. Beedrill moved forward and bit down on Nidorans head causing the sound of groaning to stop and the Nidoran to flop down, unconscious after the most recent attack.

"Unlucky Nidoran, return." Reaching into his hip pack, David pulled out another Pokeball whilst leaving Nidoran inside. "Tentacool, Poison Sting!" Shouted David as soon as the red energy formed the shape of his Tentacool. The Tentacool's head leaned back and shot out barbs of poison from under it's beak which struck the left wing of Beedrill causing it to slow and send the Pokemon collapsing to the floor. "Now use constrict before it gets back up," Tentacool sprung forward wrapping it's tentacles around the Beedrill and pulled it in, ever tightening its grip on the nearly unconscious. "Now dive away and use Poison Sting." With one last set of barbs the Beedrill fell unconscious which resulted in the withdraw from its trainer.

"Oh for crying out loud, I can't believe Beedrill lost again.," exclaimed the boy as he walked forward towards David. "You got some pretty good Pokemon there mate, they're both tough."

"Thanks, your Beedrill is tough. But what do you mean lost again? Surely to be a Beedrill it should of won as well?" David asked inquisitively as he tried hard to hide the glee of winning his first Pokemon battle.

"Yeah well I started my journey about a week ago with the Drowzee I got a few years ago and caught Weedle in the grass to the east of Vermilion, my hometown, before heading down this way to Fuchsia. Not many people know but if you cut through these large woods over there you eventually get to a clearing and if you cross that clearing, depending on where you come out of the woods you can come out near Vermilion. Takes a few days walking to cross the woods but there are lots of Pokemon to catch in there and it means not having to go up to Lavender Town before going on to anywhere else in Kanto or going up Cycling Road. I came down through it because I wanted to catch a decent water Pokemon which aren't around Vermilion before taking on any gyms. Anyway, once I caught my Weedle it involved into Kakuna almost straight away and whilst travelling through the woods I trained it up to a Beedrill. I fought a guy in there with an Abra and lost, and then lost to another guy upon leaving the woods and now a defeat to you. Doesn't seem to win in trainer battles. But hopefully Beedrill can get back to winning ways soon," lectured the trainer. "Oh by the way I'm Barry, you?"

"Oh yeah, I'm David. I just started yesterday and caught my Tentacool by accident on my first day, so just cut through the woods and I end up south of Vermilion? Cool. I'll have to do that.


David breathed slowly as he cautiously took his first few steps into the woods, careful not to startle the Pokemon that could be seen dotted around. After a few hours of weaving and clambering through the forest, the journey lost its difficulty and David could soon manage a brisk walk. Treading carefully he came into an average-sized field surrounded by the forest, groups of Ponyta ran around whilst Pidgeys were noisily crowding the sky. The sun shone directly above him as he continued across the fields before he fell over that had been left near some logs and a recently used fire pit.
Crashing down onto his hands David whacked his head on the floor whilst a sharp piercing pain shook his body as his foot had hit the stone. Turning over to look at the stone he'd tripped over and was taken aback by what he saw. The distinct dull yet shininess of it informed him straight away it was a Moon Stone, normally found near Mt Moon it must of been left behind by whoever was here last. "Oh well, finders keepers" David thought as he picked up the stone, weighed it in his hands before placing it in his back pack. Pulling out some Pokefood and a tin of peaches he'd got for himself, David released his Nidoran, which ran around a bit, and his Tentacool who went to find a little pond a few meters away where some Magikarp and Poliwag swam.

"Right eat up you two, no more for about five hours when I set up camp for the night," David told his Pokemon who looked unconcerned by his warning, especially Nidoran who was tucking into his dinner vigorously. Pulling out his guidebook to the Kanto region he looked up Vermilion City.

"Vermilion City is a city home to the world re-known SS Anne and one of the cleanest places in all Kanto due to initiatives set up by the local council. Due to it's position it is bathed in a beautiful orange light as the sun sets and is the main place of tourist arrival due to the port. The local Gym is an Electric-type Gym ran by war hero Lt Surge and a place where many people come to challenge hoping to earn a badge to have a chance of competing in the Indigo League."

Looking at Nidoran David knew he had no chance with his current Pokemon unless he got Nidoran to a Nidoking. “A ground type pokemon like Nidoking would have a great type advantage against the electric type Pokemon, but Tentacool will be at a type disadvantage.”

After the trio had eaten the tiring journey through the forest began again, with more of the suns rays, disappearing by each passing minute. The sun silently retreating back into the horizon whilst the nocturnal Pokemon of Kanto began to creep out of their nests. Weedle and Caterpie hung from trees, Ekans slithered through branches and Paras raced across the leaf littered ground.

As the last of the light disappeared David finished preparing camp and cooking meals for his Pokemon and they slowly drifted into a deep sleep, a result of the tiring walk they had endured hours earlier.