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Global Link disconnected: New website closes for maintenance

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Nov 13, 2005
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Global Link disconnected: New website closes for maintenance

The recently opened "Pokémon Global Link" website for Pokémon Black and White has had to close for a period of ten days due to problems with traffic on the website, only a day after opening.

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Looks like it can happen again when the games are released in other countries, seeing as how it was closed down after only one day.

I was on it the other day (don't have the game), and noticed how slow it was. Like, the Dream World took forever to get through.

But at least they're fixing it...it seems. :0
I'm a little hazy on what the Dream World is. Is it the full game, playable on the computer without a DS? Or something else?
whoa this could be bad when the us get b/w i hope they fix it good
I imagine by the time it goes in all the other languages they will have these issues fixed, the only thing I wonder about the Dream World, though, is if it differs from the Daisuki Club flash games. (And if so how much... I guess I realize it has main game stuff, only what I'm saying is the Daisuki club games felt distinctly for little children)
Nintendo of America, and all other countries, and TCPi, take note that you should have more server space when this launches in your respective region. Well, I at least hope that NoA learned before that, especially considering how slow Club Nintendo was when it first opened.
Is this the record for the shortest Bulbanews article ever??
...whatever. It should be expected. C'mon, it only a couple days after its release. nothing to worry about.
The awesomeness was probably too much for their servers to handle.
I hope it doesn't go down again when it releases in the US though.
It now futher extends the re-open day to 4th of October........
Considering how popular Pokemon still is in Japan, they should've known better.
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