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Global Trade Station

Fizzy Bubble Elite
Feb 20, 2013
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Welcome to the Global Trade Station! Whether accessing our network remotely or visiting one of our approved Global Terminals, this service is dedicated to the trading of items, cash and Pokemon between the trainers of Fizzy Bubbles.

  • The Global Trade Station is for posting and accepting trades only. Do NOT ask or offer in this thread. Make all trade arrangements via the White Market TO thread or Private Message, Skype, Discord, etc.
  • You can combine rare candies and/or cash with other Items or Pokémon in the same trade.
  • A maximum of 10 candies can be exchanged in any one trade OR 1 Heart Scale instead of Rare Candies. Strictly for Cash-for-Candy trades, the 10 candy limit is removed.
  • Gifting items and Pokemon IS allowed, but it must be recorded here, with one trainer dropping off the gift and the other receiving it.
  • Trades may be permanent or traded back after an evolution or other arrangements.
  • Post a Reply with the Pokémon or Item/s you want to trade.
  • If you're evolving a Pokémon, make sure you have all evolution items or requirements mentioned as well.
  • Clearly state what you are trading and to who.
  • Always "Quote" the person you are trading with.
  • Post *Trade Closed* when your trade is complete, including what you are trading and to who.
  • There should only be 2 posts made for making a trade, the Opening and Closing posts, unless you are trading to evolve a Pokémon in which case a third post will be required to trade the Pokémon back.
  • DO NOT delete your completed trade posts. If you would like to reverse a trade, please start a new one. This is to ensure that we are able to maintain records of all trades.
  • Out of courtesy for others, please hide your signature if it is excessively large.
  • Failure to follow rules will result in deletion of posts and a possible banning from this shop.
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