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GO Tour Poké Ball Prep Rally event to be held from February 18th-25th in Pokémon GO

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GO Tour Poké Ball Prep Rally.jpg
Niantic has announced the GO Tour Poké Ball Prep Rally event in Pokémon GO, which aims to help Trainers all over the world get ready and to make sure everybody has more than enough Poké Balls for the Pokémon GO Tour: Johto event on February 26th. Hisuian Electrode will also make their Pokémon GO debut. It will be held from February 18th at 10:00 a.m. to February 25th, at 8:00 p.m. local time.

Dress up as the Ball Guy, the iconic and mysterious character known to appear at the Galar Pokémon League, with a new avatar outfit which will be available in the shop at the start of this event.

Wild Encounters
The following Pokémon will be appearing more frequently in the wild:
  • Voltorb ⁂
  • Hisuian Voltorb
  • Koffing ⁂
  • Marill ⁂
  • Wailmer ⁂
  • Solosis
  • Foongus
  • Jigglypuff ⁂ (rare)
  • Electrode (rare)
  • Amoonguss (rare)
  • Galarian Stunfisk ⁂ (rare)
Complete certain Field Research tasks to earn Poké Balls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls. Timed Research will also be available which rewards Poké Balls. Buddy Pokémon will also bring Poké Balls as Gifts.

Hisuian Electrode can now be evolved from Hisuian Voltorb using 50 Voltorb Candy.


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