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Ground the user above you

grounded because your reasons don't make any sense
Grounded because I have no further comments at this time
grounded because i don't either
Grounded for being unhelpful (your not unhelpful btw)
Grounded because you probably hate Porygon >:C, you don't insult the digital duckies like that!
Grounded because wait, Porygon’s a duck?
Also grounded because welp, I’m getting a seizure.
grounded for referencing a episode that me and probably pretty much everybody has never seen and just knows from bulbapedia
grounded because i really want to see that episode, why is it so damn hard to find any clips of it?
Grounded because idk
Also grounded because I watched that part one time, and I didn’t get a seizure. That’s odd.
grounded because i would rather not test my luck at something that has been made impossible to find because it's too dangerous.
grounded because i REALLY wanna test my luck
grounded because i wish i was the kind of person that had the bravery to test his luck with things, instead of having the common sense to play it safe with everything.
Grounded because don’t test your luck, press your luck! ^^
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