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Guess The Next Poster's Favorite Human Character from Pokemon!

She's one of my favorites of the Hoenn E4, she gives off a regal/queenly vibe to me whenever you battle her.

Unfortunately, I can’t even call her my favorite companion you travel along with Sinnoh or even favorite Sinnoh character. She’s great but other characters overshadow her.

Deranged, Psychotic, and Selfish. How the heck was she even a mother at this point??? Also she's weirdly into Nhilego for some reason

he just gives me flashbacks to trying to beat the elite four in emerald, and my altaria pulling through and winning the battle at 1 hp

I need her eevee bag. That is all.

what gave it away?

she's pretty nice, I ship her with Selene but that's really it lol

i think she's really cool, i really like her design

Nah. I get why she's popular but I don't really have any strong opinions about her.

i love lillie. she had some of the best character development in the whole franchise.

Brock is one of my favorite characters and his running gag is the best (also the scene with him talking like the French narrator in SpongeBob as well as Misty imagining she’s in Paris/Kalos)

Bianca (anime or game version)
the mentor of the girl in my pfp? i think he's cool, but a bit too gruff to my liking.

I like her a lot, she's actually very unique compared to most other Normal-type specialists, but she's probably not my favorite Gym Leader.

Bugsy's... kinda there. I don't dislike him at all but... okay, a legitimate criticism about him, which admittedly snowballs into a general problem with Gen 2's representation and seeming lack of confidence of its own introduced Pokemon: there's like a ton of new Bug types... and yet the three Pokemon he's saddled with are all Kanto Pokemon. They literally introduced ten Bug types in this gen, some of them clearly available from the get-go like Ledyba and Spinarak, and all they gave him was the two early-game pupas and that 'mantis'?

Probably one of the best Dragon trainers in the entire series (worst is—and I’m gonna get very controversial here—Ghetsis as his Hydreigon is under leveled and is likely being not taken good care of, like come on, it still should still be Zweilous, since it’s obvi not at the minimum level to be a Hydreigon)
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