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Gymshipping general discussion

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Jo-Jo said:
*waves hand in air* Oooh! Me! Memememe!

LOL, guess who was the 'other person' I was talking about ? :p

Barb said:
My problem is finding decent Gymshippy fanfiction. Spruceton Spook's "My Coney Island Baby" is one of the better offerings on Fanfiction.net.

Yes, that's a problem I have as well. I don't deny there are decent Gymshippy fanfiction out there (one of my favourites being 'What it means to be a girl') But alas, not that many around, particularly at Fanfiction.net...

I guess you're right Archaic, perhaps I should rephrase it

A real relationship is based upon more than infatuation..

There, how's that? ^_^

New topic, I guess...

Do you have a favourite Brock/Misty moment you want to discuss?
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Funny you should ask that. I've just been watching the Stantler episode in early Johto. And during a very sentimental scen, Misty says this:

"I think you can sense what is in a Pokémon's heart Brock, 'cos you've got a pretty good one yourself"

It just shows that this ship has the potential if Brock stops travelling with Ash.
I agree with FabuVinny. I liked that scene more than the 'dancing at the lighthouse' scene.
It is a nice moment, I remember it well :)

Will Brock ever stop travelling with Ash though? who knows..

Another scene I liked... Misty looked impressed when Brock dressed up in the Tuxedo

Ash: You look like the ice-cream man!

Misty: Oh, he means that you look very cool and very sweet. !
Well, Brock did stop traveling with Ash for a while when he stayed in the Orange Islands wth Professor Ivy. But something that I'm curious about is whether or not Brock and Misty knew each other before traveling with Ash. In the episode where Ash wins the Boulder badge from Brock, Misty is seen chasing them both and Brock refers to her as 'that girl.' If they're both Gym leaders in two towns relatively close by, why wouldn't they have known each other? Wouldn't you think that Misty's sisters would have known Brock from somewhere?
That's what I wonder too, and it seems the writers left out that part... you would think that they would have some knowledge of each other because they where Gym Leaders..

But when Brock referred the to Gym leader, he believed that the Gym leader was a guy. (he used the word 'his' - explaining that he knew some of his attacks /strategy but being a Gym leader himself, didn't want to give Ash the information) so perhaps they didn't know each other too well

Coicedently that episode leaves another question - where'd he go? It's possible that he went to buy some supplies, but if so, why was he so secretive about it?
Archaic said:
Misty wasn't a GL at that point though, was she? Her sisters were the GL's, and she was the unknown runt of the family.

Hmm.. I suppose that's true..

Even then it appears that Brock and the Sisters didn't know much about each other, otherwise he would have known that they were female...even if he didn't want to reveal information to Ash..

I still wish I knew where he went.. I guess we'll never know...

So in the end, did they know each other before Ash? Perhaps not... but they were never properly introduced to each other either I think.. In the fanfiction 'What it means to be like a girl' they actually had met each other, only they did know it (could be possible)

Some pictures from the most recent episode Misty was in... nice to know he cares :)


Ash : Pikachu!
Brock: Misty!


Ash: Pikachu-tachi, I wonder if they're all right...
Brock: Don't worry, Misty blah blah blah - can't understand the rest of what he's saying XD
Ash: Yeah, you're right...


Ash: Pikachu! (he says that an awful lot)
Brock: Misty! Are you all right?
Misty: Yeah, we're fine
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^ I always found it funny that episode that Ash was more worried about Pikachu than Misty. :p

And to call the gang Pikachu-tachi instead of Misty-tachi, is a huge insult to Misty, as Ash considers Pikachu the "leader" instead of Misty.
I do too, so is that what the tachi-suffix means?

Let's see, a new topic...

Countless of times I have heard people say that the age difference between the two is too great, has anybody else heard this too> What are your thoughts?
Countless of times I have heard people say that the age difference between the two is too great, has anybody else heard this too> What are your thoughts?
Misty's about twelve, isn't she? And Brock's probably fifteen or so. Three years isn't that big a deal once the younger party's almost a teenager. Although it would be a bit creepy if they started dating at that age, crushing on each other ought to be acceptable.
I don't think that the age difference matters much. I think Jo-Jo put it best in her post. If Misty were sixteen and Brock eighteen or nineteen, no one would bat an eyelash at them being together.
Hmm. for some reason I can't log in..

Anyways, I agree with you both.. Their age difference isin't too great to be a problem..

The reason I brought this up, though, is because I remeber reading other people's posts and stuff, and saw different opinions..

Neither Misty's or Brock's ages have ever been mentioned in the anime, and because of this is left to speculation...Consequently people have their own theories as to how old they are....

Some people believed that Brock was 8 years older than Misty.. I don't agree with that myself...

As for those who say that he's too old for her.. I would like to point out that

1. She considered getting married to Rudym, who seems the same age as Brock
2. People have asked if Tracey was her boyfriend.. which means that a couple with the age difference isin't out of thier paradagim.
Scott85 said:
And to call the gang Pikachu-tachi instead of Misty-tachi, is a huge insult to Misty, as Ash considers Pikachu the "leader" instead of Misty.

One could argue that he was thinking of it as Pikachu protecting Misty though.

As far as the age difference goes, I'd have to agree that it wouldn't pose a problem here, however, as mentioned earlier, would Brock actually be interested in someone younger than him?
Well, often you get ironic romances where a character claims to have a certain strict preference in the people they date, only to end up falling for someone completely different. As a matter of fact, you see this very clearly in Pokeshipping, on Misty's side, when she tells Danny, "I'd never be interested in a little kid like [Ash]! I prefer the more mature, intellectual type". I have no doubt that she thinks she wants a mature, sophisticated boyfriend, which is why it's so funny and cute that we can all tell she likes Ash instead. So in theory, the same could apply to Gymshipping.
I don't see any reason why Brock wouldn't.. It's up to the writers I guess, and though Brock generally dosen't fall for those who are younger, I don't think it's impossible..Afterall, there have been times in which he is inconsistant, and not/ fall for a girl in spite of her age..

I'll put up a new topic, or pictures I guess...


Heh, Brock looks happy in this picture ^_^
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This place is WAY too dead for my liking.
STJ!!! lol
I call that this thread become ALIVE.
NOW. ^///^
Woah, revival!

Well, welcome to the thread, I guess.

Does this forum allow threads to be revived after they're a month old? I hope so...
As long as you have something useful to add I think it's alright.

So if Brock stays at home when the D/P saga starts, what would you like to see in a Brock/Misty housou?
Well, obviously I would like to see a relationship developed between them XD, but dreaming aside, it would depend on where the episode is set

If Misty decided to visit Brock, for example, then I imagine her striking up a great relationship with Lola, her being a fellow water pokemon fanatic and all... and just perhaps Lola can play cupid..

Or... Forest develops a crush on Misty!.. hilarius (yeah, I know that Forest being girl-crazy was dub added, so don't bother pointing that out ::XD2:

If Brock was to visit Misty then.... Mermaid play of course! Only this time, they would actually go through with it (well, at least Brock likes the Prince, no?)
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