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Hair color?

What's your hair colour?

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I have very dark brown hair - not quite black but pretty close. I also had red highlights for a while, but now they've faded and I've been too lazy to have them redone since it's such a long and tedious process. One day, though.
It used to be blonde when I was younger, it is turning more like brown now, but unfortunately I have a little grey here and there already. I feel old :(
I voted black when I first posted here. However, I've noticed my hair is actually a dark brown, not black. Interesting, I think it was blacker before recently... Could it be that my hair is just greying and I just think it's turning brown? :eek: (Nooo!! I'm still young!)
Black for me, though balding is a thing on my end.
Black and very thick. I can't dye it anything besides navy blue or crimson, but at least I can laugh at my normie friends who complain about having lank hair.
Black / dark brown i guess, although there's a fair bit of grey there now as well, I get a lot of comments on it but I really don't mind it that much. I think most of the comments are surprised at how I have greys at my age :p
I'm a brunette but I am totally ready to dye my hair auburn and embrace looking like a ginger. c:
Natural blonde, but it's very dull so it can look more like a light ash brown at a glance. I'm not really a fan of how it looks on me, so I usually just dye it an extremely dark brownish-black instead.

My roots are so pale that they're sometimes mistaken for grays, but... no, just really colorless blonde :')
my hair is naturally a pretty dull brown, but it's dyed to a wine red colour. i dyed it for the very first time to this colour about a year ago and can now never go back to my natural colour... i enjoy how it looks a lot more.
slightly dirty golden blonde. i wanna dye part of it pink again buuut my job doesnt really allow it :-(
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