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Harvest Moon (Story of Seasons)/ Rune Factory General Discussion Thread

Started Trio of Towns and am enjoying it a lot. I am curious about one thing though if anyone else has the game yet. When making your avatar you get to pick like a trait they excelle at and I picked animal Lover. Is that why I started out with a barn and coop or is that just a starter set for everyone?
Well I unintentionally triggered Waynes first event. If i wasn't already intent on Ford and the guys from the third village I would probably shoot for Wayne. Hes got some stalkers.....
Ford also really likes coffee which is like the easiest thing to cook at right now. I've heard Wayne likes cactus but I haven't tried gifting with anyone else yet.
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I've just been chatting with Wayne, he's at purple flower now. Ludus likes rocks, which I've been giving him.
Ford is all the way up to light green now but I've still only seen his two friendship events that come before the romance.

I'm relived that bricks are so much easier to come by in this game. So instead of being frustrated over not finding bricks for my house I'm frustrated over finding pine branches for my house. I'm finally only 8 away from my upgrade.
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Ford is at green flower, Wayne and Ludus are at light blue, and Fuzuki is at purple. Can't decide between them. I still haven't seen any of Ludus' flower events. And I need more people for the second one, I think.
Just got my house upgraded and my second list from Dad completed. Now I'm waiting on the new one to arrive and from what Ive read its going to be quite a bit longer to complete. Westown is almost to B rank and the other two only just got to C rank.

Ford is still at light green with no new romance events unlocked. Ford, Ludus, and Hinata are at blue. Ive seen a romance event with the first two and one friendship with the last. Yuzuki and Inari are both purple. Or well Inari is at about purple heart level.
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Finished the first Farming Tips list. My sister is currently visiting. Ludus is at green flower now, but I still need to see two more of his events. Saving up for a coop upgrade, as I want quail.
Got the last list from Dad.

All three towns at B rank
Ship a 1000 of any one crop or byproduct
Ship 500,000 worth of stuff
Harvest branded items 9 times
Beat Mr. D in a Harvest or Animal Festival expert rank or higher

So really the only difficult one will be winning against Mr. D and everything else will just take time. Heck I think fodder will work for the 1000 item ship.
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I'm on the second list. Most of my lumber is going to fix things for town ranks though. Do I need a pet house for every animal I adopt? At the moment, I have two cats.
Caved and looked at fogu to see how to trigger the next event with Ford because I got ANOTHER event with Wayne. The event wouldnt trigger on Sat or Sun so now I have to wait until the next weekend to try again.

I dont actually have any pets yet but Fogu says each pet needs a house.
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That is a lot of pet houses. At the moment, there are three cats. I'm now dating Ludus. Bought the pendant, and so after triggered his reverse confession. Went to the Starlight Gala with Lisette, my best friend.
Yeah I think they let you have so many pets this time just because they've actually started doing breeds of animals instead of recolors. I'm waiting on pets until I can get the beagle and that one wont be until I unlock B rank with Westown.

Got Ford to reverse confess. It seems a lot easier in this game to get the reverse confessions then the last one.
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Congrats on your new virtual boyfriend. Yes, it does seem easier. Ludus is now at pink flower.

I want the Siamese cat, because it is the cutest. My current cats- shorthair (Nayru), tabby (Din), white (Farore).
Wow I also don't remember the bachelors in the first SoS being quite as bold as the new ones! Fords orange event was a little intense.

So getting the B ranks is frustrating. Not because they are hard but because they request out of season crops for one task! Ludus needs to start offering green houses soon.
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I totally forget that I needed to bring tea leaves for the second Beverage Bash. Mine are not grown yet.